• Kyle Higashioka

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    He is the all-time Yankees leader for most career PA without ever getting a hit.

    Holy Roy Luebbe, Batman!

    The Last 60 Games Of 2017

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    Yeah, I know, we’re already into the last 60. But, in any event, how many of their last 60 games in 2017 do you think the Yankees will win?


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    So, “a couple of guys” told the Toddfather to forget about wearing #21.

    The 21 thing is interesting. Not retired. Not assigned either. I suspect the Yankees are waiting for Paulie to make the Hall via a committee, and that’s a reach. Or, maybe they are waiting until he hits 20 years as a Yankees broadcaster and then it will be like the Scooter – he’s a Yankee for life and they are retiring the number to honor it? It’s just odd that they have been sitting on it for so long. Obviously, they’re waiting for something before making a final decision on it.

    This One Stat Says It All

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    The Yankees (45-42) have now lost 19 of 26 games since they were 15 games over .500.

    Pretty soon it’s going to be a .500 team. Then, it’s going to be a team under .500. It will be the first time since 1992 that the Yankees finish under .500. But, that’s OK…

    If you’re not going to win and/or contend, might as well go for the draft pick.

    In the meantime, watch and enjoy the young kids who are doing well. See if Judge can hit 62 homers and set the Yankees record as a rookie. See if Severino and Montgomery can continue to develop into our version of Smoltz and Glavine.

    Root for Ellsbury to be a monster in the second half – so that the Yankees can eat his money and give him away in the winter.

    There’s lots of stuff to get into over the rest of the season. Just don’t expect it to be wins.


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    That’s the Yankees record this season since May 9th.

    Sure, injuries is part of it. But, Castro was coming back down to earth before he got hurt. In fact, Castro and Gregorius are basically just league average hitters, despite their batting average, and would not be hitting in the heart of the line-up of a good team. Don’t even get me started on the production that the Yankees get from first and third base.

    Still too many guys over 32 pulling this team down. And, the pitching is a mess sans a few bright spots.

    If Judge ever goes into a deep and prolonged slump, it’s going to get even worse.