• Jerry Coleman Passes

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    Via the Padres

    “The San Diego Padres are deeply saddened by the news today of the passing of Jerry Coleman. We send our heartfelt sympathy to the entire Coleman family, including his wife, Maggie, his children and grandchildren. On behalf of Padres’ fans everywhere, we mourn the loss of a Marine who was truly an American hero as well as a great man, a great friend and a great Padre.”

    The Padres announce that the Jerry Coleman statue will remain open until 11:30 p.m. tonight for fans who would like to pay their respects. Fans may enter through the East Village Gate at Petco Park.

    Is it just me, or, are the former Yankees dropping like flies this off-season?

    Coleman was before my time. But, he seemed like a classy dude who had a full life.

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    1. Ben M.
      January 9th, 2014 | 1:46 pm

      Jerry Coleman actually WAS kinda from my time. (I got a few years on most of you.) I own a 7-inch record narrated by Jerry Coleman from a Yankee Stadium giveaway on August 29, 1967, my first time ever at Yankee Stadium (I was almost 9 years old).

      I had left some comments about the record here…


      … when Steve wrote about that date, wondering why it was such a sellout. I had always hoped to digitize that record someday.

      Well, in memory of Jerry Coleman’s passing, and even of Mike Hegan’s, who played first that day instead of my idol Mickey Mantle (man, I STILL remember my disappointment!), yesterday I finally got off my butt, pulled the record out of the attic and photographed it, and then hooked up my old college turntable to my stereo, connected my laptop, and voila!

      You can now listen to Side 1 here:


      and listen to Side 2 here:


      Sorry for all the hisses and pops, but the record’s not in such great shape, and has a small crack running through it. (There’s probably some software that could clean it up, but that’s for another day…)

      Hopefully you can all hear it OK, and Sony/Columbia doesn’t come after me for violating a copyright on a 46-year-old baseball record.

      Sorry my memory didn’t serve me well in my original comment back in 2007. It turns out Joe D. does NOT say “Thank the Lord for making me a Yankee” in the Hall of Fame acceptance sound bite like I thought, and it sounds like the call of Mickey’s 500th HR is actually made by Joe Garagiola, not Phil Rizzuto as I’d misstated.

      Let me know what you guys think. What are the chances a professional sports team would ever make a record like this in today’s world?

      Hope you enjoy!

      — Ben

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