• Week 19 – 2009

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    What stands out the most in my mind, this past week, is that the Yankees went 5-2 in a week where they could have let down their guard after taking four in a row from the Red Sox. And, in the process, New York actually gained another game in their lead over Boston – and closed the week being in first place, now up by 7.5 games.

    Now, at this junction, if the Yankees play just .500 baseball from here until the end of the season, then the Red Sox would have to win 31 of their remaining 45 games to pass them in the standings.

    Can Boston play .689 baseball for the rest of the year? Maybe. But, then again, what are the odds of the Yankees playing just .500 at the same time?

    Say the Yankees play .568 baseball for the rest of the season. (And, I think that’s doable. Basically, it’s winning 4 out of every 7 games.) Then the Red Sox would have to play .756 baseball from here until season end to catch them. (Now, that, I don’t think is doable.)

    Boston is in a race…but it’s a race for the A.L. Wildcard. And, they have company there – with the Rangers and Rays also fighting for that playoff berth. (The Sox have 6 games left with the Rays this season too.)

    Sure, I know…what about the Mets in 2007 and 2008? Sorry. That ain’t gonna happen in Yankeeland. And, if it does, and the Red Sox do end up catching the Yankees this season in the A.L. East…well…won’t that make 2004 seem like it was just a coming attraction?

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