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    Jeter Draft Card

    Derek Jeter has played the most games by any man in history who played one defensive position and never played anywhere else. He is the only big leaguer in history with 11 seasons in his career in which he batted over .300 and finished with both double-digit homers and steals. He’s one of only six players who played for the same team at age 20 and after turning 40. (The others: Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Brooks Robinson, George Brett, Cal Ripken Jr.) During his 20 years in the majors, Jeter has played in over 2,900 games (between the regular and post-season) and was never ejected by an umpire. And, he better have a voting percentage of at least 99% when his name first appears on a ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

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      December 22nd, 2014 | 12:32 pm

      I’m kind of thinking the main moves are over.

      So, assuming we know our roster, are we better or worse than last year?

      We got younger in the middle infield, by a lot – like 30 years in total! I’d say our pen is about flat to 2014, but pretty damn good. Our reserve starter core and bullpen depth is fine… the Warren’s and the Whitley’s, etc…) We have a serviceable back-up 1st baseman (something we sorely needed and missed last year). Maybe down a bit in the back-up catcher, but only because Cisco played better than expected, and not enough to fret about. About flat in the back-up outfielder (farewell Little Ninja), but younger. Better/less unsure, but older at 3rd (remember Solarte won the job out of ST). The rookies and Ryan can outplay what we got from Roberts.

      We know we won’t have Nova for a while and I expect the usual middling post TJ performance anyway. Tanaka will do fine until his arm hurts or snaps. He’s a solid 1-2 if he’s healthy, which I’m guessing he won’t be past May or June. We’ve probably have lost Kuroda (a negative) – filling his 32 starts with ~ 3.71 era is the biggest hole I see; CC should be a 4 or 5 starter (actually somewhat of an improvement). Eovaldi and Capu, also back of the rotation types. Pineda ought to be a stud until he either does something stupid or gets nicked up (hint, hide the pine tar on your glove, not your neck).

      On balance, if what we have right now is what we field opening day, I think we are somewhat better than last year. Certainly younger.

      McCann (on offense) and Tex (kind of the last chance for him, if his wrist isn’t better by now it never will be; second lowest WAR of his career, only 2013 was worse) and Beltran (lowest WAR of his career) must produce more, which they should. If Beltran doesn’t… he needs to go like Soriano. We wasted more than 1/3 of the season waiting for Soriano to prove he wasn’t done.

      With or without A-Rod, I’d say we are a tick better. If A-rod goes he goes. Just need to .270, 20 HR, and 80-85 RBI’s out of the DH slot and we’ll be well ahead of 2014.

      Overall, the roster just screams for another solid starter.

      Tampa is rebuilding. Baltimore won’t be as tough as last year. Toronto and Boston will be better. Overall, we should be able to win a handful more games than last year if Kuroda’s contribution can be covered and guys that had bad years bounce back some.

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