• Focusing On Content Over Comments

    Posted by on May 29th, 2009 · Comments Off on Focusing On Content Over Comments

    As of this moment, it will be very rare to see me leave a comment on something which I have posted to this blog. And, I thought it was important to make note of this – since it seems that some of my readers look forward to bantering with me in the comments section here, at times.

    I hinted at this yesterday. And, being able to consider it for another day, I decided that I’m going to try it.

    Why? As I stated yesterday, I think it makes much more sense, and a better blog reading experience, if I used my time to focus on research and writing as opposed to making comments.

    This all said, I do need to stress one thing. If someone, in leaving comments, wants to disagree with something that I have posted, that’s fine – and welcomed. Disagreement debate, and sharing opinions are encouraged here. WasWatching.com aims to provide a safe place for the free expression of those passions and differing views.

    However, those leaving comments here must provide respect to other values, opinions, and ideas even if they strongly disagree with those ideas.

    Further, the Community Standards of this blog clearly state that registered members, leaving comments, are not permitted to harass, bash or “flame” other members. And, such acts will result in a member being barred from leaving comments at WasWatching.com.

    Therefore, anyone makes an attempt at harassing, bashing, or “flaming” me with a comment, or if their comments are made in a disrespectful manner, they will run the risk of being barred from commenting here – regardless of the fact that I am not commenting on a frequent basis (going forward from now).

    Thanks in advance for your help in ensuring that we maintain a friendly online community at WasWatching.com where members feel relaxed and comfortable because we show a considerate and respectful attitude toward fellow members here.

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