• 2011: No Yankees July Trade For The First Time Since 1999

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    Francisco Rodriguez, Jason Marquis, Edwin Jackson, Brad Ziegler, Erik Bedard, Mike Adams, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Koji Uehara all got moved. So, there was some pitching to be had in this year’s market. But, I guess, Brian Cashman is happy with what he’s got now and didn’t see the need to try and pick up another arm or two…

    Rivalry Doppelgangers

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    Every time I see Harland Williams, I think he could play Terry Francona in a movie. Anyone else see this?  Then again, I’ve always that that Joe Girardi looked a little like Chico Marx…


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    Every time Eduardo makes another error, I think of this story:

    When [Larry] Bowa was playing shortstop with the Phillies his main National League rival was Dave Concepcion of the Reds. Before a game against the Reds, Bowa asked Concepcion if he had changed his name to Elmer. When Concepcion replied, “No, why?” Bowa responded with, “Because I keep seeing E-Concepcion in box score.” Concepcion had earned a new nickname.

    Yankees TRAA, FRAA, RCAA & RSAA Leaders

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    Via the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia –

    TRAA                           TRAA     FRAA     RCAA    
    1    Brett Gardner                26       20        6   
    2    Curtis Granderson            25       -2       27   
    3    Nick Swisher                 20        4       16   
    4    Alex Rodriguez               17        3       14   
    5    Mark Teixeira                15       -1       16   
    6    Robinson Cano                 6       -8       14   
    7    Russell Martin                4       11       -7   
    8    Eric Chavez                   2        2        0   
    9    Andruw Jones                  1        1        0   
    10   Greg Golson                   0        0        0   
    T11  Brandon Laird                -1       -1        0   
    T11  Chris Dickerson              -1       -3        2   
    T11  Gustavo Molina               -1        0       -1   
    T11  Ramiro Pena                  -1        2       -3   
    15   Francisco Cervelli           -4       -1       -3   
    16   Eduardo Nunez                -8       -6       -2   
    17   Jorge Posada                -10       -1       -9   
    18   Derek Jeter                 -22      -18       -4   
    RSAA                           RSAA      BFP      IP     
    1    C.C. Sabathia                29      686    168.2   
    2    David Robertson              12      178     41     
    3    Freddy Garcia                11      471    111.1   
    T4   Bartolo Colon                10      453    109     
    T4   Mariano Rivera               10      151     39.1   
    6    Luis Ayala                    9      135     32.2   
    T7   Joba Chamberlain              4      110     28.2   
    T7   Cory Wade                     4       68     17.1   
    T9   Hector Noesi                  3      147     35     
    T9   Boone Logan                   3      127     28.1   
    T11  Lance Pendleton               1       62     14     
    T11  Jeff Marquez                  1       18      4     
    T11  Ivan Nova                     1      434     98.2   
    T14  Kevin Whelan                  0       10      1.2   
    T14  Steve Garrison                0        2      0.2   
    T16  Brian Gordon                 -1       46     10.1   
    T16  Buddy Carlyle                -1       34      7.2   
    T18  Rafael Soriano               -2       72     16     
    T18  A.J. Burnett                 -2      591    138.1   
    20   Sergio Mitre                 -5       30      5.1   
    21   Amaury Sanit                 -7       40      7     
    22   Phil Hughes                 -15      155     31.2   

    Yanks Birthday Present To Col. Ruppert 6 Days Early

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    During the 1920’s New York Yankee owner Jacob Ruppert once described his perfect afternoon at Yankee Stadium. “It’s when the Yankees score eight runs in the first inning,” Ruppert said, “and then slowly pull away.”

    Have a happy, Jake.

    Yanks Offered Hughes For Ubaldo Jimenez, Rox Pass, Trade Him To Tribe

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    Joel Sherman tweets:

    Yankees took all Rockies wanted off table – Banuelos, Betances, Montero, Nova – and offered Hughes and others. Rockies infuriated turned fully to Indians to speed up Ubaldo talks. Yankees were trying to sell their trouble RH Hughes plus for Rockies troubled RH, but Rox don’t see Ubaldo as troubled at all. Indians were told that Drew Pomeranz and Alex White had be in deal, and apparently will be Rockies. That would mirror what Rox wanted from Yankees a high-end prospect (Pomeranz) and good one to go in rotation now — like Betances/Nova.

    Sources: Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.

    More from the Boston Herald: Ubaldo Jimenez scratched from a start; deal to Indians imminent?

    Hey, kudos to Cashman for trying to dump Doughboy Hughes. Oh, my, how Phranchise Phil has phallen…

    No Muscle In Russell

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    Back in December of last year, I wrote this on Russell Martin –

    Know the last time Martin had a slugging percentage above .400? That would be 2007. Know the last time Martin had an Offensive Winning Percentage above .446? That would be 2008. Yeah, back in 2007-2008, Russell Martin was a pretty good, albeit not great, offensive player for a catcher. However, the last two seasons? Think: Francisco Cervelli, last season. Or, maybe a tick better than that…say…Rod Barajas circa 2008-2009 or John Buck circa 2007-2008.

