• A Month In Review–The September 2011 Edition

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    Awesome Endings and New Beginnings

    I realize that the month doesn’t end until tomorrow, but I wanted to get this post out before the postseason started.  So, for the first time this season, I will actually have my Month In Review post out in a timely manner.

    September Record: 16-12 (@ BOS, 1-0; vs TOR, 3-0; vs BAL, 2-1; @ BAL, 0-1; @ LAA, 1-2; @ SEA, 2-1; @ TOR, 1-2; vs MIN, 1-0; vs TB, 3-1; vs BOS, 2-1; @ TB, 0-3)

    Season Standings: New York*, Tampa Bay** (-6), Boston (-7), Toronto (-16), Baltimore (-28)

    • *New York (duh) won the AL East and have home field advantage throughout the AL playoffs.
    • **Tampa Bay completed the epic comeback (or more accurately, I think, Boston completed the epic collapse) and will be the AL wildcard team.

    Team Offense: .722 OPS

    The Good:

    • Robinson Cano–Cano posted a .888 OPS for September.  Cano has played so well to end the season, that Girardi has decided he will bat third in the post season and Teixeira has been moved to fifth.  His season ended with a 129 OPS+ second only to Curtis Granderson for the team lead.
    • Jesus Montero–Excellent, excellent debut, by Jesus Montero.  I am looking forward to what I am assuming will be a full season in 2012.  In September he batted .328/.406/.590.  He did so well that he has earned himself a spot on the post season roster, and he will probably get several starts this October.  (By the by, is he allowed on the post season roster because Cervelli is hurt ala K-Rod in 2002?)
    • Derek Jeter— I am putting him here, dammit!  His OPS was only .777, but I am damn proud of Derek Jeter this season, and I want to honor him again.  It is my post, I can do whatever I want to, thankyouverymuch.

    The Bad:

    • Alex Rodriguez–Wow, was ARod epically bad in September.  His numbers were .196/.369/.353.  And no, I did not transpose those numbers.  Alex Rodriguez, the man known for his power, had a higher on base percentage than a slugging percentage. His OBP was higher than his SLG.  I think at this point it is safe to say that I wasted my first round pick on Arod in my fantasy draft this past March.
    • Russell Martin–Marin did not have the best 2011 season.  He has dropped a long way from his awesome, awesome April (.293/.376/.587), but his .732 OPS from the catcher position is respectable enough for me (though his OPS+ was only 92 for the season. Russell has made my list this month, because his September numbers are well below his season numbers.  He sported a .657 OPS.  I just hope he isn’t a black hole in the lineup.
    • Brett Gardner–As far as I’m concerned, Gardner had a disappointing season.  A .713 OPS just isn’t that great.  I want more out of him.  Luckily, his defense helped cancel out that offense.  For September he had a line of .219/.345/.342.  Yes, his slugging is less than his on base percentage, but this is Brett Gardner, not Alex Rodriguez.  It is basically expected.

    Offensive Highlight of 2011:  July 9, 2011–Derek Jeter goes 5-5 against the Tampa Bay Rays and collecting his 3,000th hit via a booming home run against David Price.

    The Pitching: 3.94 ERA

    The Good

    • David Robertson–Robertson’s already excellent ERA of 1.33 lowered to 1.08 over the month of September.  During his 13 appearances he allowed zero runs. He struck out 19.  He is awesome.
    • Ivan Nova–He had a hell of a rookie year, yeah?  This September Nova had a 2.62 ERA and he went 2-0 during that time.  Although, it probably should be noted that the Yankees did lose the three games in which he did not get a decision, and only 1 of those three were considered a quality start.  His overall season ended with a 3.70 ERA.  Nova has had such a remarkable season, that Girardi is entrusting him to pitch game two of the upcoming playoff series against Detroit, which means, should the series go five games, Nova will get the nod in a Win-Or-Go-Home situation.
    • Mariano Rivera–How awesome is Mariano Rivera?  He capped off his age 41 season by posting a .87 ERA.  He had 9 saves.  He made 11 appearances, and only allowed a six hits.  His batting average against was .171.  His slugging against was also .171.

    The Bad

    • Bartolo Colon–Colon’s pixie dust has definitely worn off.  The Yankees got a ton of effective innings out of Colon this year, far more than any reasonable expectation, but I think he is finally cooked.  His 5.96 ERA was troubling.  His inability to go at least 6 innings in most starts was disappointing.  His .861 OPS against was downright horrifying.  Colon’s September may have knocked him off the postseason roster.
    • Freddy Garcia–Like with Colon, the Yankees got a lot more effective innings out of Freddy Garcia than they could hoped for.  His September, however, was scary.  His ERA was 7.36 and his OPS against was .973.  Unlike with Colon, however, Garcia’s September has earned him the third start in the ALDS?  I imagine this decision was made due to his 6.0 IP 0 ER against the reeling Boston Red Sox.  I guess?

    Pitching Highlight of 2011: September 19, 2011–Mariano Rivera becomes the all time saves leader as he sets the Twins down in order to record save number 602.

    Jeteupthemiddle’s Season Awards (listed in first, second, and third place respectively):

    • Team MVP: Curtis Granderson, Mariano Rivera, Robinson Cano
    • Team Cy Young: CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, David Robertson
    • Team Rookie of the Year: Ivan Nova, Jesus Montero, Hector Noesi
    • Comeback Player of the Year: Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, Derek Jeter
    • Most Pleasant Surprise: Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, David Robertson
    • Most Unpleasant Surprise: Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez (and his DL stints), Brett Gardner

    In other news, I saw Moneyball and have a couple of thoughts about it that I thought I would share, but I don’t want to necessarily spoil it for anyone who plans on seeing it.  Conundrum.

    Until the next Month in Review Post…enjoy the postseason.

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    1. G.I. Joey
      September 30th, 2011 | 2:59 am

      Moneyball spoiler: A’s lose.

    2. Jeteupthemiddle Allie
      September 30th, 2011 | 6:42 am

      It was amazing how many people in the theater were shocked to read that at the end of the movie.

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