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    Cano Gets Lifetime Pass

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    Bosox-Yankees (May 31st To June 2nd 2013)

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    The pitching match-ups:

    Jon Lester vs. CC Sabathia
    Felix Doubront vs. Phil Hughes
    Clay Buchholz vs. Hiroki Kuroda

    The standings heading into this series:

    Rk Tm W L W-L% GB Strk R RA pythWL Luck ≥.500 <.500 last10
    1 BOS 33 22 .600 W 1 5.0 4.1 33-22 0 16-9 17-13 6-4
    2 NYY 30 23 .566 2.0 L 5 4.1 3.8 28-25 2 16-15 14-8 3-7
    3 BAL 30 24 .556 2.5 W 2 5.1 4.7 29-25 1 15-11 15-13 7-3
    4 TBR 29 24 .547 3.0 W 5 4.9 4.6 28-25 1 17-16 12-8 6-4
    5 TOR 23 31 .426 9.5 L 1 4.5 5.2 23-31 0 18-26 5-5 5-5
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/31/2013.

    Does it get any better than this?

    Only Chisox, Royals & Twins Worse Than Yanks Team Bats

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    Yup, the Yankees, to date this season, have batted as well as the lowly Houston Astros in the A.L. in terms of team OPS+:

    CLE 53 2036 264 67 253 174 447 .263 .331 .446 .776 115
    BAL 54 2083 273 75 264 152 342 .276 .331 .464 .795 111
    TBR 53 2021 262 58 248 184 361 .260 .332 .423 .755 109
    LAA 54 2092 244 60 232 167 404 .261 .324 .424 .748 107
    BOS 55 2124 274 57 268 219 455 .264 .345 .433 .778 106
    DET 52 2109 268 54 263 190 358 .279 .347 .425 .771 105
    OAK 55 2162 262 53 246 231 430 .245 .333 .400 .733 102
    TEX 53 2013 250 66 235 154 348 .271 .331 .443 .774 100
    LgAvg 53 2030 238 58 227 168 404 .257 .323 .414 .737 99
    TOR 54 2040 241 67 228 171 399 .252 .318 .424 .743 98
    SEA 54 2037 199 64 193 171 448 .237 .306 .391 .697 97
    HOU 54 2022 214 55 202 147 519 .248 .307 .396 .703 91
    NYY 53 1975 218 63 200 142 389 .247 .307 .405 .712 91
    MIN 51 1974 222 46 214 174 422 .243 .316 .379 .695 90
    KCR 50 1907 199 28 191 124 329 .261 .314 .375 .689 87
    CHW 51 1859 183 52 175 125 404 .240 .293 .378 .671 77
    796 30454 3573 865 3412 2525 6055 .257 .323 .414 .737 99
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/31/2013.

    The worst part is that there’s no reason why to expect this is going to get any better in the near future.

    The Return Of Teixeira & Youkilis: Be Careful What You Wish For…

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    All is well in Yankeeland! Why? Well, because Tex and Youk are coming back to the line-up! It’s just what the team needs, now…

    Or, is it?

    Let’s not forget that Kevin Youkilis, since August 1, 2011, has a BA/OBA/SLG line of .232/.333/.401 in his last 161 major league games (covering 581 AB).

    Is a two-thirty hitter going to save the Yankees bacon now?

    Also, Mark Teixeira has basically been a .250-hitter since 2010. And, we know that he rarely comes out of the gate, to start his season, being very productive. In fact, he’s usually terrible.

    In his first 126 PA of 2012, Tex had a BA/OBP/SLG line of .217/.270/.374
    In his first 241 PA of 2010, Tex had a BA/OBP/SLG line of .215/.332/.376
    In his first 99 PA of 2009, Tex had a BA/OBP/SLG line of .182/.354/.338

    Why would anyone think that Teixeira is going to get off to a hot start, upon his return now, after missing most of Spring Training and not really playing in anything close to a major league game since October of last year?