    So, how is Russell Martin doing this year? His BA/OBA/SLG line is .225/.324/.366 (in 276 PA).

    Martin is a very nice guy. And, he’s not bad behind the dish. But, as a hitter? He’s just terrible.

    The Dodger knew what they were doing when they let this guy walk. He’d be an excellent back-up catcher. But, his bat is so weak…he has no business being an everday player.

    If the Yankees can afford to carry a stick that bad behind the dish, they might as well call up Austin Romine and let him play everyday in the majors.

    Again, no knock on Martin the man. He’s a very pleasant person, works hard, etc. But, for the last 3 years, his stick has been MIA and it doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon.

    A.J. Burnett, No Hero, Zero

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    How many wins did A.J. Burnett have in July of this year?

    It’s the same amount as he had in June and August of last year.

    And, it’s the same as the amount he had in August of 2009.


    Think about that.  This guy has pitched 16 months of regular season baseball for the Yankees to date, never  missing a turn.  And, in 25% of those months, he failed to win a single game.

    Burnett is the 8th highest paid pitcher in baseball today.  He should be an ace at that salary.  But, he’s far from that.  What a joke.

    Moment Of Silence

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    Yankees had a moment of silence before tonight’s game for Hideki Irabu.

    Made me wonder if they did the same for Rod Scurry.  But, then I looked and saw him died in the off-season.

    They may have done one for Steve Howe.  I seem to recall that  – but, it could be my mind playing tricks on me.

    I Think I Would Rather Go In Cold Rather Than Warm-Up In This Bullpen

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    Wall to wall Paul Williams. That’s ugly.

    Bosox Trailer Trash Makes Young Boy Cry

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    Film at 11.

    Yanks Keep Knacking On My Kuroda’s Door

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    Per Ken Rosenthal

    Sources: Yankees multiple calls today to Dodgers on Kuroda. None thus far to Rockies on Jimenez

    For this to work, the Yankees are going to need a Bizarro Horace Greeley to tell Kuroda to go east.

    Phil Hughes & Jesus Montero For Matt Garza

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    Ha, ha!

    Made ya look!

    Aaron Harang

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    In his last 11 starts, Harang has an ERA of 2.99 (in 69.3 IP).

    I wonder if Cashman would try the “hot hand” play and pick him up, say, in exchange for Adam Warren – to give the Yankees another “vet” starting pitcher for the stretch run?

    Trade Clock Goes Tick, Tick, Tick…

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    Via Ken Rosenthal today –

    I refuse to believe that the Yankees are going to enter the postseason with a rotation consisting of CC and the Uncertains.

    Plain and simple, the Yankees need to acquire a starting pitcher before the non-waiver deadline Sunday at 4 p.m. ET.

    Their current group behind Sabathia isn’t going to cut it. Their top prospects at Class AA, lefty Manny Banuelos and righty Dellin Betances, aren’t ready. And while the Red Sox have their own rotation questions – where have you gone, Clay Buchholz? – it’s just difficult to imagine the Yankees getting through three postseason rounds with Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia and Co.

    Problem is, the Yankees are in a bit of a bind.

    The Rockies likely will not drop the price for right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez, seeking at least Betances, right-hander Ivan Nova and catcher Jesus Montero from the Yankees, and probably more.

    Dodgers right-hander Hiroki Kuroda might be more attainable, assuming he is willing to waive his no-trade clause, a question that has not yet been answered. But Kuroda would not necessarily be an effective counter to the Red Sox’s left-handed thump: Left-handed hitters have a .760 OPS against him this season.

    One rival exec says that Erik Bedard, the Mariners’ oft-injured lefty, actually would be a better fit for the Yankees than Kuroda. Both the Yankees and Red Sox are expected to scout Bedard on Friday night when he comes off the disabled list against the Rays. He has not pitched since June 27 due to his latest ailment, a sprained left knee.

    Maybe the White Sox suddenly will make lefty John Danks and/or righty Gavin Floyd available; maybe the Astros will try to dump lefty Wandy Rodriguez and the nearly $40 million remaining on his contract for a modest return. But from all appearances, the starting-pitching market isn’t overflowing.

    Colon and Garcia have been terrific, mind you, combining to go 16-13 with a 3.26 ERA. Perhaps the Yankees could find each a “breather” if their postseason berth looks secure; they currently lead the Angels for the wild card by five games.

    But how much can they trust the Bart-Freddy combo to pitch deep into October? How much can they trust A.J. Burnett? (Uh, I think you know the answer). How about Phil Hughes, whose fastball has been MIA all season?

