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    Graphical Player 2010 For the last ten days or so, I’ve been thumbing through the “Graphical Player 2010” – and having a great time doing it!

    For those not aware, the Graphical Player annual has been issued since 2004. (Actually, until 2007, it was called “Graphical Pitcher” – as it covered pitchers at first and then was expanded to cover batters as well.) John Burnson – of BaseballHQ.com and Heater Magazine fame – is the moving force behind this book.

    Graphical Player 2010” has an incredible amount of data, presented in a somewhat unique style…more to follow on that…along with commentary on more than 1,000 current baseball players provided by bloggers who cover their teams – and edited by Burnson with some help from Rob McQuown and Michael Street. (Lisa Swan of Subway Squawkers provided the Yankees commentary.)

    Getting back to the data, here’s some of what you will find in this book:

    • Projected 2010 stats and historical dollar values for single and mixed Roto leagues, as well as tallies for points leagues.
    • Four years of career stats, including splits for RH/LH and 1st-half/2nd-half.
    • Minor-league stats down to Single-A for 2009 for every player.
    • A unique “mini-browser” showing five players with similar projections at the same positions.
    • Profiles of more than 100 prospects, with independent rankings from three experts.
    • Speculative rosters for every MLB team for 2010, 2011, and 2012.
    • Full player stats by team for 2009

    Now, it’s been years since I was a serious fantasy baseball enthusiast. In fact, I pretty much dropped the game after the 2000 season. But, had Graphical Player been around back then, it would have been a “must-have” for me at that time – and I would recommend that “Graphical Player 2010” is a must-have for the serious fantasy baseball franchise owner today.

    O.K., that said, even if you’re not a roto-head, many will still derive a lot of use out of “Graphical Player 2010.” Why? Well, if you’re a baseball fan, and someone who’s into sabermetrics, you will find “Graphical Player 2010” to be both pleasing and intellectually stimulating. It’s just full of fun stats like xFIP, wOBA, and Wins Above Replacement – as well as stats that cover a player’s component skills, how luck may have impacted his stats, and, for pitchers, the strength of the teams he faced.

    As I stated in the opening, I’ve been thumbing through this one for days – and expect to keep going through it for many more (to come). It’s great fun. Again, the “Graphical Player 2010” is a must-have for the diligent fantasy baseball competitor and a treasure trove of sabermetric data for the thinking baseball fan – and highly recommend here.

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