    Tex and Youk may help the Yankees, now that they are back. But, to count on that happening now would be folly.

    Thanks To Yanks, Mets Feeling Good

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    Via MLB.com

    The Mets couldn’t deny there was something extra, something sweeter about this win. Five in a row is great, but these last four carried additional meaning.

    After taking all four games from the Yankees with Thursday’s 3-1 win, completing the first season series sweep of a Subway Series in franchise history, the Mets acknowledged what this stretch meant.

    “You’re talking about the Yankees — 27 World Series,” said Marlon Byrd, whose second-inning homer would be sufficient for the victory. “I think they were one game out of first place. They’re a tough team. They know how to play, so to come in here and show we can play against them was huge for us.”

    After sinking to 12 games below .500, the Mets have a newfound swagger as a result their five consecutive wins, including two at Citi Field against the Yankees and the latest two in the Bronx.

    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it was the first time in team history that the Mets have swept a season series of four or more games from any opponent.

    Manager Terry Collins said from the start that this was a huge series for his team. He even emphasized it before the Mets’ series finale — and the first win in this streak, against the Braves on Sunday. And maybe, just maybe, four big games under the spotlight against the Yankees could fire up a team that had looked lost.

    “I think it was huge because of what we were doing prior to this series, the way we were losing games and the direction our team was going — just that feel that you had,” catcher John Buck said.

    The Mets received exceptional starting pitching and quality work from their bullpen, and a lineup that was struggling broke out for nine runs on Wednesday.

    This team needed wins, period. Many of the players said victories against any opponent are what the Mets are looking for as they try to climb closer to .500. This week, though, the Mets looked like they found a new life and the Yankees looked like reality was setting in for a team composed of veteran castoffs and young fill-ins.

    Mets third baseman David Wright said this series wasn’t about proving anything, but it certainly gives the team confidence. And it helps fulfill the hopes of Mets fans.

    “It gives our fans some bragging rights,” Wright said. “I’m glad we’re able to give them that, because the Mets fans that came over here to the Bronx and supported us, they were loud and it was good to hear.”

    Even some of the players will take advantage of the bragging rights. Buck laughed that he was going to rag on his friends Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay at least a little bit.

    We’ve come such a long way from K-Rod and Luis Castillo, to this, in such a short time. What happened to the Yankees bats in this series? I thought Kevin Long was the king of all batting coaches? Oh, well…

    Mets > Yankees > Blue Jays

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    And, now, we get to see where the Boston Red Sox fall into this equation.

    Yanks: Ticket Prices Not The Reason For Attendance Drop

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    Via Neil Best

    Yankees attendance is down an average of nearly 3,000 per game this season, which team officials attribute to a variety of factors, including poor early spring weather, injuries to prominent players, the attention focused on four local teams in the NBA and NHL playoffs and the larger economy.

    “I can give you 13, 14, 20 different factors, not one of which is the reason, but all are applicable,” Lonn Trost, the team’s chief operating officer, said Thursday.

    Trost had warned in February of soft season ticket renewal figures at some price levels, a concern that has proven valid two months into the season.

    The Yankees’ average paid attendance through Wednesday was 38,035, a drop of 2,915 per game compared to this point in 2012, according to Baseball-Reference.com. (The Mets were steady, down 29 per game to 26,673.)

    “We’re not the only team whose attendance is down, believe me, I can assure you of that,” Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees manager general partner, said earlier this month.

    Eight other teams, including attendance stalwarts such as the Phillies, Red Sox and Cubs, have seen average drops larger than that of the Yankees.

    Trost took issue with the perception that expensive tickets largely are to blame. “I actually think that is the least of the issues,” he said, saying the costliest seats mostly are sold but less pricy ones have gone begging.

    “[The media] always talks about the expensive seats, but we have affordable seats every day — specials, $5 nights, children go free, Boy Scout nights, senior citizen night,” Trost said.

