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    What stands out the most in my mind, this past week, is the “good news/bad news” nature of the last seven days in Yankeeland. Facing Tampa Bay and Chicago, on the road, the Yankees went 3-4, overall. And, while that doesn’t seem like there’s any good news in there…there is…as New York did take two of three games from the Rays.

    Of course, the bad news is that the Yankees lost 4 of 7 games this week – and their play in those four losses was just terrible. They looked like chumps in those games…in as many ways as a team can look like chumps.

    And, that’s scary – because the Yankees now play Toronto for two, Boston for four, then Toronto for another three, and then New York heads out to the West Coast for seven games. Yes, that’s 16 games in a row, meaning no days off, including facing Boston four times, Roy Halladay once, and then having to deal with adjusting to a different time zone…oh, and, then, after one day off, then the Yankees have to head to Fenway Park for three games.

    The next nineteen games, given the Yankees position in the standings and the calendar, are make-or-break time for New York. If the Yankees don’t show up for half these games, like they didn’t show up for those four games this week, it’s possible that New York might go something like 5-14 between now and August 23rd. And, if that happens, you can stick a fork in the Yankees chances this season – because they will be done.

    Me? Being realistic, I expect the Yankees to go 10-9 in their next 19 games. And, hopefully, if that happens, Boston and/or Tampa won’t use that result to pass the Yankees in the standings. Or course, in a dream world, I could hope for the Yankees to go 14-5 over their next 19 games and send a message to the league. But, I don’t think that’s really going to happen…based on what we’ve seen from New York so far this season…when they’ve had to play tough.

    What do you think? Will the Yankees go 5-14, 10-9, or 14-5 over this span? Or, will it be something else? And, why do you feel this way?

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    1. Corey
      August 3rd, 2009 | 9:47 am

      i think they’ll end up like this:
      they lose the next 2 to the jays, doc will beat them this time and that Rzepczynski is supposed to be the real deal, so i take that and couple it with the fact he’s a lefty and that the yanks havn’t seen him, that all equates to a L.

      then i think they take 3/4 from the Bo Sox (my breakdown is in the water cooler)

      next 3, i see a sweep of the jays. We get to face Rzepczynski again, and that time we’ll tatoo him.

      Then I see them taking 5/7 on the west coast, and then 2/3 from the sox.

      So overall, I predict a 13-6.

    2. YankCrank
      August 3rd, 2009 | 2:51 pm

      I’m not big on blindly predicting how we’ll do in the next 19 games. I do, however look at the large picture and see that the Yankees have been playing some amazing baseball since May, and even recently with the exception of a couple hiccups (Angels, White Sox). Even the best teams go through some hiccups against good and bad teams, including the RED SOX OMG!!*!

      I expect the Yankees to continue to play some good baseball and win more than they lose. That’s how teams make it to first place and stay there.

    3. John ONeil
      August 3rd, 2009 | 2:59 pm

      I agree this month is critical. But after looking at the schedule, we are in better shape than I would have imagined vis a vis the Red Sox. If we exclude the Blue Jays from the easy win category (Baltimore, Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland and Kansas City) the Sox have no easy games this month and only 9 in September. The Yanks on the other hand, have 8 this month and 11 in Sep or 19 total. The Sox do get to finish with 4 @ home against Cleveland in October whereas we finish with 3 in Tampa. So we have 6 more games against teams “we should beat.”

      Basically, inside the division our schedules are similar. We both play the Angels and the Royals. We have 4 left against Oakland – Boston has 4 left against Cleveland. Lets call that a wash. Where the schedules diverge is Chicago, Detroit and Seattle. We have 3 left with Chicago. Boston has 8 with Chicago and 4 with Detroit. We fill in the difference with 7 against Seattle. Boston is done with them. So here’s hoping the moves the White Sox and Tigers made at the break work when they’re playing Boston at least.

      Looks easy on paper. Lets see how it plays out.

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