• October 3rd @ The Rays

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    Including this loss, since September 11th, the Yankees are painting an interesting picture:

    • From September 11th through September 20th, New York went 4-5 playing mostly against the O’s, Jays and M’s.
    • Then, from September 21st through September 27th, New York went 5-1 against the Angels and Red Sox.
    • And, since September 28th, now, the Yankees are 2-3 while facing the Royals and Rays.

    Now, granted, going into September 11th, the Yankees had a 9 game lead in the A.L. East. So, maybe, they decided to autocruise it back at that time – sans the games against L.A. and Boston, just to prove a point – and they’re going to kick it into high-gear again when the post-season starts? I dunno…for sure.

    But, I hope that’s the case…and we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

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    1. Evan3457
      October 4th, 2009 | 1:09 am

      I dunno either, and I doubt autocruise included CC trying for his 20th on Friday night.

      On the other hand, I feel a lot better about things this way, rather than the other way around; i.e., the Yanks finally beating the Angels in a series on the coast, and sweeping the Sox at the Stadium, rather than continuing to pound heck out of weaker teams, and losing again in Anaheim, and blowing their current momentum vs. the Sox.

      Don’t you agree, Steve? After all, you did spend about 90% of the season underlining the predictive value of competition vs. the Red Sox and Angels…

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