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    The Yankees won the World Series in 2009. So, how will they do in 2010? Is another ring in the works? Related, for fun, I decided to look at “the seasons after” the Yankees won it all since the Steinbrenner family has owned the team. There’s six in total. And, here’s what I found:

    1978 (following the ’77 ring):

    I think most know the story here. In the end, the Yankees won the A.L. East, going 100-63, taking it all via the one game “play-in” at the end of the season (in Fenway Park). You know…deep to left…Yastrzemski will not get it…it’s a home run! (Remember?) The Yankees got off to a good start this season – but had a rough June and July. And, on July 18th, they sat at 47-42…and were 14 games back of the Red Sox (before they came back to take the division). Then, come October, New York took home another ring.

    1979 (following the ’78 ring):

    What a mess. Manager Bob Lemon was vexed by the death of his son before the season (who was killed in an automobile accident at age 26). Goose Gossage got hurt in a clubhouse fight with Cliff Johnson and missed 3 months of the season. Thurman Munson was killed in a plane crash. And, the Yankees went 89-71 (and finished 4th in A.L. East).

    1997 (following the ’96 ring):

    The Yankees just missed taking the division again – finishing in 2nd, two games back of the Baltimore Orioles. However, in truth, it took a late season push to get that close. On September 6th that year, New York was 79-61 and were 9 1/2 games out of first. In any event, their 96-66 overall record got them the post-season wildcard berth. In the ALDS that year, the Yanks had a 2-1 game lead and needed to win just one more to make the ALCS. But, they blew Game 4 and then lost Game 5 – and that was that.

    1999 (following the ’98 ring):

    On September 1st, the Yankees found themselves in first place, at 81-49, with a lead of 8 1/2 games. After that, they went 17-14 and ended up taking the A.L. East by just 4 games. But, that was enough. And, the post-season was a blitz. New York went 11-1, overall, and took home another ring.

    2000 (following the ’99 ring):

    After a strong April, the Yankees went a combined 23-28 over the next two months. But, on June 1st, they still found themselves tied for first place with – guess who? – the Boston Red Sox. New York turned on the jets for the next two months and went 36-20. And, on September 1st, they had a 5 game lead over Boston. From there, the Yankees mailed it in, going 13-18 to close out the year. But, they still took the division. The ALDS that season was a tight one – going five games. And, the ALCS was somewhat “not easy” – going six games. Heck, even the World Series, against the Mets, was close – and the fact that it “only” went five games was somewhat misleading. Yet, in the end, it was another ring for the Yankees here.

    2001 (following the ’00 ring):

    I still like to say this is the season the Yankees won the World Series, three games to four. But, we all know the truth here – and it’s best not discussed in Yankeeland. This year, New York got off to a so-so start and were at 34-28 at the close of June 12th – 3 games out of first. After that, the Yankees went crazy, going 61-27, and winning the A.L. East by 13.5 games. (And, this includes the stoppage of play as a result of 9/11.) After a miracle comeback in the ALDS, the Yankees beat a strong Mariners team in the ALCS before…well, you know, going on to win the World Series, three games to four…

    In the end, the good news here is that five out of six times, after winning the World Series, the Yankees came back to reach the post-season again. And, I think most expect the Yankees to reach the post-season again this year – after their ring in 2009.

    The only question is – what will the Yankees 2010 season be like? Will it be a slow start followed by a strong push? Will it be a hot start followed by a coast to October? Will it be a wire-to-wire cakewalk? Or, will it be a dogfight, all season long?

    What do you think?

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    1. Raf
      January 9th, 2010 | 10:33 am

      Given history, I would bet on it being a slow start followed by a strong push.

    2. January 11th, 2010 | 5:46 pm

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