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    1. Evan3457
      May 9th, 2011 | 4:24 pm

      Not really any of the above. I enjoy the blog, and the open and interesting debate and discussion, the airing of opposing views.

      Steve’s not the best blogger, but far from the worst. Before he found his new job, his output was prodigious. For obvious reasons, he’s had to cut back, but he still finds time when he can to put his two cents in.

      As a human being, Steve seems pretty good to me, as far as one can tell about these things from what someone posts on the internet. Not perfect, but more than fair to the people who respond to his posts.

    2. jgueli
      May 9th, 2011 | 5:03 pm

      I really enjoy Steve and this blog. I come here multiple times everyday and I’m bummed out when there is not a new post. I understand and respect why Steve had to cut back but I miss the amount of insight and research that used to be here.This is by far still my favorite blog, I love the conversations everyone has and the fact that its personal and you can get to know the cast of characters here. I’m a big fan and have a ton of respect for you Steve. My only gripe is the negativity sometimes. I understand the Yankees are getting old, and it’s sad for me being young (23) and seeing the guys I grew up watching falling off, not to mention the terrible longterm contracts we are bound too, but I wish you were a little more positive sometimes and weren’t so hard on certain players.

      Maybe if you did a weekly post about something a playernis doing positive it would lighten up the mood 🙂 just a suggestion.

      Anyways, thanks for building this community Steve, no matter what anyone says this is a great blog.

    3. KPOcala
      May 10th, 2011 | 12:56 am

      Steve I think sometime that you think that Cashman’s cojones is a speed bag. You pick and choose your spots, and don’t want to admit when time has passed showing that the Cashman may have made and good deal. When a dealt player does something for a few weeks your already finger pointing. I tend to cut GM’s slack until/unless I know what their bosses want and who they want and why. I think Cashman’s early career had Boss finger-prints all over it, and it’s difficult to know what really went down. You also are loathe to give him his props for Granderson,as well as players that have helped the team stay in it such as Russell Martin, Chavez, Colon, Garcia, and Andruw Jones. The wheels on some of these guys may/may not fall off, but it buys time for the guys in the minors to get experience or at least trade-hype. Let’s take a breath and enjoy what we do have, a team that leads the majors in runs/game, HR, OBP, and OPS. The piching, fifth best in the AL isn’ too shabby either. The Genius in Boston looks as though his head has shrunk, must be that intellect has finally caused his cranium crack releasing all those ideas, like CFC’s floating into the ozone. Right now, I would be worried in Boston because their top 60 players in their organization are not close to our top 60 and they have their share of onerous contracts. Speaking of organizational depth, I’ve learned through many bitter seasons to fear those teams. Still, the season must be played, before we get too carried away.

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