• The Bill James Gold Mine 2010

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    In the last five weeks, I’ve mentioned The Bill James Gold Mine 2010 a few times in various entries. (See: here, and here, and here, and here.) And, I expect that I’ll be mentioning it a few work times in the upcoming weeks – at the least.

    As you may recall, I’ve been a fan of The Bill James Gold Mine annuals in the past. (See: here and here.) And, I’ve found this year’s edition to be right in line with the ones from the preceeding two years – it terms of quality and value.

    Basically, the book is a collection of select James’ articles posted to Bill James Online from the past year along with awesome “nugget” collections of facts and stats for each major league team. These “nuggets” were put together by folks like John Dewan, Mike Webber, Mat Olkin, Dave Studenmund, Charles Fiore, Ben Jedlovec, Steve Moyer, Damon Lichtenwalner, Jon Vresics, and Rob Burckhard. However, that said, James takes responsibility for these “nuggets” – because, as Bill writes “I am responsible for them, in the sense that if there is something amiss, that would be my responsibility.”

    It’s all great stuff. And, as stated herein, I expect to be referencing the book fairly often at the blog this year.

    In the past, I’ve shared that The Bill James Gold Mine is the type of baseball book that’s so much fun, and enlightening, that you’ll want to re-read it, again, the minute you finish reading it for the first time. And, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to read it a third time after that – as there’s so much good stuff in it. And, I can think of no better way to describe The Bill James Gold Mine 2010. I highly recommend this book.

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