    Before the season the Yankees opted out of MLB’s partnership with the resale site StubHub.com, partnering with TicketMaster in an effort to gain more control of the secondary market for their tickets.

    Trost said it is too soon to fully assess the implications of that move, which he called a “mixed bag” so far.

    If the Yankees think that ticket prices are the least of the issues impacting their attendance, then, they are absolutely clueless.

    Sorry, Royals Fans

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    This really caught my eye today –

    Since [George] Brett retired [after the 1993 season], the [Kansas City] Royals have had two winning seasons and zero playoff berths.

    Man, that’s two decades of pretty much bad baseball. Something’s not working, eh?

    R.A.Dickey’s Start To 2013

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    Probably not what he imagined it would be:

    Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA BF Pit
    1 Apr 2 TOR CLE L,1-4 GS-6 L(0-1) 6.0 5 4 3 4 4 1 4.50 27 104
    2 Apr 7 TOR BOS L,0-13 GS-5 L(0-2) 4.2 10 8 7 2 5 2 8.44 26 100
    3 Apr 13 TOR @ KCR W,3-2 GS-7 W(1-2) 6.1 5 1 1 2 4 0 5.82 26 100
    4 Apr 18 TOR CHW W,3-1 GS-6 W(2-2) 6.0 2 0 0 1 7 0 4.30 20 64
    5 Apr 23 TOR @ BAL L,3-4 GS-6 L(2-3) 6.0 6 4 4 5 4 0 4.66 27 118
    6 Apr 28 TOR @ NYY L,2-3 GS-7 L(2-4) 7.0 4 3 3 1 4 2 4.50 26 94
    7 May 4 TOR SEA L,1-8 GS-6 L(2-5) 6.0 6 7 7 2 5 3 5.36 26 100
    8 May 9 TOR @ TBR L,4-5 GS-6 6.0 5 3 2 5 5 0 5.06 26 110
    9 May 14 TOR SFG W,10-6 GS-6 W(3-5) 6.0 6 2 2 2 10 1 4.83 26 115
    10 May 20 TOR TBR W,7-5 GS-8 W(4-5) 8.0 4 3 2 4 5 0 4.50 32 120
    11 May 25 TOR BAL L,5-6 GS-7 L(4-6) 6.2 9 6 6 3 4 2 4.85 31 118
    TOR 68.2 62 41 37 31 57 11 4.85 293
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/30/2013.

    What happened?

    Rangers Tarp Swallows Grounds Crew

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    From last night:

    If you’ve ever pulled a tarp – and I have – you know how heavy they are, when it’s normal and they are dry. I cannot imagine what a nightmare/struggle this was last night.

    OMG, This Is So Sad

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    The poor kid.  The parent has to take that off YouTube soon, I would hope.  Why do that to a 4-year old?

    Chris Colabello

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    Thanks to Doug Bernier for the heads-up on this story. More via The Democrat and Chronicle

    Chris Colabello’s story of perseverance and determination isn’t complete, but the next chapter is about to be written.

    The Rochester Red Wings’ slugging first baseman was promoted by the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday morning [May22nd] after third baseman Trevor Plouffe was placed on the disabled list with a concussion.

    Colabello, 30, has been the International League’s most dominant all-around hitter. Heading into Wednesday, he led the league in home runs (12), slugging percentage (.659) and total bases (116); was second in RBI (39) and doubles (17); third in hitting (.358) and fifth in runs (28) and on-base percentage (.417).

    He took a early morning flight from Rochester to Atlanta and arrived in time to jump right into the Twins’ starting lineup as the right fielder. He went 0-for-4 in the 8-3 loss to the Braves, lining out to Jason Heyward in right field on the first Major League pitch ever thrown to him.

    A 29-year-old native of Milford, Mass., Colabello is in just his second season of organized minor league baseball. After completing his career at NCAA Division II Assumption College in Worcester, Mass., in 2005, Colabello played seven seasons in the CanAm Independent League. He was signed by the Twins in 2012 and played last season for Double-A New Britain in the Eastern League.

