• When Was The Last Time The Yankees Had 4 Full Seasons In A Row With 87 Or Less Wins?

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    In a “full season,” the answer is: 1989-1992. (Actually, that was a five year run from 1988-1992. And, that 1989-1991 team was one of the worst in Yankees history.)

    Of course, with 87 wins or less in 2016, the new answer would be 2013-2016.

    If that happens, let’s please be sure to get that on Cashman’s Monument Park plaque.

    Bryce Harper

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    Everyone assumes he will be a Yankee in 2019. (Then again, many assumed that Carl Crawford would be a Yankee after the 2010 season.)

    Harper may come to the Yankees when he can walk away from the Nationals. But, at what cost? Maybe four hundred million? Maybe more? At that price, is it worth it?

    Where Is The Yankees Great Past?

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    Billy Martin, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Roger Maris, Phil Rizzuto, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard and Casey Stengel are all dead.  Whitey Ford is 87 years old and can’t be counted on to be around forever.

    Derek Jeter, since retired, doesn’t make many Yankees related appearances.  Most Yankees fans want Reggie Jackson to make less appearances.  Don Mattingly seems more like a Dodger or Marlin these days than a former Yankee. Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson are not wearing Yankees caps on their Cooperstown plaques.

    Who does that leave?  Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Willie Randolph, Roy White, Bernie Williams, Graig Nettles, Jorge Posada, Paul O’Neill, Ron Guidry and Mel Stottlemyre? Someone else?

    For me, the gold standard will always be Ruth-Gehrig-DiMaggio-Mantle-Berra. They were great baseball legends…period. The only still around former Yankees that can get in that team picture are Jeter and Rivera. (And, for the record, Paul O’Neill and Andy Pettitte are two of my all-time favorite Yankees. There’s nothing that I don’t love about them. But, they are not in the class of Jeter or Rivera with respect to standing among baseball’s greats.)

    In reality, the Yankees great past has really taken a hit in the last 50 years or so.

    In 1965, sure, you could stand there and say “Just look at what the Yankees did in the last 44 years! That’s 29 pennants and TWENTY RINGS!” But, to be truthful, from 1965 through 2015, the Yankees were awesome twice – in the late 70’s and late 90’s. That’s it. That’s 51 years and 7 rings. See the difference?

    Granted, yeah, the playoff format is different. There was less rounds before 1973, yadda-yadda. But, still, seven for fifty one is a lot different than twenty for forty four. Right?

    Where Are The Horses?

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    Yankees pitchers to have 30+ games started in the last 3 years:

    Rk Name Yrs From To Age
    1 Hiroki Kuroda 2 2013 2014 38-39 Ind. Seasons
    2 CC Sabathia 1 2013 2013 32-32 Ind. Seasons
    3 Andy Pettitte 1 2013 2013 41-41 Ind. Seasons
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 1/26/2016.

    That’s it. And, for the record, the Yankees used 19 different starting pitchers in the last 3 years.

    Then again, what else can you expect from the G.M. who brought you Kei Igawa, Sidney Ponson, Carl Pavano, Javier Vazquez and Sergio Mitre?

    Jacoby Ellsbury

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    He has a great swing and the talent is there.  Yet, the last three years his numbers have been trending in the wrong direction.  And, there’s no sense of urgency for him – as he’s getting a ton of money this season and in the three that follow.

    He’ll never be what he was in 2011.  Something was up that year.

    To be candid, I am not even sure he will play in 140 games in 2016.

    If he does bat .260 and misses 50 games this year, he’ll be a whipping boy…deservedly so.

    Yes, Cashman Called Him A Hall Of Fame Candidate

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    Remember this?

    This season, Brian McCann has a chance to become only the second Yankees player in franchise history to have 3 years in a row where he qualified for the batting title while batting less than .235:

    Rk Name Yrs From To Age
    1 Tom Tresh 3 1966 1968 27-29 Ind. Seasons
    2 Frankie Crosetti 3 1937 1940 26-29 Ind. Seasons
    3 Roger Peckinpaugh 3 1914 1918 23-27 Ind. Seasons
    4 Brian McCann 2 2014 2015 30-31 Ind. Seasons
    5 Clete Boyer 2 1961 1964 24-27 Ind. Seasons
    6 Luke Boone 2 1914 1915 24-25 Ind. Seasons
    7 Jimmy Austin 2 1909 1910 29-30 Ind. Seasons
    8 Red Kleinow 2 1906 1908 28-30 Ind. Seasons
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 1/19/2016.


    Didi Gregorius

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    In 21 games last year from July 23rd through August 14th, he batted .389 (going 28 for 72).

    On the rest of the season, he batted .245.

    That one freaky hot streak was good for 20 points on his batting average.

    What’s he going to hit in 2016? Will it be over or under .250?

    One Month Untill Yankees Pitchers & Catchers Report

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    In the last 3 years, the Yankees have won 85-84-and 87 games.

    That’s an average of 85 wins a season, over the last 3 years.

    Is there any reason to think this year’s team is going to be any better than an 85-win team, give or take 2 wins, either way? Why?

    Good Times

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    Derek Cheater?

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    There’s no way Jeter would be this dumb. Of course, maybe I am wrong? But, given how protective he is regarding his image/brand, and knowing what happened with others, I just don’t see him taking a PED from this guy.