• 9-12

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    Yankees are 9-12 in their last 21 games. Further, they are 25-25 in their last 50 games.

    What a way to limp into the post-season.

    Shouldn’t you play like a champion if you want any chance to be a champion?


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    Yup, in their last 51 games, from July 29th through and including September 22nd, the Yankees are 26-25. That’s not exactly streaking towards the post-season, is it? I mean…51 games is like one-third of the season. So, don’t waive any sample size flags here. How can anyone get excited about this level of play?


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    He had a great run. Ninety years ain’t chump change. And, they were quality years.

    When he retired as a player, he was easily in the Top 50 of greatest (Post-1900) baseball position players of all-time. And, today, he’s still in the Top 125.

    Baseball lost a great one with his passing.

    At This Point, Plan For Getting To Kansas City

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    The Yankees are not going to catch the Blue Jays. That ship has just about sailed.

    Luckily, New York has a pretty good footing in the wildcard race. It would take a historic collapse for the Yankees not to play in the 2015 A.L. Wildcard game at this point.

    That said, they should start aligning themselves to have their best players – including pitchers! – rested and ready to go for that wildcard game…aiming to win it…and then advance to the ALDS (where they would probably play the Royals).

    Trying to catch the Jays at this point is just futile.

    Astros, Angels & Twins

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    If you are the Yankees, which team do you want to face in the wildcard game?

    Of course, with Houston, you run the risk of having to face Dallas Keuchel. With the Angels, it would be Garrett Richards or maybe Andrew Heaney.

    The Twins don’t scare me. Besides, the Twins never play well against the Yankees – especially in October.

    Assuming the game is played in Yankee Stadium, the key will be keeping the ball in the park. And, the Angels do have some long ballers.

    For me, I would say the pecking order is Twins-Astros-Angels, in terms of best chances to win the game. And, I suspect it will be Masahiro Tanaka for the Yankees and then Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. And, don’t be shocked if Betances and Miller are asked to cover 3 or 4 innings.

    Are The Mets Better Than The Yankees?

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    Some say the answer is yes.

    The bigger question for me is “Will the Yankees score more than 5 runs in any of these games at CitiField?” (I don’t believe that they will do it.)

    I suspect that no one will sweep this series. And, Saturday will be the swing game – meaning whomever wins on Saturday will win the series. But, that’s just my gut talking.

    Yankees Are 97 % Sure To Make The Post-Season

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    That’s the number according to many of the baseball playoff odds sources out there, as of this morning.

    Now, keep in mind that the Yankees are 12-13 in their last 25 games and 4-7 in the last 11 games.

    So, how do you feel? Do you think the Yankees are a lock for the 2015 post-season with 18 games left to play – including 6 on the road, in a row, against the Blue Jays and Mets?

    Personally, I think it’s going down to the last week of the season. And, then we will see how the Yankees do against the Red Sox and Orioles. Boston is 16-10 in their last 26 games. Baltimore is 8-4 in the last 12 games. If they can continue to play well leading into that last week, things could be tough for New York.

    Lastly, without question, the Yankees MUST beat up on the White Sox when they play them this month. Anything less than winning 3 out of 4 is unacceptable. Chicago is 14-17 in the last 31 games.

    Where Will The Yankees Be On The Morning Of September 24th?

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    In 1st place? Or, having clinched the wildcard? Or, on life support? Or…dead and buried? Oh, the next 11 days in Yankeeland are going to be interesting.


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    Including tonight’s loss, the Yankees are now 20-19 in their last 39 games. That’s about one-quarter of a season.

    It’s no wonder why the Mets are taking over the town. Miss you, Boss.

    John Ryan Murphy

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    I  really want him to be the Yankees full-time catcher by 2017.  (Let McCann and A-Rod split DH duty by that time – maybe backing up Greg Bird at first…since Tex will be gone by that season.)

    Yankees, Rangers, Twins & Angels

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    It’s pretty much a lock that the Yankees have a wildcard slot this year, right?

    Tm W L W-L% R RA Rdiff SRS pythWL Luck
     NYY 75 59 .560 4.9 4.2 0.6 0.9 76-58 -1
     TEX 71 63 .530 4.4 4.6 -0.2 0.1 64-70 7
     MIN 70 65 .518 4.3 4.4 -0.1 0.2 66-69 4
     LAA 68 67 .504 4.0 4.1 -0.1 0.1 66-69 2
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 9/6/2015.

    Who pitches that game for the Yankees?  Tanaka, Pineda or Severino?