• Andrew McCutchen

    Posted by on August 31st, 2018 · Comments (1)

    Andrew McCutchen? That’s A LOT better than Shane Robinson! But, I guess it means that Judge is not coming back any time soon…if at all this year.

    The Yankees? It’s such a different feel this year compared to last year, isn’t it?

    Anyway, they are not catching the Red Sox. The gap is too big, there’s not enough time, and the team is not talented enough to pull a miracle comeback. As far as the wildcard, it would be a MAJOR upset if they didn’t get one of the wildcard spots at this point.

    Earlier in the season, things were looking great. But, the situation with Sanchez and Bird, Gardner’s poor season, and then the injury to Judge…ugh. And, the pitching? Severino in the second half has been terrible. The pick-ups of Happ and Lynn help…but, it’s not enough. Lastly, I am not impressed with Aaron Boone. He’s not totally terrible. But, he’s not an asset. He’s basically a puppet for the post-game media sessions.

    Other than the Rookie of the Year battle, there’s really not a lot of interesting stuff here with this Yankees team – at least not now. It just seems like nothing goes right for this team any more. (See: Clint Frazier. This would have been the perfect spot for him to get playing time. But, with his injury, we got to watch Shane Robinson instead. Ugh!)

    Maybe they win the wildcard game? That’s not a lock. But, even if they advance to the ALDS, I don’t see them going past that point. The Yankees are not a bad team. But, they are nowhere as good as the really good teams. And, I think it might be the same story next year unless A LOT of guys have really big bounce back seasons.

    PSA for JSA

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    Still kicking here! Just been insanely busy. I hope to add some Yankees commentary soon. Maybe this weekend?

    Anyway, I’m using this post to try and help my daughter with a modest fundraising goal of hers…in case anyone is interested in helping with it. Even a donation of $1 or $2 would be GREATLY appreciated since she doesn’t need that much to met her target. Here’s the story in HER words and the link to donate follows below:

    As many of you may know, I’ve spent a lot of my time participating in the Junior State of America. JSA is the largest student-run organization in America, focused on engaging high schoolers in debate, politics & government, and activism. Members of JSA can attend a mock congress held in Washington D.C, multiple debate conferences per year, summer programs held at the nation’s top universities, and smaller (yet just as exciting) events within their own schools and communities.

    One of my favorite parts of high school, JSA has given me the chance to improve myself immensely and meet so many incredible & intelligent new friends. I also currently serve on JSA’s cabinet, a selected group of student leaders organizing and running the upcoming year of JSA.

    JSA gives students a chance to voice their opinions, and even more importantly, allows students to listen to others’ opinions and learn new perspectives. The collage of differing stances leads to civil discussion, and that discussion leads to bright new ideas.

    I joined JSA in my freshman year, wanting to learn more about politics & reduce a fear of public speaking. Little did I know then that JSA would not only help me achieve those goals, but also lead to so much personal growth, learning experiences, and new opportunities. My time in JSA has lead me to internships, leadership positions, and most importantly, made me into the person I am today. And I’m only halfway through high school.

    While everyone deserves the amazing opportunity to participate in JSA, not everyone can afford it. For those financially struggling, fees for conferences/hotel/travel/etc can be an obstacle. Your donation can help a student overcome this obstacle and participate to the fullest in this outstanding organization. Even the smallest amounts can make a big difference. Thank you.

    Link to donate is here.