• Francesa Says Mets Are Donkeys

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    Via WFAN

    WFAN radio host Mike Francesa has had just about enough of the New York Mets.

    On Monday, Francesa accused the franchise of boycotting the radio station. WFAN announced a multi-year deal with the Yankees in September, ending their longtime relationship with the Mets.

    “Now the Mets have banned all their personnel — including their TV people — from coming on the station because they’re angry at the FAN because, you know, the FAN did not re-up their radio contract after all these many years,” said Francesa, who was broadcasting live from Yankee Stadium ahead of the Subway Series opener. “Regardless of the fact of how much money FAN may have lost because the Mets stunk for the last decade, maybe if they had won a game once or twice, we would have been able to do something about it.”

    He was just getting started:

    “This is just ridiculous. The Mets are acting like jacka—-. They really are. They get what they deserve. I hope there’s 10,000 people in Citi Field in a couple of days. You can quote me: jacka—-. You hear me? By banning guys from the show — it’s just stupid. Their poor manager, who they’ll probably boot out the door any day, is not allowed on the show. You know that? Sandy (Alderson) makes moves, he’s not allowed on the show. Even Keith’s not allowed on the show. I mean, you’re banning Keith Hernandez from the show. Utter nonsense.”

    Earlier this month, Francesa accused the Mets of shutting him out from doing a Subway Series remote from Citi Field.

    The team isn’t boycotting WFAN, a Mets source told the New York Daily News. Instead they’re “trying to build up” a rapport with their new flagship station, which wouldn’t thrilled about hearing any Mets on WFAN, the Daily News reported.

    “No wonder you have to run around and put out fires about Saul Katz wants to sell,” Francesa said. “If I was Saul I’d want to sell the franchise too the way things were going. You know what? I’ve had enough of the Mets. I’ve had enough. I really have. It’s just ridiculous.”

    Francesa didn’t hold back on the Yankees, either.

    “The Yanks are as petty as the Mets are, so I’ve had about enough of the both of them.”

    Of course, “make up” interviews are just as good for ratings as “make up”…well, you know.

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