• Maybe The Yanks Should Think Twice On Damaso Marte?

    Posted by on March 10th, 2008 · Comments (2)

    Via The Bill James Gold Mine 2008 on Damaso Marte:

    Worst ERA When Recording a Hold in 2007 (min. 10 Holds):

    Doug Brocail – 7.87 ERA – 10 Holds
    Damaso Marte – 7.50 ERA – 15 Holds
    Shawn Camp – 6.43 ERA – 11 Holds
    Brad Hennessey – 6.35 ERA – 13 Holds
    Kyle Farnsworth – 5.40 ERA – 15 Holds

    Wow. Worse than Farnsie? Dat’s no good. It’s berry, berry, bad, my friends.

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    1. Yu Hsing Chen
      March 10th, 2008 | 11:26 pm

      wait, didn’t you propse we trade Melky for him and it would be a steal ?;) (or was it some other nut on the NYYfans board i forgot)

      ~~~Note From Steve, here – since I cannot leave comments this evening – –

      Yu Hsing Chen, I never said that. What makes you think that I did?

    2. Bradley
      March 11th, 2008 | 4:14 am

      Judging relievers based on ERA is not the greatest thibg in the world.

      Usually they only pitch 1 inning, so 12 great innings and 3 awful ones can end up making that persons ERA look worse than another pitcher who had 12 average innings and 3 good ones.

      Game logs, please.

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