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    Wow. Did anyone see Cano’s homer last night? If not, check out Torrii Hunter’s attempt to catch this homer.

    Once again, wow.

    Lucky Braves Fans

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    Today, while working, I had the pleasure of taking in today’s Yankees-Braves game on mlb gameday audio as broadcasted by the Atlanta Braves radio team. The game, however, is not the reason I’m writing this. During a commercial break, there was an advertisement for Braves season ticket packages. Care to guess the price point at which they started the ticket plans? $332.00. Yep, three hundred and thirty two dollars. Color me jealous. I don’t care where the seats are, for just about $4 a game I’m hopping on that if I were a Braves fan living near the park. Made me sad in a way, because I’ll never get to enjoy that kind of deal with the Yankees.

    Derek F’N Jeter

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    Here’s a funny article about the captain from The Onion. (Warning : Contains a large amount of profanities)

    Hey Coney, Why Don’t You Have A Dance?

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    Honestly I don’t have a recollection of this at all, but it’s awesome. Hat tip to my good buddy Justin for the link.

    Worms Gaining Ground In Fight

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    Via Mark J. Miller through  Chad Jennings

    …Washington Nationals appear to be eager to get a new deal done with hurler Chien-Ming Wang…

    The former New York Yankees pitcher had a “solid outing” for the Nats’ Instructional League team Tuesday, going for two innings, getting four groundouts in 17 pitches, and lighting up the radar gun at 89 mph against the Atlanta Braves’ team, according to MASNSports.com.

    I can’t lie, I was deeply upset when the Yankees decided to cut ties with Chien-Ming Wang. He was one of my favorite Yankees hurlers ever and I thought the Yanks were making a bad decision letting him loose. Well, as it turns out, I was dead wrong. Cashman and co. had this move played perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I really would like Wang to prove Cashman wrong but you can’t argue with results.

    That being said, if he’s “lighting up the radar gun” at 89 mph, the Nationals may well be wasting their money. Wang was easily throwing mid 90’s before his chain of injuries. And we saw how the drop in velocity affected his sinker last year. At his worst, though, he was still averaging faster than 89 last year. I can only imagine what he’d be like with a dip that deep.

    Bottom line, he might be killing the worms in instructional league. But the worms in the majors might not have much to worry about in the future. Cashman called it.

    October 9th Vs. The Twins

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    This game, in a way, reminded me of back in April and May when the Yanks were clicking on all cylinders. Hughes dominated in this outing and the Yanks bats came alive.

    Boy did Hughes come up big tonight huh? As much as I hate seeing the same “WonderPhil” graphic every time Hughes strikes a batter our, there was really no other way to describe the outing from him. 7 innings, 0 runs and on 4 hits and a lone walk. There is not a single person that would have pegged Hughes for an outing like this back in April. The best part, for me? Chad Jennings had this gem :

    Hughes was asked if this is a start he’ll always remember: “I hope not,” he said. “Hopefully it’s a World Series win that I’m remembering.”

    That’s what I’m talking about.

    I also want to give some “props” to David Robertson and Boone Logan. They bailed the Yanks out big time with the based loaded against the heart of the Twins order. Can’t really get on Wood too much, that’s his M.O.  Strike a guy out, walk a guy, have the ball get hit hard and pray it finds a glove. But when he’s on, he’s on (as he has been).

    Offensively, Marcus Thames came through with the huge “steak in the heart” home run.  He’s been doing this all year, and was one of my key ingredients to the Yanks post season future in 2010.

    One thing I want to say about the crowd. While playoff games certainly have an added level of electricity with the crowd, this crowd seemed to start to leave around the 5-6th inning. Not sure if you could see it from TV, but I’d say about a quarter of the crowd left by then if not more. To them, I ask, what is wrong with you?

    All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience (first playoff game) and I had some great seats up in the Jim Beam suite. I had a pretty spectacular view of the game so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures after the jump.


    October 8th @ The Twins

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    I’m really glad that the Yanks took 2 from the Twins at Target field. They must have some of the most idiotic fans of any ball club. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Why would you chant “Yankees Suck!” when your team is losing to the Yanks? They did it during the regular season, and they did it in both of these playoff games. They don’t even chant it when the Twins are winning. Makes no sense to me.

