• June 13th vs. The Mets

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    Fernando Nieve?


    Hey, I hate to say this…but…check out the Yankees last ten games:

    Date    Where    Who  RS RA  
    June  3 Home Vs. TEX L 2  4  
    June  4 Home Vs. TEX W 8  6  
    June  6 Home Vs. TBR L 7  9  
    June  7 Home Vs. TBR W 4  3  
    June  8 Home Vs. TBR W 5  3  
    June  9 Road Vs. BOS L 0  7  
    June 10 Road Vs. BOS L 5  6  
    June 11 Road Vs. BOS L 3  4  
    June 12 Home Vs. NYM W 9  8  
    June 13 Home Vs. NYM L 2  6  

    In their last ten games, the Yankees are 4-6. And, that’s not good baseball. However, it’s actually worse than that. How? Simple. The Yankees wins on June 7th and June 12th were gift wins thanks to errors by Willy Aybar and Luis Castillo. So, if not for those extremely lucky wins, right now, the Yankees would be 2-8 in their last ten games (instead of 4-6). That’s really not good baseball.

    O.K., yeah, I know, as many of my readers like to remind me “There are no such things as lucky wins – or wins that should be discounted.” Personally, I think that’s hard to say, if you really watched those games on June 7th and 12th, and saw those errors by Aybar and Castillo. But, fine, if you want to say “a win is a win, no matter how you got it,” then, check this out:

    Since the Yankees had that nice run where their record got fat against the Orioles, Twins and Blue Jays – going 11-2 from May 8th through May 21st – New York has now gone 11-10 in their last 21 games (including the gift wins from Aybar and Castillo). That’s just one game over .500 over their last three weeks. Not very impressive play there, is it?

    And, they get to face Johan Santana tomorrow. Oh, boy…

    Comments on June 13th vs. The Mets

    1. The_Fonz
      June 13th, 2009 | 10:42 pm

      yea…it’s pathetic

    2. Total Blam
      June 14th, 2009 | 1:30 am

      Yeah, it’s bad. Normally, I just think this blog is a forum for killjoy sentiment, but the Yanks are playing badly lately. And today it was little league.

      And don’t forget, on the 8th, they never had a runner in scoring position. They took all 5 runs via the long ball. Which is fine, I guess, but those short porch bombs don’t happen if you’re not in YS.

    3. ken
      June 14th, 2009 | 10:15 am

      I feel as though the Castillo game was a loss. That’s 5 in a row to good teams and all of them ‘statement games’. It’s embarrassing. It seems as though none of the Yankee’s pitchers can get big outs. (Or little ones, for that matter.)

    4. Evan3457
      June 14th, 2009 | 11:22 am

      Red Sox were 13-6, then went 15-17 over 32 games, blowing their big early lead. Now they’ve won 9 of 11, because, frankly, they’re much, much better than 15-17.

      Are the Sox better than the Yankees at this point? Yep, they sure are.

      So, if even a team as good as the Sox can go 15-17 over 32 games, the Yanks aren’t allowed to go 4-6 over 10 games (3 of them against the Sox)?

      Yep, the Yanks sure are playing lousy ball lately. So a team does what it can, and if it steals a game or two or receives a gift or two in the middle of a slump after a long hot streak, well, so much the better. That’s less climbing they have to do later on.

      So even if Santana does what he’s likely to do, and shuts the Yanks down again tonight, and the poor streak gets to 4-7, I make a bold prediction:

      The Yanks will turn it around starting on Tuesday night. Bruney will come back on Tuesday, so he’ll deserve the lion’s share of the credit. (That’s a small joke; I’ve looked at the schedule.)

      Hey, if the Yanks do beat up the Nationals (and the Nationals will pound some HRs at the Stadium, maybe a lot of them), is that the sign of a mediocre team, because they beat up a bad team, or is that the sign of a good team, because that’s what good teams do to bad teams?

      Two postscripts:

      1) Much more interesting to me than whether they hit Santana today (they probably won’t) is whether or not AJ can pull his head out his….armpit and pitch a good game. I’m an optimist, but if I were a betting man, I’d say…at least 2-3 HR today in a 5-1 or 7-2 loss.

      2) What if they DON’T beat up on the Nationals? Then that would be BAD. Very bad. That might cause a major shakeup. (A trade of consequence; Eiland firing, something big.)

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