• July 12th @ The Devil Rays

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    He held it together as best that he could – still, you want to see better from Andy Pettitte than you saw in this game. I’ll give him some slack because of the All-Star layoff, for this one. I’m looking forward to his next start…to see if he can show us that there’s no need to be concerned over his recent struggles in June and July.

    I mentioned this on June 24th, and, this game shows it some more: When Bobby Abreu hits, the Yankees do well.

    Abreu, with this game, is now 14 for 29 in the month of July. Yes, he’s red hot right now. Actually, overall, Abreu went .290 /.408 /.470 in the month of June as well. If Bobby can go on a run where he hits .330+ with a ton on walks, over the second half of the season, maybe, just maybe, he could be someone who helps lead the Yankees towards a charge at making the post-season.

    Considering that he’s playing for a contract as well, it would serve him just as well as it would serve the Yankees.

    In any event, since Abreu is on fire as a “7th batter” in the line-up – Torre should just leave him there for the rest of the season. Why mess with what’s working for everyone?

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    1. Garcia
      July 13th, 2007 | 7:14 am

      ~~~Why mess with what’s working for everyone?~~~

      I agree with you, I hope he just keeps things as they are right now. How much does Melky play into the Yanks winning, too? I really like him in the #2 spot.

      Lastly, let’s not forget we still have that other “win” from the O’s game – Jeter @ 2nd w/ ARod up to bat.

    2. Santino53
      July 13th, 2007 | 9:12 am

      My one displeasure with last night’s performance was Cano’s at bat with runners at third and first and one out in the 7th inning. As painfully usual
      he hacks at the first pitch changeup (why would any pitcher with the book on him throw him a fastball) and hits a weak pop to shallow right…no RBI. Joe in his postgame did cite the few examples of not scoring from third with less than two out.
      Cano by now just has to be smarter than this.

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