• Cashman: Blame The Players, Not My Plan

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    Via John Harper today –

    [Yankees G.M. Brian] Cashman on Wednesday said he remains committed to patience and power at the plate, especially lefthanded power — the approach the Yanks have lived by forever.

    “I believe in this philosophy,” Cashman said. “I was taught by (former GM) Gene Michael and we are still executing the Gene Michael playbook, which is predominantly lefthanded hitters that take walks. They’re typically big, hairy monsters, as I describe them, that hit the ball over the fence and are selective at the plate.

    “What you are seeing right now is not a reflection of that. These guys are better than this. We have a lot of guys that got cold at the wrong time, and it looks bad, but this is not a reflection of who they are.”

    Somebody help me out. Where are the Yankees starting players who are “predominantly lefthanded hitters that take walks”?

    Tex? Cano? Granderson? Swisher? Last time I checked, Granderson and Cano don’t walk a lot, or, as much as they should…

    Maybe Granderson does walk some…but, it doesn’t change the fact that his OBA this season was .319.

    O.K., that leaves Teixeira and Swisher. And, that’s not a whole lot, is it?

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