• July 13th @ The Devil Rays

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    It’s clear, at this stage of his career, if he can’t “locate,” Roger Clemens will not have a good game. And, tonight, the Rocket could not “locate.” (Not that it probably mattered much the way Kazmir pushed the Yankees batters around for six innings tonight.)

    It was nice to see the Yankees try and get back into this game during the 7th and 8th innings. And, in my opinion, had they come back to win this game, we could have been looking at one of those things where we would have been able to say “Remember that Friday the 13th in July? That was the game where things took off for the team.”

    Instead, now, it’s just another loss.

    At least Boston lost a tough one tonight too – up in Fenway…down by a run, bottom of the 9th, one out, runners on 1st and 2nd…Ortiz flies out to center and then Manny flies out to deep right…ballgame over. Close, but, no cigar.

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