    Offensively, Berkman went nuts off Pavano with an absolute bomb to left-center, and then a double that one hopped the wall in nearly the identical spot. People are probably going to point out that Berkman should have struck out right before he crushed the double, but I like to point out that the umpire had the same exact strike zone for Andy (bunch of pitches called a ball on the black), the difference being it didn’t come back to haunt Pettitte. Granderson continued his absolute tear, going 3 for 4 with all of his hits being laser shots.

    One thing I do want to credit Posada for, since I’ve been bashing his defense behind the plate so much, is that last night and tonight he scored from first. I can’t recall Posada doing that that often all year, let alone on consecutive nights. The guy does hustle and want to win, there’s no denying that.

    Pettitte gave the Yanks everything they could ask for, and outside a mistake pitch to Orlando Hudson he was pretty flawless. What can you say about the guy, he shows up for the big game time and time again.

    Next stop for the 2010 World Series champs, the Bronx. There, they look to sweep the Twins with Hughes on the mound. I’ll be there in person, and I’ll take a bunch of pictures for the recap that will be up on Sunday morning. Look for it.

    A-Rod Better Not Walk On His Set

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    Via Chad Jennings

    Some of the biggest stars of the 2010 Major League Baseball season will be spending the Postseason at MLB Network. Torii Hunter (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Chris Young (Arizona Diamondbacks), Eric Chavez and Dallas Braden (Oakland Athletics) will serve as guest analysts on MLB Tonight throughout October as the network plans for more than 125 hours of live coverage in October.

    Dallas Braden doing commentary on the post season? I think I vomited a little in my mouth just now…

    September 26th Vs. The Red Sox

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    This was a sad game for me…just knowing that this was the last home game and that the season is about to be over. Yes, I know that there’s the playoffs. I just have a love/hate relationship with the playoffs. I love ’em cause it’s exciting baseball.  I hate them cause after that, there’s a long offseason.

    This might have been the most impressive start by Hughes all year. They needed someone to shut down the opponents for 6 innings (we get to forget about the 7th, since Robertson came in and did a fantastic job), and he did just that. My problem with it is, now what? Do you skip his last start and let him pitch in the playoffs with all that rest? Do you start him and pull him after 3-4 innings ala Joba 2009? Or do you just say F it and let him go out there again? At this point, I’d say screw it let him take a regular turn. I don’t think 1 start is going to make or break him health wise. I have to admit though, as good as Hughes was pitching the Yankees offense was making it seem like it was a 10 run deficit rather than a 1 run deficit. Up until A-Rod’s homer (which barely went over the wall), I was on the verge of throwing the remote at the TV.

    Is Swisher high off of whatever pain meds he’s been taking for his knee? He’s at least playing like it in right field. He’s been a butcher out there the last week or so, time to sit him for a day or two.

    Say what you will about Mariano getting hit, I put the blame on Posada. I hope the other playoff teams decided to call it an early night and didn’t see how the Red Sox got to Mo last night. 4 stolen bases is unacceptable. When Hall stole third, Posada’s throw hit the ground half way up the base line and A-Rod made a decent play making sure it didn’t go into left. That’s how you beat the Yanks in the playoffs folks.


    Just wanted to add one last thing that bothered me. Why are the Yankees celebrating like crazy after a walk off walk? I was hoping they’d just do their handshakes like a regular win, not run and chase Juan Miranda for not taking the bat off his shoulders. Does anyone else think the 1996-2000 version of this team wouldn’t have celebrated like the 2010 Yankees?

    September 24th Vs. The Red Sox

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    With one or two different decisions by Girardi, this game could have been won.

    Girardi left Pettitte in way too long (which was done on purpose so that he could get somewhat close to 90 pitches). I wonder if Andy had a fever, because he was sweating a lot. I don’t recall ever seeing him dripping like that. Then when Girardi couldn’t let Pettitte get hit anymore, he went to the very back of the bullpen (Albaladejo is just terrible, and they’re lucky that Mitre didn’t give up any runs).

    At 10-1 with Mitre coming in, I thought the Yankees would just roll over. This just wasn’t the case as they homered their way to make it really close at the end. That’s pretty encouraging. I can’t lie, party of me thought they’d do it…especially after the Tex message to  Papelbon. But, 9 runs ended up being too big of a lead and I found myself cursing Girardi for putting Albaladejo in and leaving Andy in way too long. Just gotta remind yourself that these games don’t matter and that they’re being managed as such.

