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    Via NYConvergence:

    The YES Network, the the cable channel owned by the New York Yankees, reached an agreement this week to partner with sports fan community website FanTake to add it to YESNetwork.com. FanTake is a network of blog, podcasts, videos which, rather than focusing on a particular sport of region of the U.S., covers all pro and college sports nationally.

    The partnership is part of the YES Network desire to reach more Yankee fans who are not baded in the NYC area.

    It’s interesting to watch what RSN websites are doing these days. Earlier this year, SNY.tv took over NYYFans.com.

    It’s all about the numbers. These sites want to get other sites under their umbrella so that they can roll up the traffic numbers (from these acquired sites) into their own – and then pitch the overall page view counts to their potential advertisers. Also, the more page views, meaning the bigger audience, allows the RSN sites to charge more for their ads.

    So, when it says the YES Network’s desire is to “reach more Yankee fans who are not baded in the NYC area,” don’t take that to mean YES is trying to reach out to more fans to help the fans. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access the YES website if they have an internet connection. This is all about adding another site’s traffic to their totals, with the hope that it leads to more advertising revenue, and that’s all.

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