• Terry Francona On Studio 42 With Bob Costas

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    I got to see a little bit of this one.

    I’ve always been, and still am, a huge fan of Joe Girardi as a person. I just love the way he lives his life. Actually, I put him – again, as a person – in the “type of guy that I hope my son grows up to be someday” or the “type of guy that I hope my daughter marries someday” category. And, I can’t say that about many in baseball.

    As far as being a big league manager, to be candid, I had very high expectations for Girardi when he took the Yankees job. And, now that I’ve seen him in that role for five years, I realize that my expectations were a mistake. Don’t get me wrong – Joe does some things very well and he’s won a World Series ring. Plus, he works extremely hard and tries to be prepared. But, albeit right or wrong, I was expecting more from him.

    In any event, I also find Terry Francona to be very honest and a commanding presence. As such, he impresses me. If you had a major league ball club, you could do a lot worse than having Francona as your skipper. The Indians are lucky to have him.

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