• August 31st @ The Orioles

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    Missed this one. We took the kids to go see the Lakewood BlueClaws host the Hagerstown Suns – since the Chicken was there (and we had so much fun the last time we caught the Chicken when he was in town).

    I did catch the last out of the Yankees game when we hit the car in the parking lot – and then heard the whole post-game wrap-up. Boy, would I have kicked myself, hard, if I had missed Andy Pettitte throw a perfect game or no-hitter…chicken or no chicken.

    As it is, give Pettitte all the credit for this one. To be perfect, as long as he was, in a close (two-zip) game…and…then…to not cave in once he lost the perfecto and then the no-no on back-to-back batters in the seventh…after two outs…well…that’s focus ladies and germs. That’s how a pro handles it. Attaboy Andy.

    Coming into this game, over his last 12 starts, Pettitte had an ERA of 4.09 and had allowed an Opp BA/OBA/SLG line of .250/.316/.368 (facing 303 batters). And, that’s very good. But, four of those twelve starts were clunkers. So, that means when Pettitte has been “on,” lately, he’s “really on.” Let’s hope he’s “on” in October – because the Yankees will need him in that three-slot, and performing well, when that post-season bell rings.

    Getting back to the game I saw this evening…here are some photos…for those who like minor league ballparks, at night, at the end of the summer…










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