    He earned the starting job at first base with the Red Wings this spring, but also made a significant impression during the World Baseball Classic with Italy. He batted .333 with 2 homers and 7 RBI in 5 tournament games, helping the Italians reach the quarterfinals.

    Not drafted and played seven years in the Indy leagues? And, then he makes it to the big leagues?  What a story!

    Lohse Pitching For History Today

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    Via the amazing Chris Jaffe

    Today, Kyle Lohse attempts to join a very select group of baseball pitchers.

    Wait—Kyle Lohse? Making history? Select group of pitchers? Are we talking about the same Kyle Lohse here?

    Yup. The former Twins-Cardinals-Reds-Phillies and current Brewers pitcher has a chance to do something that only 12 other men have done before: notch a win against all 30 franchises. To date, Lohse has defeated 29. Tonight he leads the Brewers against the Twins, and if Minnesota falls before him, that will complete the set.

    No, he isn’t the most prestigious pitcher out there, with a 119-114 record and middling ERA. However, the guys who’ve defeated all 30 teams form an interesting mix of legends and Lohses. Here are the members of the club Kyle Lohse hopes to join: Al Leiter, Kevin Brown, Terry Mulholland, Curt Schilling, Woody Williams, Jamie Moyer, Randy Johnson, Barry Zito, Javier Vazquez, Vicente Padilla, Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett

    Correct me if I am wrong, but, didn’t Leiter, Brown, Mulholland, Johnson, Vazquez, Lowe and Burnett all pitch for the Yankees at one time? That’s the Yankees revolving door pitching rotation in the Cashman era, for the most part, at work…


    Joba On The Block?

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    If it happens, it will be because the Yankees are tired of his attitude. And, it will be a case of addition by subtraction. The question is…where do you send him? I would imagine that a contender in the N.L. West for be the Yankees choice of a landing spot. You don’t want to send him to a non-contender who would then flip him over to the Orioles.

    Jon Heyman Vs. The Oakland A’s

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    The story via the Mercury News with a H/T to BBTF

    Long-time baseball writer Jon Heyman riled up A’s players and fans with a tweet that was critical of the Oakland Coliseum.

    Said Heyman’s tweet: “A shame the a’s and giants have to play these games at the coliseum while ATandT sits empty. #shame”

    A’s reliever Sean Doolittle wasted little time in responding via Twitter, writing: “I can see why you don’t like it. We have a strict No High Horse policy at O.Co.”

    The A’s hosted the Giants on Monday and Tuesday, winning both games. The teams play at AT&T on Wednesday and Thursday.

    When asked about Heyman’s comment, A’s manager Bob Melvin said he takes issue.

    “If you come out and experience the atmosphere at our ballpark, maybe you wouldn’t say that,” Melvin said, “because it’s a pretty dynamic atmosphere, with those fans being very vocal. It’s unlike anywhere else.”

    So, what’s it like playing in Oakland with the Giants as the opponent?

    “It was like a big, 35,000 capacity bar,” Melvin said.

    Heyman, who writes for cbssports.com, backtracked a tad after Doolittle’s tweet. However, Doolittle ramped up the rhetoric.

    “Also, your Sistine Chapel that is AT&T Park forgot the bullpens when they built the stadium,” Doolittle tweeted.

    This is Twitter at its worst. I don’t think cyber-pissing contests are good for the media, players, and the game, are they?

    No Pressure, Vidal Nuno, Really

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    Actually, I like El Nuno’s chances to prevent the Mets sweep of the Yankees this season.  Then again, you know me, I’m Mr. Pinstripe-Pollyanna…

    Mets Warn Davis & Tejada

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    Via CBS

    Mets first baseman Ike Davis and shortstop Ruben Tejada are in trouble.

    The pair was notified in a meeting of the possibility that they could be demoted imminently, WFAN’s Mike Francesa reported on Wednesday. Manager Terry Collins confirmed the meeting later in the afternoon.

