• Jeter & Cashman Comment On Recent Meeting

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    Good stuff on the Jeter talks via Mark Feinsand

    There has been speculation that one of the topics discussed was Jeter’s future as a shortstop, but the Yankee captain said that “hasn’t been brought up.”

    Cashman said his talks with Close were in the “infancy stages,” saying it could take a good portion of the winter before a deal is completed.

    Still, Cashman dismissed the idea that things could get “messy” between the two sides, something Steinbrenner suggested in broad terms during a radio interview nearly two weeks ago.

    “He said any negotiation has a chance to get messy,” Cashman said of Steinbrenner’s comment. “He didn’t say he expects this one to; he said that any one can. That’s true. I don’t think there’s any expectation from our perspective this is going to get messy.”

    “It’s not even close to that at this stage at all. No one expects that and we’ll work our hardest on both ends not to have that happen.”

    Cashman said that despite Jeter’s status with the franchise, these negotiations are being conducted the same way as any other free agent he deals with.

    “It’s business; two sides have a chance to sit down and discuss what’s important to them and where they’re trying to go and why,” Cashman said. “You talk through every aspect – good and bad – and find common ground. That’s what I do in every negotiation, but some play louder in the public eye than others. Because this is the Yankees and this is Derek, this is obviously gong to get a lot more attention.”

    Jeter has no idea when a deal may get done, having never gone through the free-agent process before. He declined to say whether any other teams had contacted Close to express interest, adding that he’s tried “to stay removed” from the whole situation.

    Asked if he was nervous about the idea of not returning to the Bombers, Jeter said, “Right now, I’m not.” Jeter was then asked whether he had any doubt that a deal with the Yankees would eventually get done.

    “I have no idea,” Jeter said. “I’d like to think it would, but I don’t know.”

    My recommendation: Just bookmark all this for now and revisit it in a month or so. Maybe everyone will still have the same tone then? But then again, maybe not?

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