• August 2nd vs. The White Sox

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    Clemens today: 1.67 IP, 15 batters faced, 39 pitches, 9 hits, 8 runs allowed – albeit just 3 earned – and he’s done for the game. Ouch. The last time that Clemens had a game like this (in terms of the innings, pitches thrown, runs allowed, etc.) was on June 18, 1990. That’s a long time ago. (If you allow for more pitches thrown, then July 23, 1995 would have been the last game this bad.)

    Update, 2:26 pm ET, 8/2/07: Not a bad little comeback by the Yankees in the bottom of the second – plating 8 runs to put themselves back into the game, making the score 8-8, with 7 innings left to play. Also, not a bad first “Yankees At Bat” there for Wilson Betemit there – with the 3-run jimmy-jack.

    Update, 2:30 pm ET, 8/2/07: Great job by Karstens in the third, retiring the side in order, on just 9 pitches, after the Yankees had that big second inning. Imagine how the White Sox felt in that spot – having to go right back into the field on a hot day like this one…

    Update, 4:10 pm ET, 8/2/07: That was a strange play which ended the top of the 7th. You don’t see a 4-2 pop-out DP everyday.

    Update, 4:22 pm ET, 8/2/07: Torre has Jeter pinch-hit in the 7th with a runner on and no outs. It’s the 4th time in his career that he’s pinch-hit…and he whiffs. So, now, Jeter has PH four times in his career and he’s walked once, struck-out twice, and flied to center…for those keeping track on such things.

    Update, 4:26 pm ET, 8/2/07: That Damon line-out DP to end the 7th, with Cano doubled off second, did not help the Yankees chances to win this game.

    Update, 4:32 pm ET, 8/2/07: “Watching” the game on MLB Gameday, and seeing Posada come out of the game in the 8th, and not knowing why, leaves me full of fear. If he’s hurt badly, there goes the Yankees chances this season.

    Update, 4:35 pm ET, 8/2/07: Konerko goes yard in the eighth. That Kyle Farnsworth is the Jeff Weaver of relief pitchers, if you ask me.

    Update, 4:43 pm ET, 8/2/07: Dye goes yard in the eighth. That Kyle Farnsworth is the Kei Igawa of relief pitchers, if you ask me.

    Update, 5:08 pm ET, 8/2/07: Four of the Yankees final six outs in this game were whiffs: Abreu, A-Rod, Matsui and Cano. Game over. Yankees lose. And, the Indians won their game. Shame, you think when you score nine runs, you should be able to win a game. Pin this one on Clemens, Karstens and Farnsworth. Maybe, if at least one of them did better today, this would have been a closer game – and perhaps a win.

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    1. festus
      August 2nd, 2007 | 2:26 pm

      Win or lose, that was the most incredible bottom of an inning I’ve ever seen. Keep it up!

    2. Garcia
      August 2nd, 2007 | 2:26 pm

      Holy shit…he just did that on purpose so that we can be assured we’d see some history, 8 – 8 in the f-ing 3rd.

    3. baileywalk
      August 2nd, 2007 | 3:59 pm

      That comeback was stunning.

      Clemens’ performance doesn’t shock me. You’re seeing the effects of Torre letting him grind through 113 pitches in the brutal heat while in Baltimore. This is why it didn’t make any sense. You can’t let a 45-year-old power pitcher empty the tank like that and not expect to see aftereffects in his next start — he’s just not going to recover well. Clemens had, not surprisingly, no control. It reminded me of when they ran him ragged before the All-Star Game and then he had to pitch the first inning and barely got out of it (giving up six runs).

    4. Rich
      August 2nd, 2007 | 4:40 pm

      Steve, just FYI, Posada left with cramps as he was warming Farnsworth up.

    5. baileywalk
      August 2nd, 2007 | 4:44 pm

      So much for all the pub that Farnsworth’s clean inning got. Oddly, I thought he looked pretty good. His fastball had life. But as soon as he puts it out over the plate they blast it. The home run to Konerko was just a bad slider.

      They need to get Eddie Ramirez up here and send Henn down. And as wrongheaded as I think it is, the team needs Joba.

      Oh, and — looks like Karstens is still the lousy Scary Flyball Guy he was before getting hurt.

    6. August 2nd, 2007 | 4:55 pm

      ~~~Posada left with cramps as he was warming Farnsworth up. ~~~ Thanks.

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