    Weeks ago, it looked like A-Rod had a very slim chance at finishing the year with 30 homers. Now with a week left and 3 homers to go, he has a very legitimate shot at doing it. Especially with the way he’s swinging the bat lately: .333/.405/.651 in September with 6 homers in 74 plate appearances.

    September 23rd Vs. The Rays

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    Usually after my Thursday night Hold ’em game I’ll come back home and watch the game that was DVRed. I always check the score and will watch the game even if it’s a loss as I like to see what got them there. But, now that the games don’t matter, I just couldn’t get myself to watch this one.

    All you can do is remind yourself that these games don’t matter, and look forward to next month.

    September 19th @ The Orioles

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    I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Nothing about this game mattered except for the fact that Pettitte got into a major league game and tossed 6 solid innings. Andy has somehow not missed a beat, which is great news for the Yankees. If he gets the ball 1 or 2 more times and throws just like he did today, I’m pretty confident about our post season rotation. I’ll take CC-Andy-Hughes and go to war.

    With that, I leave you with the possible death of the maple bat (I’m shocked something like this has not happened sooner, to be honest). I hope that Tyler Colvin makes a full recovery. Thank the lord Kevin Youkilis was in town to help him out.

    September 18th @ The Orioles

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    I think we can put the talk about not making the playoffs to rest now. The Yanks are the majors first 90 win ball club after the bludgeoning of the Baltimore Orioles last night.  Their magic number to make the playoffs is now at 7. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, let me put it another way.  If the Red Sox win every game from now until the end of the year (thus going 14-0), the Yankees would have to go 5-9 or worse to miss the playoffs. While not mathematically impossible, I’d call that a lock if I’ve ever seen one.

    As far as this game goes, I’d like to congratulate Carsten Sabathia on his first 20 game season. If not for Robert Andino, (this guy has gone Alex Rios on the Yankees the past few days), Sabathia’s line would look much better. But the ends justify the means, as Sabathia will take a 7 inning 3 run effort any day to secure the win.

    Offensively, everyone except Berkman in the Yanks top 5 turned in 2 hits (And Berkman hit the ball hard a few times). While you can’t get too excited about the beating the Yanks gave to Guthrie (it happens pretty often), it’s still nice to see the Yanks continue the momentum from Friday night.

    Gotta say, I’m glad Gardner’s wrist is coming around. He had a fantastic night last night, with a single, double, triple and a stolen base. The home run isn’t always going to be there in the playoffs, and it’s going to take this kind of play to win. I really hope the Yankees brass is paying attention, and do not bother with Carl Crawford next year. I like our outfield quite a bit as is.

    September 17th @ The Orioles

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    Is it just me, or does it look like Burnett got his ass kicked at some point in the last few days? What’s up with the shiner? Whatever it was, perhaps they beat the walks out of him cause he let up only 1 in 7 innings last night (which is the fewest he’s let up in a start since July 23rd). He wasn’t great, but he got the job done (although the home run to Andino frustrated me). I’ll take my chances with 7 innings and 3 runs from Burnett in the post season if it comes to that.

    The story of this game was Alex Rodriguez, however. He hit 2 absolute bombs in this game, giving him 25 on the season. That gives him 15 consecutive seasons of 25 homers and 100 RBI. While I know it’s not 30/100, (And I think he has a chance to hit 5 more in the last 15 games) that’s still quite impressive in my book. Gotta give Alex credit, a couple of years ago I would have thought he’d have no shot at hitting a home run there. He’s really become quite clutch at the chagrin of the main stream media.

    If not for A-Rod, the Yankees didn’t deserve to win this game. They went 1 for 9 with RISP (including Alex’s homer in the 9th) and only managed 1 run and 5 hits against Milwood over 7 innings. That’s pathetic.

    It really, really bothers me to see Swisher pinch hit. The dude still can’t run properly, as evidenced by his hobbled trot to first. Sit the guy till the last week of the season, then let him try to turn it on. If you’re that concerned about the Red Sox creeping in, which I’m not, then let them gain a game or two first. Having a healthy, or healthier, Swisher would be a great boost to the offense, no need to push it in trash games against the Orioles.

    September 12th @ The Rangers

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    Going into this game, with the pitching match up, I’m pretty sure every Yankee fan thought that the Yanks had no chance. Especially given how well Lee would actually go on to pitch against them. But, watching the game, I couldn’t help but be bothered by this one. Even more so than the previous two losses.

