• Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral [DVD]

    Posted by on July 29th, 2008 · Comments (0)

    Finally, I had a chance to check out the new “Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral” DVD.

    It’s pretty good. Runs just a shade under two hours. And, if you’re a Yankees fan, you’ll get goose bumps and/or a lump in your throat at different times watching it. I know that I did. Further, if you’re like me, parts of it will even invoke you into doing an occasional fist pump.

    The “bonus features” were so-so. But, that’s not why you’ll want to watch this one.

    If you’re interested in having something that captures what the old and current Yankee Stadium is/was all about, that’s why you’ll want to own a copy of “Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral.”

    You can get it via Amazon for less than twenty bucks. At that price, it’s a bargain.

    Having now watched it, I feel comfortable recommending it.

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