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    Posted by on July 30th, 2008 · Comments (3)

    Via Tyler Kepner

    The Yankees are not selling the naming rights to their new stadium, but they have found a way to sell plays on the field. Since the All-Star break, every time a Yankees pitcher records a strikeout, the P.C. Richard whistle plays over the loudspeakers as part of a sponsorship deal.

    I have to confess…last night was the first time that I picked up on this…when Jose Veras whiffed Adam Jones and Nick Markakis, back-to-back, in the 8th inning. My first reaction was “I’m not really hearing this, am I?” It just seemed so….tacky.

    Then again, is it any different from Mel Allen calling homeruns a “Ballantine blast!,” or, Bill White telling a player “This Bud’s for you!” or John Sterling plugging Benihana during a Hideki Matsui At-Bat? Sure, those things are during a Yankees broadcast…and not heard at the Stadium.

    However, what happens at the Stadium is part of the broadcast…and it seems like it’s more about the broadcast these days than about those who get to attend a game at the Stadium…as far as the Yankees are concerned.

    So, we might as well get used to stuff like this…in this new Yankeeland of ours…

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    1. MJ
      July 30th, 2008 | 12:16 pm

      Prett harmless, really. Fans at the game hear so many different sounds: intro/pre-AB music, music between innings, the stadium announcer, the between-innings stuff on the Jumbotron, whatever song the Yanks select in the 3rd inning, Cotton Eye Joey, YMCA…

      What’s one more sound?

    2. July 30th, 2008 | 4:10 pm

      Should be pointed out – the Nats sponsor their K board, the Blue Jays hand out free pizza when a pitcher strikes out a certain number of opposing pitcher. Ditto in Colorado.

      In Washington, the electric co. sponsors Washington Caps power plays (that’s a nice promotion).

      Welcome to modern sport.

    3. hopbitters
      July 30th, 2008 | 4:32 pm

      off topic : Buster Olney is reporting that the Yankees acquired Ivan Rodriguez.

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