    Why? Well Mosely gave the Yanks a performance that you’d pay top dollar to see Burnett turn in. He was outstanding. If you forget who was pitching and just look at the performance turned in, that’s when you begin to get worried about the playoffs. This game had a playoff atmosphere. The Rangers weren’t sitting around to hit the big 3 run homer. They were running, they were fighting. This was a preview of the playoffs, and I didn’t like it.

    Ian Kinsler absolutely won this game single-handedly. He tagged up from first on a deep fly out to right. Then tagged up from second on a ball nearly as deep. Then he scored on a 2 out drag bunt that was perfectly placed. Once that run was plated, the wind came out of the Yanks sails. From there the Rangers managed to scrap together 3 more runs in the 7th, and this one was over. Pitching and speed. This is the way to beat the Yankees in the playoffs and it was eerie to see it play out. Hopefully it was not foreshadowing of things to come.

    September 11th @ The Rangers

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    Mets fans couldn’t have written a better ending to this game. The Yankees lose, Frenchy gets hit by a pitch. So rather than focus on this miserably long game and it’s results, let’s try to look at some positives. This game didn’t matter much, after all.

    – This might have been the least amount of command I’ve ever seen Mo have. He didn’t really have an idea where his 2 seamer was going, and in the end that’s what got him. Perhaps it was fatigue, having thrown 2 innings on Friday night. If Mo is on the top of his game, the Yankees win.

    – Berkman has been hitting like his former self since his DL stint. He’s hitting .500 (11-22) over his last 26 plate appearances. This is exactly what you want going into the playoffs.

    – Speaking of hitter’s last 26 plate appearances since coming off the DL, A-Rod his hitting .429 (9-22) with 3 XBH. We’ve seen what a hot A-Rod can do in the playoffs, and hopefully he can carry this team to number 28.

    – As little faith as I have in Cervelli’s bat, he’s actually been quite hot as of late. In his last 28 PA, Cervelli is hitting .500/.667/.667. He’s getting hot at the right time, knowing that he might have to catch a couple of games in the playoffs.

    – To round out the lineup, Granderson is hitting .294/.385/.618 in his last 11 games (39 plate appearances) with 5 XBH. Teixeira in his last 12 games (54 PA) is hitting .333/.481/.548 with 5 XBH which actually includes an 0 for 7 Friday night. With 4 hot regulars streaking their way into October, I feel good about the Yankees chances.

    – Kerry Wood has emerged as the bridge to Mariano with his .48 ERA since coming to the Yanks (18.2 innings, 20 K’s)

    – Chad Gaudin shouldn’t pitch much, if at all, in the playoffs.

    September 10th @ The Rangers

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    I can’t believe I watched the entire 5 and a half hours of this game, only to be crushed by Nelson Cruz twice. Damn it.

    The entire game, up until that ill fated get me over slider by Joba, I was getting ready to write how the Yanks overcame some extremely bad umpiring to win this game. Especially early on, the umpires were making a lot of bad calls in favor of the Rangers. Swisher struck out on 2 balls and  a swing that he checked. Cervelli threw out Ian Kinsler by a mile and Kinsler was called safe.

    You can’t even put the blame on Vazquez for this one, as he pitched decently despite having nothing velocity wise. He was averaging 85-88 with his fastball (although I did see a few hit 90, and one I think that hit 92). But his fastball had a great deal of movement. I was particularly impressed with the backdoor, Maddux like, 2 seamers he was throwing early on. He had a lot of bad bounces go against him in this one, and if you listen to the post game you could tell how frustrated he was.

    But alas, the game was heart breaking in extras. They had plenty of opportunities to score and couldn’t. Once Moeller was up with the bases loaded, and there was noone that could catch for him as Cervelli was pinch hit for (thus Moeller couldn’t get pinch hit for), you knew the game would be over in the bottom half of the inning. Gaudin didn’t make you wait long, as the first pitch of the inning ended the game. Yuck.

    September 4th Vs. The Blue Jays

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    Clearly, someone didn’t hide Thames’ glove well enough. Good thing it didn’t cost them this game.

    As much as I preach against Thames patrolling any portion of the outfield, I preach for his name to be consistently in the line up until this hot streak is over. That’s now 7 homers in his last 9 game started. That’s good for a slugging % of .943 in his last 35 at bats. Insane.

