• Yanks Not Out Of Santana Chase?

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    Man, how many times have I asked that question? Via Charley Walters

    The Twins, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees are not holding up the proposed trade of Twins pitcher Johan Santana. It’s Santana, who is seeking $150 million over six years.

    Santana has the right, by way of a no-trade contract clause, to veto any deal with a team that won’t pay him what he wants.

    A trade is expected to occur within 10 days, though.

    The Mets, who dearly want Santana, have told at least one free-agent pitcher hoping to sign with them to wait until they find out whether they can acquire the two-time Cy Young Award winner. The Twins, as they should, continue to insist that slugging young outfielder Fernando Martinez, the Mets’ top minor league prospect, be included in any deal.

    “Martinez will show how badly the Mets want Santana,” one insider said.

    The Red Sox haven’t moved much from their initial offer for Santana. But one minor leaguer who some would consider a throw-in by Boston – left-handed hitting outfielder Ryan Kalish – could become an important part of a deal. Francisco Liriano, remember, was considered a throw-in when the San Francisco Giants included him in the Twins’ trade for Joe Nathan.

    The Yankees continue to vacillate on whether to include pitcher Phil Hughes in a deal for Santana. One day he’s in, another day he’s out. The Twins do not consider the Yankees out of contention.

    The Twins tried to get the Los Angeles Angels interested in Santana, but the Angels appear more interested in acquiring hitting than pitching.

    I don’t get the love over Fernando Martinez. In a recent Baseball America report, this is what I read about him:

    Martinez is heavy on tools and low on present skills, particularly for a Double-A player, though that’s typical for a teenager. His approach at the plate is raw, and some scouts disdain his load (too exaggerated) and spread-out stance (he’s not strong enough yet). Defensively, he played a below-average center field across the board in 2007. He needs improvement in running routes, picking up cutoff men and getting his body behind his throws. He profiles better in left field, as many scouts had predicted when he signed. Martinez’ baserunning skills are another area where his lack of experience holds him back. As the scout said, “He does a lot of things wrong out there.”

    In any event, it’s interesting that the “Twins do not consider the Yankees out of contention.” The next ten days could be fun.

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    1. ken
      January 27th, 2008 | 11:46 am

      With the Santana trade the Yanks are better in 2008. No doubt about that. However, they then continue to escalate the arms race with the RS, et al and their dependency on high priced/over priced talent continues.

      Without the trade, Yanks take a bit of a hit in 2008 but are set up much better for the 5 year horizon. Expecially considering that at end of ’08, $80M comes off the payroll including some real dead weight (Pavano, Giambi, etc).

    2. January 27th, 2008 | 3:29 pm

      Whatever Santana is, his results at Fenway are so poor the Twins kept him entirely out of there in 2007. Leading into his payoff year. Assuming Hank wants someone to pitch in Fenway, Santana looks like a bad bet. These articles now are pretty much fluff.
      Doesn’t seem like the Red Sox would pick up a bet like that either. He’ll be 29 in March, could pull a muscle in spring training, and there goes $150 m. Plus 40% tax plus 4 young players (half a team).

    3. Yu Hsing Chen
      January 27th, 2008 | 9:06 pm

      For what it’s worth, this is what Miguel Cabrera did at the same age.

      274/.333/.421 , in High A too.

      Stats in the minors can be misleading to actual talent level. age is a very important factor indeed.

      having said that, from the Clips i saw Fernando in he’s swing is terrible . it’s a even worse version of Melky Cabrera’s swing without the breaking ball adjustment ability that Cabrera (sometimes) display. it feels like he’s just trying to get maximum bat speed with no regards to bat path and actual solid contact

    4. Raf
      January 28th, 2008 | 10:07 am

      Whatever Santana is, his results at Fenway are so poor the Twins kept him entirely out of there in 2007.
      If that’s the case, the Twins are fools. 3 games (2 starts) are hardly an indication of what a pitcher can do.

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