    Both players could be sent down to Triple-A once the Subway Series in the Bronx is over, sources told CBSSports.com/WFAN insider Jon Heyman.

    “They need to produce,” one source flatly told CBSSports.com.

    Now, watch, they will have the games of their lives against the Yankees in the Bronx. Then again, as long as you’re getting paid, would you rather spend the summer in Queens or Las Vegas?

    Cashman: Yanks Will Continue To Use Scrap Heap To Fill Roster Holes

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    Via Andy Martino

    Memorial Day is past, Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner remain resurgent, and we’re over the phase where we go, “Wow! The Yankees are better than we thought, because of these overperforming subs!”

    That was a nice early-season story, but now it’s time to instead consider: “Hey, the Yankees are headed for a pennant race. Good job by them. But don’t they need to fill some holes?”

    On Day 1 of the Subway Series, Sandy Alderson told us that his Mets might be buyers at the July 31 trade deadline, looking to acquire outfielders for the future in advance of the offseason. So on a drizzly Day 2, it was Brian Cashman’s turn; we asked rival scouts what the Yankees should do, and then checked in with the GM on what they might actually consider.

    First, the independent assessments, which confirmed what your eyes have probably told you by now: Shortstop is a hole, and the rotation is a concern. With serious questions about Derek Jeter’s ability to play the position this year, the Yanks have already worked through several attempts at a short-term solution.

    Eduardo Nunez was handed an extended audition, and underperformed before exiting stage left with a strained oblique muscle. Jayson Nix has been, well, not awful, but is that your playoff shortstop? Reid Brignac, in Tuesday’s lineup, is Cashman’s latest attempt to throw something against the wall.

    So will the Yankees reach for a more established solution at short, say Jimmy Rollins, or anyone else who might become available?

    “Nah,” said Cashman. “I don’t see it. I don’t see it happening.”

    So you’ll just keep trying to plug it up with scrap-heap guys (my term, not Cashman’s)?

    “Yeah,” the GM said. “No choice.”

    Ok, then. So it’s stopgaps, then whatever they can get out of the aging captain. Rival evaluators also see issues ahead with the rotation, with CC Sabathia “still struggling to put hitters away,” as one scout put it, while “you have no idea what you’re going to get the rest of the way from (Andy) Petttitte. Why don’t they make a run at Cliff Lee again?”

    Cashman wasn’t going there on Tuesday. “I just want to get our guys healthy,” he said. “That’s it. Simple as that. Nothing develops until after the June draft anyways, so at this point we’re just trying to get our guys healthy. I look forward to welcoming anybody back.”

    Then I tried to get cute and ask if he expected to be, ahem, “linked to” guys like, say, Cliff Lee, but Cashman had seen that trick before.

    “We’re linked always, because of who we are,” he said. “Like, we had (Mark) Teixeira signed, and that didn’t stop people from linking us to Albert Pujols. Everybody said, ‘Oh, Pujols! Yankees! Pujols! Yankees!’ and we’re like, ‘no, we’re not on Pujols.’ And they still wrote it. So.”

    Well, when your farm system has nada, I guess this is what you have to do…when your boss doesn’t give you a blank check to play with anymore.

    Fewest Outs Registered In Mariano Rivera Blown Save

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    Last night was the first time ever in his career where Mo Rivera blew a save where he didn’t register at least one out. Amazing considering how long his career has been and how often he has been in a save situation.

    Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP H R ER BB SO HR Pit
    1 2013-05-28 NYY NYM L 1-2 9-9f ,BL 0.0 3 2 1 0 0 0 9
    2 2012-04-06 NYY TBR L 6-7 9-9f ,BL 0.1 3 2 2 2 1 0 23
    3 2010-09-11 NYY TEX L 6-7 9-9f ,BL 0.1 2 2 2 2 0 0 21
    4 2010-05-16 NYY MIN L 3-6 8-8 ,BS 0.1 1 2 2 1 1 1 14
    5 2003-08-03 NYY OAK L 1-2 9-9f ,BL 0.1 2 1 1 0 1 0 12
    6 2001-09-21 NYY BAL L 6-7 9-9f ,BL 0.1 3 2 2 0 0 0 6
    7 1997-06-15 (2) NYY FLA L 5-6 9-9f ,BL 0.1 2 2 1 1 0 0 15
    8 2009-09-18 NYY SEA L 2-3 9-9f ,BL 0.2 2 2 2 0 2 1 14
    9 2007-04-20 NYY BOS L 6-7 8-8f ,BL 0.2 3 2 2 0 1 0 14
    10 2007-04-15 NYY OAK L 4-5 9-9f ,BL 0.2 2 3 3 1 0 1 20
    11 2006-06-17 NYY WSN L 9-11 8-8f ,BL 0.2 2 2 2 1 0 0 15
    12 2005-04-06 NYY BOS L 3-7 9-9 ,BL 0.2 3 5 1 3 1 0 38
    13 2004-07-24 NYY BOS L 10-11 8-9f ,BL 0.2 3 3 3 0 0 1 15
    14 2002-07-14 NYY CLE L 7-10 9-9f ,BL 0.2 5 6 6 1 1 1 32
    15 2002-04-13 NYY BOS L 6-7 8-8f ,BL 0.2 1 1 1 0 0 1 13
    16 2001-04-13 NYY BOS L 2-3 10-10f,BL 0.2 3 2 1 0 1 0 19
    17 1999-07-10 NYY NYM L 8-9 9-9f ,BL 0.2 2 2 2 2 0 0 22
    18 1996-08-02 NYY KCR L 3-4 10-10f,BL 0.2 4 4 4 1 1 0 28
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 5/29/2013.


    Astros Home Attendance To Start 2013

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    Here it is, so far:

    Gm# Date Tm Opp Time D/N Attendance
    1 Sunday, Mar 31 HOU TEX 3:00 N 41,307
    2 Tuesday, Apr 2 HOU TEX 2:54 N 22,673
    3 Wednesday, Apr 3 HOU TEX 2:59 D 15,831
    4 Friday, Apr 5 HOU OAK 3:51 N 18,197
    5 Saturday, Apr 6 HOU OAK 3:12 N 18,685
    6 Sunday, Apr 7 HOU OAK 3:04 D 16,914
    16 Friday, Apr 19 HOU CLE 2:58 N 17,241
    17 Saturday, Apr 20 HOU CLE 3:45 N 19,904
    18 Sunday, Apr 21 HOU CLE 3:19 D 22,005
    19 Monday, Apr 22 HOU SEA 3:05 N 23,201
    20 Tuesday, Apr 23 HOU SEA 3:13 N 13,929
    21 Wednesday, Apr 24 HOU SEA 2:44 D 11,686
    29 Thursday, May 2 HOU DET 4:50 N 16,624
    30 Friday, May 3 HOU DET 3:14 N 16,719
    31 Saturday, May 4 HOU DET 3:13 N 21,266
    32 Sunday, May 5 HOU DET 3:14 D 23,228
    33 Tuesday, May 7 HOU LAA 2:45 N 15,266
    34 Wednesday, May 8 HOU LAA 2:30 N 12,906
    35 Thursday, May 9 HOU LAA 4:07 N 13,003
    36 Friday, May 10 HOU TEX 3:04 N 20,293
    37 Saturday, May 11 HOU TEX 3:22 N 27,188
    38 Sunday, May 12 HOU TEX 3:07 D 19,730
    45 Monday, May 20 HOU KCR 2:49 N 12,989
    46 Tuesday, May 21 HOU KCR 3:45 N 12,302
    47 Wednesday, May 22 HOU KCR 2:55 N 12,324
    48 Friday, May 24 HOU OAK 3:21 N 15,907
    49 Saturday, May 25 HOU OAK 3:32 N 18,591
    50 Sunday, May 26 HOU OAK 3:07 D 19,366
    51 Monday, May 27 HOU COL 4:21 D 16,044
    52 Tuesday, May 28 HOU COL 3:05 D 11,974
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/29/2013.