    As far as the Javy Vazquez early yanking goes, I think Girardi was half right. The reason I say half right is, at the moment it looked like Javy was about to lose it on the mound after a tough day on the hill overall. So while I agree  with the pitching change, I don’t agree with who was selected to relieve Vazquez. I’m sorry, Mosely while not killing us overall, is just not the pitcher Vazquez is. If he was, he’d have been starting the game in the first place. You want to go to David Robertson for the strikeout? Sign me up. Want to see what Joba can do in a non-8th innings high leverage situation? Go for it. But when it comes to Mosely, I’d rather have seen Javy try to wiggle out of it.

    With 26 to go, the Yankees have a 2.5 team game lead on Tampa and a 10 game lead on Boston. The Yankees have 86 wins and, aside from Tampa, there isn’t a single team with 80 wins. All of this without a typical A-Rod breakout month all year. He could return today, hopefully he can catch fire the rest of the way.

    September 2nd/3rd Vs. The Athletics

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    So I forgot to do the game-time open thread for yesterdays game, as I received some exciting personal news and it just slipped my mind. Let’s have this post count be the recap for yesterdays and the open thread for today’s game.

    Sabathia kicked some serious butt yesterday giving up just one hit and 3 walks over 8 strong innings. He comes the first Yankees pitcher to turn in back to back 19 win  seasons since Chien-Ming Wang did it from 06-07. (Speaking of which, looks like the Yanks made the right call on him).

    Posada went deep, and Granderson kicked in a pair of bombs. If there’s any time to get hot its the last month into October. I hope they keep it up.

    As for today, the Yanks send out young Ivan Nova in hopes that he can continue where he left of in his last start. The Jays send out Morrow for his last start of the year (they are shutting him down due to innings limitations). Should be a good one, feel free to hang in the comments and talk about the game as it happens.

    August 29th @ The White Sox

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    This was a good win.

    What can you say about Ivan Nova? There’s no chance anyone thought he’d come up and be this good against 2 decently armed offenses. He’s making his push for the playoff roster, and could end up being a huge gun out of the ‘pen.

    I can’t get too excited about Cervelli’s 4 hit night because of how cold he’s been. Before yesterdays game, Cervelli needed 12 games (36 PA) to gather 4 hits.

    How hot is Marcus Thames? That’s his 5th home run in the past 4 starts he’s made. People like to talk about all the bad moves Cashman’s made during the offseason, this is one that he got right. With A-Rod and Tex down, he couldn’t have gotten hot at a better time.

    Combine this win with Tampa’s, and Boston is now a comfortable 6.5 games back from a playoff spot. The Yanks are almost at the point of cruise control.

    August 28th @ The White Sox

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    Anyone who’s played baseball has had an injury like Teixeira’s, and you know how truly painful it can be. I’m hoping that all he needs is a handful of days of ice and rest. That leaves quite the hole in the lineup with the team’s 3 and 4 hole hitters out. At this point, it almost forces this Yankee fan to root for the Rays tonight. Anything to drive down that magic number.

    The other story in this game was obviously the offense. Eduardo Nunez had the best game of his young career. His night included 3 hits featuring his first career homer and his first career stolen base. Cano added 3 hits, Posada was on base 4 times, Swisher added his second homer in as many at bats and Marcus Thames continued to tattoo the ball.

    Marcus Thames hit 2 blasts, one off of a lefty and the other off a righty. In his last 3 GS, Thames has hit 4 homers. With Teixeira and A-Rod out, you have to keep Thames in the lineup against Floyd today. I know day game after night game, Posada should get the half day off and DH, but you need to put as many hot bats in the lineup as you can. You’re just giving games away, otherwise.

    I know Singleton and Kay kept talking about the ball jumping out of the park to LF, and they were right, but the Yankee pitching was pretty bad last night (sans MO). Sabathia gave up 5 runs in the first 4 innings including homers to both Konerko and Andruw Jones. Man, Jones ALWAYS hits Yankee pitching.

    Joba came in and was throwing gas, but Jones tagged him for a double with Carlos Quintin on first. That double I put blame on Posada. Posada, over the course of 9 pitches and 3 hitters, did not go inside once. Nothing but outside sliders and fastballs. Jones was looking for the fast ball out over the plate and it doesn’t matter that it’s 99 MPH when you know it’s coming and it’s straight.

    Robertson also had nothing out there, giving up a homer to Alexei Ramirez and allowing Rios to score after a gift triple. In a game that Mo had no business entering, he came in and relieved Robertson earning his 26th save of the year. At least it wasn’t a total waste of Mo, as he needed to get some work in having not pitched in a week. I know I say it every time Mo pitches, but it amazes me that he’s having his finest season at the age of 40.