    Banuelos and Betances are tantalizing August options, mind you, but if both are averaging nearly five walks per nine innings at Class AA – and they are – then they are hardly ready to pitch in the American League.

    Yankees general manager Brian Cashman rarely panics, but his staredown with the Rockies over Jimenez in the hours before the deadline should be fascinating.

    Jimenez might be no better than a No. 3 starter in the AL East, Kuroda the same or even a touch worse. But in a rotation consisting of CC and the Uncertains, either would look pretty good.

    Then again, maybe there’s a deal to be made in August if somebody passes through waivers?

    CC B4 31

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    Chris Jaffe takes a look at CC Sabathia’s win total leading into his 31st birthday.  Interesting stuff.

    Of course, another thing to factor in is the size of CC’s belly today, and, the issue that his metabolism will change now that he’s in his 30’s.  I hope the Yankees think about that when the big fella opts out of his contract at year-end.

    Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure

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    I’ve heard a lot of buzz on Craig Robinson’s book Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure. So, I was very eager to check this one out.  And, now that I have read it, I’m thrilled to share my review on it.

    Pure and simple, Flip Flop Fly Ball is a grand slam of a baseball book – it’s profound, amusing, informative and entertaining.  At this point, and probably for the next year or so, Robinson’s Flip Flop Fly Ball will be the book that I suggest to anyone who asks me “Can you recommend a good book to buy for a baseball fan?”  Actually, taking it a step further, I would recommend that you run out and buy Flip Flop Fly Ball for the baseball fan that you love – now.

    Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure is the ultimate eye-candy for baseball fanatics.  It’s an amazing collection of baseball facts, anecdotes and statistics presented in stunning visual gift wrapping.  Seriously, if you love baseball you will enjoy this book.  I highly recommend it.

    Major Day for Minor Star

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    Not quite the star that Abby Wambach is (yet); but he’s on his way.   Our local gazette has the story:

    Cito Culver belts two home runs against the Batavia Muckdogs

    July 2011 Survey Question #1

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    Please consider taking the following poll:


    Thanks in advance. And, please feel free to add comments on your opinion in the comments section.

    Irabu Dead

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    According to HardballTalk: Hideki Irabu found dead; suicide suspected.

    Sad story.

    Jeter On HBO Tonight

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    More on this via the AP

    Derek Jeter allowed cameras to follow him during his pursuit of 3,000 hits partly because “if and when” he has children, he’d like them to be able to see him as a player.

    In the hour-long documentary that premieres Thursday night on HBO, the Yankees shortstop says he’s jealous of teammates whose kids get to watch their dads while they’re still playing.

    New York’s normally private captain wore an in-game microphone and did an interview at his home for the first time for “Derek Jeter 3K.” MLB Productions got some unexpected drama when Jeter went on the disabled list with a calf injury, and the crews accompanied him to rehab in Tampa, Fla.

    Jeter had control over what was shot, but he didn’t see the documentary until after it was completed.

    There are no tears or tantrums from a player renowned for avoiding controversy. Noting with a grin that it’s an HBO program, Jeter does curse once or twice. The footage includes shots of Jeter hosting friends for a lunch cooked by his personal chef, when they discuss why all the stars of “The Bachelor” are white.

    Jeter did a two-hour interview at his New York apartment a day after he reached 3,000 hits with a home run as part of a 5-for-5 day against the Rays on July 9. Also agreeing to an interview is his actress girlfriend, Minka Kelly, who succinctly sums up the timing of the calf injury: “It sucked.”

    Of the delay in reaching the milestone, Jeter says, “I felt like I was disappointing people.”

    He concedes that selfishly he wishes his mother and sister could have been there when he hit No. 3,000 — they missed the game because of his nephew’s christening.

    Look at that, Jeter with a Mookie-like “Sal, how come you ain’t got no brothers up on the wall here?” moment. Only on HBO!

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to this one. I hope that it’s good.

    Four Into Two, Two Into One

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    Look at the Red Sox, Yankees, Rangers and Angels.

    Either the Yankees or the Red Sox are going to win the East. And, either the Rangers or Angels are going to win the West.

    And, most likely, it’s the two left after that who are going to fight for the A.L. Wildcard this season.

    If the Yankees don’t win the East, should they be concerned about losing the ‘card to the Rangers or Angels? What do you think?

    The Angels sort of scare me – they are 26-12 since June 13th. They are finding a higher gear. The Yankees, meanwhile, are 11-10 since July 3rd. That’s not a great pace. Texas, by the way, is 15-5 since July 4th.

    Cashman: “I Like The Team We Have” & It’s “Hard To Upgrade On That”

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    Via the Post

    Brian Cashman said on Thursday he still doesn’t anticipate making any moves before Sunday afternoon’s trade deadline, even as questions surrounding the rotation and the bullpen remain.

