• Mets Need A-Rod?

    Posted by on October 28th, 2007 · Comments (3)

    From Bill Price of the News

    Sometime in the next week or so, a friend of a friend of a friend of Fred Wilpon should whisper in Scott Boras’ ear that the Mets are ready to do whatever it takes to bring Alex Rodriguez to Queens.

    Tampering? Probably. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And the Mets are desperate.

    They are coming off the worst collapse in regular-season history, their TV network is running out of games from 1986 to rebroadcast and their hold on being “the other team” in New York is stronger than ever.

    Their can’t-miss pitching prospects are missing, their better-than-Jeter shortstop is now the third-best shortstop in the East, and aside from David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose (walk, don’t run) Reyes, the rest of their roster resembles a Senior League lineup.

    What’s worse is that three weeks after the regular season ended, they are already an afterthought. As a matter of fact, the only time the word Mets has appeared in this paper since their September debacle was in a Kaz Matsui story.

    It is (if you pardon the pun) amazing that no one is talking about the Mets these days in the New York media. Just four weeks ago, the Mets pulled off one of the most historic choke jobs ever. And, thanks to the Yankees, Torre, A-Rod, etc., it’s like it never happened.

    Some may think the Mets would be happy with this – but, any press is good press, no? And, yes, this would all change if the Mets got Alex – then they would be the story in town, 24/7, in my opinion.

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    1. redbug
      October 28th, 2007 | 10:32 am

      if the Mets got Alex – then they would be the story in town, 24/7, in my opinion.

      That would be fine with me. I’m sick to death of ARod 24/7 with the Yanks. I’d rather hear about the team.

    2. jonm
      October 28th, 2007 | 10:34 am

      What a silly claim. The Mets would sign A-Rod and move a much better fielder like Wright to 1B, a position that does not require a great fielder. The Mets have a need for a good number 3 starter, a RF, and a catcher (if LoDuca leaves). Finding replacements for those less expensive positions would be more than enough to make the Mets NL favorites.

    3. singledd
      October 28th, 2007 | 7:17 pm

      If the Mets want to spend $30m, wouldn’t Santana and a BP arm be more needed? And Reyes is still young and very talented. A left-side Infielder is the last of their needs.

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