    August 27th @ The White Sox

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    Ugh. This was one of the more painful games to watch of the year.

    It started off on a good note, with Brett Gardner making it to third on an infield single thanks to an errant throw by Freddy Garcia. Jeter knocked him in on a ground out, and the Yanks were up with an early lead. That did not last long.

    Burnett gave it right back and then some. Man, he stunk last night. While we were saying the same thing last year (From August 1st-Sept 12 2009 over 9 starts Burnett had a 6.14 ERA in 55.2 IP) it was not nearly as bad as this. After that stretch last year, Burnett turned it on right before the playoffs in his last 4 starts. Could he do it again this year? It’s hard to say yes after outings like this. You know it’s a bad time for ya when Sergio Mitre may well end up taking your start next time through the rotation.

    It wasn’t just Burnett who was bad, the whole team seemed out of it with Swisher showing off his arm in right and Cervelli having trouble behind the plate. Freddy Garcia was made to look like the Freddy Garcia of 2001. Bottom line, if you missed this game, you didn’t miss anything.

    Good thing Girardi hands the ball to CC today.

    August 24th @ The Blue Jays

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    It seems most things that could possibly go wrong have gone wrong this week for me, so I really don’t have much time to write out a recap. But basically the Yanks hit a lot of dingers, Moseley lived to see another day and the Yankees won. Not much more matters than that last part, anyway.

    August 23rd @ The Blue Jays

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    Who the heck is Jose Bautista? He went from scrub to the right handed version of early 00’s David Ortiz. In any event, he was the story of this one and took over the game completely with his 2 homers, one being the game winner off of Robertson.

    This was a tough loss. Nova pitched extremely well in his first start, flashing some pretty good stuff in the process. He was hitting 96-97 with good frequency on the fastball, (dropping down to 92-93 at times) had a nice change-up and a hammer breaking ball (12-6 variety that was pretty good aside from the Bautista homer). I would like to see the Yanks give him the ball again soon because Nova has the tools that could not only help the rotation down the stretch, but perhaps allow him to sneak on the post season roster and make an impact from the bullpen.

    The offense really let Nova down last night. Anytime you’ve got a young arm coming up from the minors to make a start, and they give you nearly 6 innings of 2 run ball, that’s a game that you have to win. What did the offense do? Strike out, mostly. Aside from Cano (and the Posada double), the offense looked pretty pedestrian last night (granted it was the D lineup).

    Even worse, Tampa and Boston both pick up a game on the Yanks with the Rays now being tied for first. The best thing you can take out of this is that Nova at the very least looks like he can help the team. Wonder who signed that guy?

    August 20th Vs. The Mariners

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    This is one of those games where you knew the Yanks would lose in the top of the 1st. Once Burnett’s offering was crushed by the lowly Russel Branyon, you knew the Yanks couldn’t recover. It’s ironic that I just read the report from Baseball America via MJ that stated that Burnett had the 2nd best curve ball in baseball. Last night, Burnett had NO curve ball whatsoever. He was basically a 1 pitch pitcher and he paid for it.

    I can’t really but much blame on the offense cause hey, its King Felix. Aside from the fact that he’s one of the best pitchers in the league, it seems Hernandez has the Yanks number too. The Yankees, this season in 99 PA (3 games), are hitting just .176/.242/.253 which translates to a 0.35 ERA for King Felix with a 31-8 K/BB Ratio in 26 innings. It’s hard to believe that King Felix is just Phil Hughes age. Seems like he’s been around forever.

    At this point, I wonder if it makes sense to shelf A-Rod for 2 weeks and let him heal up for the October push. He’s not helping anyone by pulling up lame after a ground out in the 1st.

    Thanks to Oakland and Toronto, the Yankees don’t pay for this game in the standings. Hopefully Vazquez can put them back on track this afternoon.

    August 19th Vs. The Tigers

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    Well, obviously I didn’t get a chance to see this one as I was at work. I actually wanted to ask a question to you, the reader. Since many of us work during the day and there’s rarely an opportunity to watch a weekday game on TV, would you guys prefer an open thread while the game goes on? Leave feedback in the comments.

    Anyway, the Yanks blew this one open in the 6th putting up a 9 spot highlighted by a Cano homer. That would be his 3rd straight game with a homer to go along with a single and double.