    “I’m going to be hard-pressed to find anything better than getting Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes off the disabled list,” the Yankees GM said at a Hope Week charity event on Staten Island. “I can’t imagine I’m going to run into anything but you’ve still got to go through the motions.”

    Those motions no doubt include looking at Rockies’ starter Ubaldo Jimenez and the Dodgers’ Hiroki Kuroda.

    But Cashman believes Hughes will get back to the pitcher he was a year ago, even after manager Joe Girardi opened the door to a competition between Hughes and Ivan Nova, who could start for the Yankees on Saturday in one half of a doubleheader against the Orioles.

    “His stuff is there. We’re seeing it,” Cashman said of Hughes, who surrendered two runs in six innings in a loss to the Mariners on Wednesday.

    “We’re prepared for chaos if it comes before Sunday’s deadline. But I like the team we have.”

    Cashman said he was “listening to everything,” and that likely includes offers for another lefty in the pen to join Boone Logan.

    “If it’s someone that fits, great,” Cashman said.

    But he repeated that he’s not optimistic.

    “I go into the marketplace with a team that’s a championship-caliber team as it sits,” Cashman said. “It’s hard to upgrade on that.”

    There you have it. Cashman is happy with a rotation of CC, A.J., Colon, Hughes and Garcia. Let’s just hope that’s not a mistake.

    They Might Not Be Giants?

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    So, that team from Frisco went to the World Series last year and they want to get back this season too. Related, they traded one of their best pitching prospects – one that many consider to be among the 40 best prospects in the game right now – for a two-month rental on a bat (to help them get back to October baseball this year).

    That, my friends, is “going for it.”

    Will the Yankees have they same guts to get what they need over the next three days? Time will tell…

    Chien-Ming Boom-A-Wang

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    He’s back!  Via the Washington Post

    Washington RHP Chien-Ming Wang is expected to start Friday, his first major league start since July 4, 2009. Nationals manager Davey Johnson said Wang, who has been recovering from his 2009 shoulder surgery, will be activated from the disabled list Friday.

    Good for the Wanger. Seemed like a nice kid. Nice to see his sticking with it pay off with a big league start.

    2011 Yankees Minor Leaguer Numbers

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    Here are those who are doing well in the bushes this season for the Yankees.


    Ricky Nolasco

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    Hey, Cash at least tried.

    And, this shows that the Yankees know they need another starting pitcher.

    That Was Close

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    I came straight home from work tonight and picked up my wife and kids – and we went to the movies. It was the 7:20 PM showing of Captain America.

    Man, would I have kicked myself if I missed CC throw a perfect game and/or no-hitter.

    I’ve seen every Yankees no-hitter since 1983 in real time. And, I don’t want that streak to end any time soon…

    There’s few baseball joys that can compete with seeing that last out for the pitcher of your team, nailing the no-no. It’s major fist pump time.

    Heck, I was late for work in 1983 because I didn’t want to leave the TV and see Rags get his.

    A-Rod Close, Chavez Closer

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    Via George King

    The Yankees may still need pitching — especially as far as a left-handed reliever is concerned — but they won’t feel utterly compelled to go find another bat before the trading deadline.

    Not when they expect to have Alex Rodriguez back by the second week of August following the possible activation of Eric Chavez as soon as today.

    Rodriguez, who underwent right knee surgery just over two weeks, is right on schedule for a return that originally was pegged at 4-6 weeks. Rodriguez is showing all signs of making the sooner rather than later return.

    “I’ve had some communication on what he does. He sends me usually what he does every day. He’s feeling pretty good. He’s moving along,” manager Joe Girardi said last night. “I can’t tell you when we’ll see him. I don’t have that date. I think our doctors are discussing . . . when we might see him but he’s progressing fine. He’s on schedule.”

    General manager Brian Cashman told ESPN Sunday night that he was eying “maybe the second week of August . . . That’s just us being conservative. I think we can push it and get him back sooner, but why? Our offense is strong.”

    That scenario would put Rodriguez, who had surgery July 11 in Miami, where he is doing his rehab, back at 5 weeks, right in the middle of the original timeframe.

    “He’s been in the pool. I think he’s done some jogging in the pool. He’s done some elliptical work, those types of things. So far everything has been on the up and up,” Girardi said, claiming the five-week span is realistic “because everything went good, the way we expected.”

    But as the GM said, there is no need to hasten the return, especially with Chavez expected back. A terrific defensive third baseman, Chavez also represents a “potent left-handed bat” for Girardi, one that would enable him to use Rodriguez as a designated hitter for as long as necessary.

    Eric and Alex are one heckuva upgrade over Brandon Laird and Chris Dickerson, that’s for sure.

    What Were Some Yankees Fans Tweeting About At 11 PM Last Night?

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    Me?  Really?


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