• Yanks 2008 Coaches Have Some New Faces

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    From the Times

    Tony Peña, the other candidate interviewed last week, will remain with the Yankees as the first-base coach, and the hitting coach Kevin Long is close to signing a three-year, $1 million deal.

    Three newcomers are expected to join the staff: Dave Eiland as the pitching coach, Mike Harkey as the bullpen coach, and Bobby Meacham as the third-base coach.

    Rob Thomson, a special assignment coach, will inherit Mattingly’s job as the bench coach. The Yankees had offered to let Mattingly stay in that position, but he turned down the job.

    Peña and Long seemed to do good work. I’m glad they’re staying. Plus, Peña might help lure Posada to come back – if he needs any luring.

    Yesterday, I wrote that Bobby Meacham was a candidate to join the team. No shocker there. And, I wrote about Mike Harkey earlier today. Dave Eiland getting the nod is clearly tied to the relationship that he has with the young Yankees pitchers – and the job he’s done with them, to date.

    Rob Thomson as bench coach is a stunner. It’s not that Thomson doesn’t have a fine resume. It’s not that he doesn’t know the team. Heck, he’s been in the organization for 18 years and has done well in a number of different roles. And, Torre praised him during his “good-bye” press conference. I guess, maybe, Girardi formed a bond with Thomson when they worked together during 2005? Or, maybe the team was afraid to lose him to Torre in L.A. and insisted that he be given a big role on the New York coaching staff? In any event, it will be a much higher-profile position than what Thomson’s had in the past. It’s a nice reward for him after doing a lot of dirty work, behind the scenes, for years.

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    1. October 31st, 2007 | 2:37 am

      i like the staff. i dont know much about the coaching of Harkey, Thomson and Meacham, but i love keeping Long and Pena, and promoting Eiland. sucks to lose Bowa though.

    2. rbj
      October 31st, 2007 | 8:26 am

      Glad to see Eiland there. Heck, maybe he’ll even be able to squeeze out another good ML arm besides Joba, IPK & Hughes.

      Isn’t a bench coach there to help the manager with in-game strategy? Is Thomson going to help Girardi with that?

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