• May 16th vs. The Twins

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    I’ll be at the game tomorrow. So, that means I’ll be devoting eight hours of my day towards the Yankees – allowing time for getting there, seeing the game, and getting back home. Related, I had to get a lot of personal/family stuff done today to make up for the time I’ll be MIA in Yankeeland tomorrow – which meant I was only able to peek in at this game as time allowed.

    I did get to see part of the pre-game coverage on YES – and saw that General Joe had a plan to make Joba throw a fake first inning in the pen before the game. And, I caught the score later in the game and saw that it was 3-2, Yanks, in the 5th. So, it appears, that Girardi’s plan helped Chamberlain – to some extent – today. Good.

    Later, my family and I were in the car, and I turned on the radio, just as Mark Teixeira got that clutch, two-out, hit to tie the score at four in the 8th inning. At that point, I figured that the pen had a hand in allowing the Twins to go ahead in this one – and I found out later that it was Jose Veras. No shocker there*. We stayed with the game, on the car radio, through the bottom of the 9th inning.

    Eventually, we left the car and entered the restaurant (where we were headed). It seemed like that only took minutes. But, as we were waiting to be seated, I noticed a TV in the bar, in the front of the restaurant – and it had the game on there. At this point, Mo was in his second frame – and it was the top of the 10th inning, no outs, and the Twins had runners on first and second. Yikes! However, Rivera got out of it by the time we were directed to our table. Whew.

    I was able to angle myself at our table so that I could see another TV in the bar, over a three-quarter wall that separated our dining area and the lounge, if I cranked my head all the way to the left. I took a glance at one point and saw Alfredo Aceves pitching in the 11th inning. And, the very next time I looked at the game, I saw Teixeira rounding third with A-Rod right behind him – and realized that Rodriguez had blasted a walk-off. Cool.

    Funny game. Alex will be the hero, more than likely, in the eye of many. But, really this game was all about Mark Teixiera. Four for four, with a walk, a big 3-run homer, a clutch hit in the 8th, and the walk in the 11th…

    It was just a few days ago, on May 4th, where I said it would be nice to see Teixeira have a game like the one that Jason Giambi had…back in 2002…where the ‘Big G’ lost his Yankee-new-guy-cherry. And, now, today, in this game, which missed being the seven year anniversary of that Giambi game – also against the Twins – by one day, Tex gets the job done. Nice.

    I hope the Yankees have saved something for tomorrow. I’m oh’fer two this year so far in terms of being there for regular season games to see wins. (And, both games were Sabathia starts – go figure!) It would be nice to finally see a win, in person, in the new Stadium…

    *See comments section for more on Veras.

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    1. May 16th, 2009 | 11:37 pm

      Actually Coke got Veras out of the jam and Coke blew it the next inning.

      And Mo’s hits were an infield one and a blooper.

    2. yagottagotomo1
      May 16th, 2009 | 11:38 pm

      Veras pitched poorly, but he only incidentally had anything to do with blowing the lead, in that he forced them to use Coke for more hitters than they might have liked. But Coke gave up two runs, and they were both his. Nothing really to do with Veras.

    3. May 17th, 2009 | 7:49 am

      Thanks guys – what I kinda meant was that Veras was ineffective and that forced Coke to come into the game, and make pitches in a highly stressful situation, and then come back the next inning – where he lost it.

      That’s one thing I would like to see a study on…where a RP has to come into a game, all amped up, and he gets out of it. And, then, see how he does the next inning.

      IIRC, there was some game, somewhere, where JC Romero – or someone like him – had that situation and the color guy, who was a pitcher – or maybe it was an ESPN guy doing highlights? – said that, as a middle man, you get so pumped, because of the danger, and getting the job done, and all the air comes out of your balloon when you sit on the bench – and it’s hard to rev it up again when you’re asked to go another inning.

      Maybe that’s what happened with Coke?

    4. May 17th, 2009 | 9:36 am

      Hey Steve, I was curious to your thought on the roster management this year. Like, I see zero reason way one of Melancon/Robertson is on this team, zero reason why one John Rodriguez (although injured), Shelley Duncan (injured too) or Juan Miranda is not on the team as a power bat, zero reason why in the world Angel Berroa is STILL on the roster, and why the went with Kevin Cash over a guy that might be able to hit a little like PJ Pillitere, who is just as DFAable in the future. Plus I think Veras’ time is almost up – I bet he could be traded due to his success last year – the Nats can use some bullpen help

    5. Raf
      May 17th, 2009 | 9:56 am

      PJ Pillitere is DFAable, but the Yanks don’t want to lose him if they do DFA him. At least Cash is expendable (relatively speaking)

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