• How Strange Of A Ring Would That Be?

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    Assuming the Yankees are the A.L. Wildcard team in the post-season this year, their schedule would be as follows:

    Game 1  10/06/10 Away Game
    Game 2  10/07/10 Away Game
            10/08/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 3  10/09/10 Yankee Stadium
    Game 4* 10/10/10 Yankee Stadium
            10/11/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 5* 10/12/10 Away Game 
    Game 1  10/15/10 Away Game
    Game 2  10/16/10 Away Game
            10/17/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 3  10/18/10 Yankee Stadium
    Game 4  10/19/10 Yankee Stadium
    Game 5* 10/20/10 Yankee Stadium
            10/21/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 6* 10/22/10 Away Game
    Game 7* 10/23/10 Away Game 
    World Series
    Game 1  10/27/10 National League City
    Game 2  10/28/10 National League City
            10/29/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 3  10/30/10 Yankee Stadium
    Game 4  10/31/10 Yankee Stadium
    Game 5* 11/01/10 Yankee Stadium
            11/02/10 NO GAME SCHEDULED
    Game 6* 11/03/10 National League City
    Game 7* 11/04/10 National League City 
    *if necessary

    Now, let’s say that EVERYTHING goes PERFECT for the Yankees this post-season. And, by this, I mean, let’s say they win every game they play this October and never lose one – on the way to getting their 28th ring.

    If they did that, it would mean that they got a ring and played only five games in Yankee Stadium: one in the ALDS and two in each the ALCS and World Series. Man, that would be strange – but, at least, all the clinchers would be at home.

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