• Yankees History This Season?

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    Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez were both born near the end of 1992 – the year that Derek Jeter was drafted by the Yankees – within 23 days of each other. They will both play the 2017 season for the Yankees as 24-year olds. In the vaunted history of the New York Yankees, the franchise has never had a season where 2 players (or more) hit 30+ home runs that year while being age 24 or younger. I think this will be the year that it happens. (For the record, the Yankees came close to making this happen in 1939 with Joe DiMaggio & Joe Gordon. If Gordon had hit 2 more homers, they would have been the first – and only, so far.)

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    1. March 26th, 2017 | 6:54 pm

      The “G&G Boys!” (Greg and Gary.)

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