    They sold less than 12,000 tickets to last nights game.  Yikes.  That’s really, really, bad at the big league level.

    If you need some perspective, on May 18th of this year, the Triple-A Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs drew 9,569 fans to a game.

    Wedge Blames Ackley’s Issues On Sabermetrics

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    I’m a date late on this one. That was some quote from Eric Wedge, huh?

    “It’s the new generation. It’s all this sabermetrics stuff, for lack of a better term, you know what I mean?” Wedge said. “People who haven’t played since they were 9 years old think they have it figured out. It gets in these kids’ heads.”

    I’ll just hang up now and listen to your reaction…

    The Ceremonial First Pitch

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    Good report.

    In the minors, you can actually buy the right to throw out the first pitch, pretty cheap, with some teams.

    The whole thing is pretty silly.

    Bush in the 2001 World Series was huge. That’s really the level they should try to keep it at…

    The 7 Line Plans Bronx Invasion Tonight

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    Oh, this is going to be interesting. I wonder if Yankee Stadium security is going to allow them to bring in the big Seinfeld head?

    May 29, 2013 – Time To Wake-Up & Realize Yanks W-L Record Is An Illusion

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    As of this morning, the New York Yankees are 30-21 in 2013. That’s a winning percentage of .588 (over those 51 games).

    That overall mark is good for second place in the A.L. East (one game back of Boston) and the third best winning percentage in the American League.

    When a Yankees fan sees this, they go “Yeaaaaaa!”

    However, look inside the numbers. To date, the Yankees have played the Toronto Blue Jays nine times and the Kansas City Royals three times. Both of those teams have not done well this season, so far. Check out these numbers:

    The Blue Jays are 22-30 and in last place in the A.L. East. They have a “winning” percentage of .423 this season. The Royals are 21-28 and in last place in the A.L. Central. They have a “winning” percentage of .429 this season.

    Basically, Toronto and Kansas City are the among the worst teams in the league this season (along with the Astros, Twins and Mariners). Got it?

    O.K., the Yankees, this season to date, are 11-1 when playing the Blue Jays and Royals.

    Do the math from there. This means the Yankees are 19-20 this season when they don’t have the benefit of beating up on the crappy Jays and Royals. And, that’s not good.

    Sure, there have been injuries. No A-Rod, Jeter, Teixeira yet this season. And, Granderson’s just about been out the whole year. Also, Youkilis, Pettitte, Nunez, Chamberlain, Nova and Cervelli got hurt. But, that’s just an excuse.

    Vernon Wells got off to a good start this season (before hitting the skids recently). In addition, Travis Hafner, Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and Lyle Overbay have done as well as reasonable expected – if not better. Further, on the pitching side, could the Yankees bullpen be any better than shown this year? And, in the rotation, Hiroki Kuroda has been lights-out, CC Sabathia has been not terrible and David Phelps has been solid. Therefore, it’s not like the Yankees are going out there with a Miami Marlins or Houston Astros type roster. There’s no excuse for being a game under five-hundred when not facing the crap teams in the league…other than the fact that they are not playing well.

    In summary, that’s it. The New York Yankees are not playing well this season, even if their won-loss record is 30-21. And, it’s time to wake-up and realize that in Yankeeland.

    Matt Harvey Vs. Jeff D’Amico

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    Both of these two big right-handers got off to the same sort of great start to their career:

    Rk Player WAR Ht GS GR G From To Age CG W L W-L% IP BB SO ERA ERA+
    1 Matt Harvey 5.0 76 21 0 21 2012 2013 23-24 0 8 5 .615 137.1 43 154 2.23 167
    2 Jeff D’Amico 5.0 79 23 1 24 1999 2000 23-24 1 12 7 .632 163.1 46 102 2.64 173
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 5/29/2013.

