• Harper

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    Don’t discount the imminent trade deadline and the Aaron Judge injury as factors for the Nationals reportedly putting free agent to-be Bryce Harper on the market. I’m not saying he’s coming to New York. But, that potential fit and the Yankees stable of prospects makes for a great seller’s market for Washington. Sonny Gray, Clint Frazier, Chance Adams and Thairo Estrada for a 2 month rental? It’s possible. The question is…will someone else offer more?

    Still Ticking…

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    Hey, the Judge thing SUCKS. Really a bad break.

    At this point, it’s wildcard time. And, I’m pretty sure the Yankees will get a wildcard. What happens from there? Man, it would stink to lose a one-game playoff to the A’s or Mariners. But, it’s always possible. Anything can happen in one game.

    Don’t even get me started on Sanchez. DL excuse or not, the thing to always remember regarding Gary Sanchez is that he was somewhat losing favor with the Yankees as a minor leaguer for 3 or 4 years, and as recent as 2014, for a lack of conditioning, being lazy on the field, and for being sometimes insubordinate. That was written off as immaturity when he seemed to turn a corner and reportedly saw the light in 2015 and was knocking on the door of the big leagues. But, maybe that turn was just a blip and we shouldn’t be shocked now when he looks fat and dogs it on the field and seems indifferent to things? It could just be a return to the norm for him. I could really see the Sanchez thing going either way.

    What about me? Yeah, I know, I haven’t been around much. It’s been real busy. I’m still working a temp job and my son’s baseball schedule is crazy. Assuming the rain works out this weekend. He’ll be knocking on his 50th game played since the start of April this year (between school ball and his two travel teams). I haven’t missed a single game. And, when he’s not playing, I am usually the one taking him to practice and workouts. That’s really been my baseball focus this year. He’s a H.S. Freshmen next year. And, he’s already working out with the H.S players this summer. This stuff is starting to get real. May seem funny for some who go back to the beginning with me and this blog. He was a one-year old when I made my first blog post here.

    And, my daughter will be a H.S. Junior this September. The two of them really keep me and my wife occupied. I have to assume that the end of this blog is really coming. It’s been 14 seasons now. I don’t think it’s going to see 15? Anyway, let’s go Yankees!

    Back to my kid…

    Here’s an artsy photo that I made of him playing with some filters of a photo that I took last night. And, a video of him hitting a couple of days ago. Again, this is my baseball life these days. I squeeze the Yankees in where I can…and it’s not very often.

    I like this clip because it was a big AB late in a close game against a really good pitcher. It was 0-2 and he fought back to 3-2, with 2 outs and the bases loaded. (That’s why the runners are going.) He singled into left-center to drive in two and make a close game somewhat more comfortable.

    Neil Walker

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    Things are going GREAT for the Yankees.  No one can say that it’s not happening.  But, can someone please explain to me what is the deal with Neil Walker?  I mean…the greatest G.M. in the history of the game made Louise Meanwell go away like Thanos wiped out half of everybody.  But, for some reason, we still have Neil Walker?  Man, I don’t get it…