• Today, The Jays Are Six Back Of The Yankees

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    Let’s see what happens from this point out.


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    I ‘m sorry.  But, he’s using something.

    He’s 40 years old today.  You don’t hit like he’s hitting now when you are 40-years old.  His OPS+ is over 150.  The last time he had it that high was 2008 – when he was 32 years old, and, by the way, juicing at that time.

    The only guys to ever hit like this, at this age, were Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays and Barry Bonds.

    Actually, Bonds was way over the top.  But, he know he was juicing like Tropicana at that time.

    Given the way Alex played at 35, 36 and 37 – and the fact that he missed all of his age 38 season – there’s no way he comes back at 39 and hits this way.

    And, let’s not forget that he’s already played this game in the past – saying that he would never use PEDs again…and then he went out and played with them anyway.

    I know Rodriguez is selling a lot of stuff now.  But, I ain’t buying.  Sorry.

    Exciting, But…

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    It’s the morning of July 20th and the Yankees are in first place.  That’s exciting.

    But, they have gone 34-32 in the last 66 games (since May 4th). And, that’s just treading water.

    Something tells me that August is going to be make or break time for Yankeeland.

    82 Games Into The 2015 Season

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    I am actually amazed that the Yankees are in first place (at this point in the season).

    No question, Yankee Stadium has something to do with it.  The difference between their home and road records, to date, is huge.  They just hit so much better in the Bronx.

    Can they keep it up over t he next 80 games?  Time will tell.