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    Nice story

    Passerby Cristina Torre caught a baby that had managed to get out of a second-story window.

    Torre was riding her bike when she saw a 1-year-old baby boy on a second-floor fire escape. Torre put herself where she thought the baby might fall and then called 911, but during the call the baby slipped and fell. Torre caught him.

    “It just came naturally as a teacher, to protect a child that was in danger.” – Cristina Torre

    Torre, 44, is a Montessori school teacher. Witnesses confirmed her account.

    “I am just so proud of her. She always had good hands… I don’t know if they are mine or not.” – Joe Torre, MLB EVP of baseball operations

    Joe Torre was a MLB All-Star and later a manager, including for the New York Yankees, where he led the team to 4 World Series titles.

    Police say that the baby had pushed aside a piece of cardboard next to an air conditioner and crawled out onto the fire escape while his parents were sleeping. The baby was taken to a hospital for observation and was in stable condition after grazing an awning during his fall.

    The parents, in their 20’s, were arrested on child endangerment charges, and 3 other young children were taken by child services.

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