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    Before a game on the Yankees last homestand, Nick Swisher, as he ran out to his position in right field in the top of the first inning, did a “Lambeau Leap” type move – where he sprung up against the outfield wall in order to give a fan a high-five. The problem was, on his “landing,” Swisher crashed down to the ground, ending up with his buttocks in the warning track dirt, and nearly sprained his back. Seeing this, YES broadcaster Kenny Singleton said something along the lines of “If I’m the Yankees, I put a stop to that move by Swisher in a hurry. He’s going to injure himself.”

    In last night’s game, Nick Swisher, after doubling and then moving to third on a ground out, in the fouth inning, got picked off third base by the pitcher – sleeping on the bases so badly that Yankees third base coach Rob Thomson pushed him back to the bag…which is a no-no, per the rules. Swisher’s nap on the bases cost the Yankees a run in that spot.

    In this evening’s game, during the bottom of the second with runners on first and second and no outs, Phil Hughes allowed Gregg Zaun to single to right. Nick Swisher, playing right field, picked up the ball and air-mailed a throw…way past home plate…when the lead runner, who was on second, had stopped at third base. Swisher’s throw then allowed the run to score while also allowing the runner on first to go to third and Zaun to reach second. The safe and secure play would have been to get the ball to the cut-off man. Instead, Swisher’s boner set-up Hughes for what would become a disaster of an inning.

    Nick Swisher is showing us, in Yankeeland, that he’s a meathead on the field as much as he is in the clubhouse and when he’s hamming it up for the media.

    I know that I may come across, to some, like Siegfried saying “This is Kaos. We don’t shush here!” when I say this, but, frankly, someone needs to take Nitwit Swisher aside and tell him “We’re the Yankees. We don’t play with our craniums lodged in our sphincter here.”

    There’s a pattern forming with respect to Swisher’s on field actions and it needs to be nipped in the bud. Pronto.

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    1. yagottagotomo1
      May 9th, 2009 | 9:13 pm

      I was wondering who the new Lombardi target would be…..The guy made bad plays in back to back nights. i dont know if you recall, but Jeter made two baserunning mistakes in a week last year and got skewered- these things happen. He does need to play with a bit more intelligence than he has the last two days, but you are taking it a bit far. Also, calling him a meathead in the clubhouse when you have never been in the clubhouse is unfair. Pete Abe had a post yesterday about these Yankees haveing the best chemistry that the team has had in years, and Swish was a central figure to that idea.

    2. tampayankeefan
      May 9th, 2009 | 9:55 pm

      This guy has no business being on the Yankees. He is a .220 hitter who is a terrible fielder but Clueless Joe like his predecessor will sit rookies just to play bad veteran’s, a great example is Damon still playing left field, he is good to lose a game a week.

      They talk about chemistry then let the guy form a kiwanis club for ball players, we need winners and he is not one.

    3. yagottagotomo1
      May 9th, 2009 | 9:57 pm

      Yeah, Swisher’s defensive numbers in the OF are actually quite good coming into this year (I haven’t looked at them lately). And complaining about Damon? Really?

    4. thenewguy
      May 9th, 2009 | 9:58 pm

      This guy has no business being on the Yankees. He is a .220 hitter who is a terrible fielder but Clueless Joe like his predecessor will sit rookies just to play bad veteran’s, a great example is Damon still playing left field, he is good to lose a game a week

      So you want Gardner to be playing both RF and LF? I’d rather think of Swisher as a career .356 OBP guy, who actually plays decent OF defense besides CF.

    5. thenewguy
      May 9th, 2009 | 9:59 pm

      I was wondering who the new Lombardi target would be…..

      Seriously. The guy has been the Yankees most consistent offensive performer, has improved clubhouse chemistry (even though I think very little of this) and all Steve can do is try to find things wrong with him.

      There are far bigger issues than Swisher, Steve. Let’s worry about those ones.

    6. JeremyM
      May 9th, 2009 | 10:25 pm

      Someone is complaining about Johnny Damon?!??! Are you freaking kidding me?

      As far as Swisher, while I agree that Steve has a point here in that he has made mistakes recently, many of them preventable, I also think that you have it out for the guy. Take a second and look at all the charity work this guy does before calling him a “meathead” and nothing more. Yeah, he’s a bit of a ham, so what? Should he try the high five move anymore? Hell no. Did he make some mistakes on the field the last couple of days? Yes. Have we seen Posada, Jeter, etc. sleeping on the bases? Sure have, especially Posada. Did we just see Andy and Posada fall asleep and have home stolen on them (I actually saw Mike Sweeney-yes, Mike Sweeney- steal home on Pettitte in the early part of this decade, so it’s not the first time it’s happened.) But if everyone was playing like Swisher has so far, the Yanks would be in good shape.

      Now as far as your ongoing grudge against Cashman, as each day goes by, I see it more and more your way Steve.

    7. butchie22
      May 10th, 2009 | 6:11 am

      The problem with Swisher is that he is the polar opposite of the buttondown, uptight culture that exists in this organization. His enthusiasm is quite welcome to the fans who like his energy, BUT there is a fine line ‘tween the life and the fool of the party. Quite frankly the goofball act can be tolerated , provided Swisher is great on the field.He has fumbled a few balls out there in right and is not great in that position quite frankly. On the other hand he has done decently at the plate , but he has not been that great at the Palace that Greed built, New Yankee Stadium.

      Steve, I think that you might have a problem with him because of his attitude. He is very unYankees Inc so to speak. He would be considered a great clubhouse guy on any other team but this version of the Yankees? My point of contention with him is that he is not that great aplayer. If he does well, it’s gravy . For whatever it’s worth,Pettitte and Posada have a lot of currency with the fanbase because of their championship pedigree. I personally don’t care about that BUT they have been around long enough that they understand the score. I enjoyed Swisher’s goofiness in Tampa because all we see are robots on this team. As many of you know, I’m in the Swisher is overrated camp having seen him play with Chicago last year and Oakland and did not come away impressed. I had also posted something from a scout regarding Swisher: that he didn’t belong on this team because of his attitude. In essence, if his goofballishness effects his play THEN there is a problem and there might be one………….

    8. Corey
      May 11th, 2009 | 9:19 am

      swisher got an ear full from me after this, i was screaming at the top of my lungs lol

    9. Raf
      May 11th, 2009 | 10:03 am

      There’s never a wrong time to use a “Get Smart” reference.

      As for Swisher, it’s not that big a deal. As for the “pattern,” I don’t see it. It’s a few games here as opposed to a few years across Oakland and Chicago. Not much to worry about.

    10. June 10th, 2009 | 11:25 pm

      […] you know what really bothered me about this game? It was Nitwit Swisher. Now, I know that the F.O.N.S. (Fans of Nick Swisher) will come at me with torches and pitchforks […]

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