• Yank E-Scuttlebutt

    Posted by on June 9th, 2011 · Comments (0)

    Over the last three days, I’ve noticed a cyberspace commotion in Yankeeland. It’s one that Bernard Sumner may have sung about in 1986.

    Yes, as far as I can tell, there are three fronts to this situation.

    On one hand, we have a party poking and prodding for more information regarding a prominent member of the Yankees organization and their potential extramarital activities. On another hand, we a diametric party who has been targeted by the aforementioned party as being a player in this drama – and who is vehemently attempting to squelch any reference to this situation via sundry requests and litigious threats. And, finally, we have another party who is either trying to defend the targeted party or assist the inquiring party – it’s hard to know which side, for sure – by adding their voice to what’s being said out there.

    I’ve been in contact with two of the three parties – albeit one much more than the other.

    Yet, I have no idea if this is some sort of verifiable tempest forming on the Yankeeland horizon, or, if this is just one or more individuals engaged in jejune shenanigans. It very well could be the latter as the internet is replete with such activities. But, then again, at this junction, if the former is the case, it would not be the first time that something like this has happened in the arena of those with a high public profile.

    I will not speculate on what the truth is here as I have nothing to extrapolate outside of some electronic chatter from individuals who cannot be identified or verified as who they claim to represent. For all I know, this entire matter is a game being played by two or more with the aim to yank as many chains as possible while hiding in the crevices of cyberspace. Therefore, file this one under: Wait and see. Maybe it’s something? Maybe it’s nothing? Dunno. All I do know is that I’d rather not hear any more on it until it’s proven true or debunked.

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