    Of course, Harvey throws harder than D’Amico (IIRC). And, D’Amico (again, IIRC) had more of an injury history than Harvey. And, based on those two facts, plus watching Harvey, I suspect that Harvey has better mechanics than D’Amico. But, that all said, sometimes a guy looks like the next Justin Verlander and then he still ends up being the next Joey Hamilton.  I’m just saying…

    Yankees Fan Nightmare In Metsville Tonight

    Posted by on May 28th, 2013 · Comments (14)

    Are you kidding me?

    Vernon Wells Coming Back Down To His Recent Levels?

    Posted by on May 28th, 2013 · Comments (8)

    Wells has been lost at the plate for his last 10 games.  Anyone suspecting that this is the Wells that the Angels couldn’t wait to get rid of?

    Overbay To Marlins, Astros Or Brewers?

    Posted by on May 28th, 2013 · Comments (24)

    Think the Yankees could offer Lyle Overbay to Miami, Houston or Milwaukee for a low level prospect rather than just let him walk away when Teixeira comes back?

    Matt Harvey & His Yankees Fandom

    Posted by on May 28th, 2013 · Comments (6)

    Via ESPN

    Matt Harvey was just like many other fans who attended the Subway Series. Back when he was a kid, he and his family, adorned in Yankees caps, would make the two-hour drive from Mystic, Conn., to invade Shea Stadium.

    Including Monday night, Harvey estimates he has attended seven of the 91 regular-season Subway Series games. On Tuesday, it will be No. 8, but Harvey will be the man everyone is coming to see.

    “It is sort of a dream come true,” the 24-year-old Mets ace said.

    Harvey and his family have exchanged their Yankees hats for a lighter shade of blue, but you can tell in his voice that rooting for the championship teams of Derek Jeter, Paul O’Neill and a man he sometimes mirrors on the mound, Roger Clemens, left a permanent impression.

    “I was a big Paul O’Neill fan and obviously Jeter,” said Harvey, who is 5-0 with a 1.93 ERA.

    Via the Post

    Harvey estimated he attended perhaps “a half dozen” Subway Series games as a fan (venturing to both Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium), although he couldn’t point out any particularly memorable Mets-Yankees clashes he had been at. Harvey, who typically went to the games with his father, said his favorite Yankee was Paul O’Neill.

    “I dreamed of being involved [in the Subway Series],” Harvey said.

    Harvey’s family was all Yankees fans, but he said things have changed.

    “They’re all Mets fans now,” he said.

    Does he have an idea of the importance of the rivalry to New York?

    “I was from Connecticut,” Harvey said, “and it [still] meant a lot.”

    Via the Daily News

    Harvey grew up a Yankee fan in Mystic, Conn. A huge fan of Paul O’Neill, in fact. Harvey admitted he went to a Subway Series game or two wearing a Yankees’ cap.

    Monday, as the face of the Mets, Harvey claimed that even back then when he was dreaming of being a part of a Subway Series game, he never cared which uniform he would wear.

    “I am happy to be in the big leagues, no matter where it is,” Harvey said. “I am happy to be in New York. The past is the past, I am a New York Mets fan now.”

    And, via the Star-Ledger

    Matt Harvey was eight years old when the Mets and Yankees established the annual modern-day Subway Series in 1997. Through his high school years, Harvey and his father would make the nearly two-hour drive from Mystic, Conn., to either Shea Stadium or the old Yankee Stadium about a half-dozen times.

    He and his father, Ed, preferred Shea Stadium. The atmosphere, he said, was electric. The tickets were cheaper. But they weren’t Mets fans.

    In Mystic, a seaport town nestled in southeast Connecticut, allegiances are split evenly between the Yankees and Red Sox. The Harveys chose the Yankees. Harvey’s favorite player was Yankees outfielder Paul O’Neill. He wore a Yankees cap to the rivalry games.

    It’s hard not to like a Paul O’Neill fan…

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