    Hughes had a pretty decent pitching line, surrendering 0 walks and only 2 runs on 4 hits. By the way, his last 34 and 2/3 inning pitched have been pretty decent (3.63 ERA 23-6 K/BB).

    I can only pray that Jesus Montero ends up having something close to Miguel Cabrera’s hitting prowess (they’ve been comped in the past), cause Cabrera is an absolute beast at the dish. That would be his 5th homer in his last 5 games.

    August 14th @ The Royals

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    Figures, I just wrote about A-Rod losing the pop he once had in his bat yesterday. All 3 of the home runs A-Rod hit were not cheapies either. The first was a solo, part of a 3 homer inning that featured a back-to-back by Granderson and Posada. The second and third were 2 run homers with Tex on board. With the 3 home runs, Rodriguez is now 5 shy from the infamous Sammy Sosa on the all time home run list.

    One thing that should not be forgotten, while Granderson only hit 1 homer, he did hit 2 deep fly outs to the warning track. Could this 3 game hitting streak be the start of things for Granderson?

    On the pitching side of things, Hughes pitched rather well. If you take a scalding hot Wilson Betemit out of the equation (I can’t stand him), Hughes’ lone other run came as the result of the following sequence: weak infield single, bloop single, single due to Gardner losing the ball in the sky, ground out. It was pretty impressive that Hughes got out of that bases loaded jam with only 1 run given up, as the bad fortune could have easily shaken up Hughes.

    Lastly, Watch Posada’s home run, it takes out a fan(he’s wearing a blue shirt).

    August 13th @ The Royals

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    For those who stayed up to watch this entire game after nearly 3 hours of rain delays, I salute you.

    The rain really screwed the Yankees last night/this morning. They had Davies on the ropes early, the rains came, and the Yankees couldn’t really put up any offense despite having runners in scoring position in the 6th, 8th and 9th.

    Watching A-Rod fly out to semi-deep center is strange to me. When you see the swing he puts on the ball and the way it reacts from the behind the pitcher camera, it looks like a home run. Yet the ball just dies. I’ve seen this a few times in the past couple of weeks, balls that A-Rod usually deposits in the seats falling short. It appears like he’s getting good wood on the ball so it’s not that. It could be anything, but I hope it’s just an off year.

    The Royals truly have a putrid defense. Usually when a runner escapes being picked off its due to a fielder throwing the ball away. That was not the case last night as Butler threw the ball too late and Pena made it to second by running past all the fielders. Add that to Betemit booting a ball at third, and Jason Kendall dropping an easy Teixeira pop out. The Royals have a very Bad News Bears type feel when on the field.

    Berkman has looked a lot more comfortable at the plate over his last few games. He hit the ball hard twice, getting a double for his efforts to go with a walk. While his overall numbers still look pretty bad, he his 5 for his last 15 with 4 doubles. If Puma can keep that up, it’ll be a great lift for the offense.

    Mosely had a bit of a tough time in the early goings of this game, but he settled down after the rain delay just as his counter part did. Despite losing the game by surrendering a home run to Butler, Mosely did what you expect of him which is to keep the game close. Bottom line, the Yankees have to expect this type of start every time out and should score some more runs.

    August 12th @ The Royals

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    Sabathia said he likes to pitch in the heat. It showed last night as he was hitting 99 on the radar gun. The big man was wonderful through 8 innings then gave up a couple of singles and was taken out after 8 and 2/3rds of solid pitching. Robertson almost spit the bit, as when he came in he allowed a double upon coming in which allowed Sabathia’s two runners to score. He did not get the job done last night, and I think I personally would have let Sabathia try to finish it out. I know it was hot, be he was one out away and had only 110 pitches (which isn’t quite Sabathia’s limit).

    They talked a lot about Granderson’s new swing, but I really didn’t see that big of a difference (certainly not the same amount of change as say Swisher’s new swing). Regardless, Granderson got 2 hits last night so if he wants to chalk it up to a new stance that’s fine with me.

    Speaking of Swisher, he continued his quest for a .300 season last night with 3 hits. I think he’s found a home in the 2 hole of this lineup. To think, this guy was on the bench in the beginning of last year.

    Don’t look now but our washed up short stop is 33 for his last 102 with 8 XBH and and 8 multi-hit games (all while getting on base at a .378 clip). Man he stinks, bring up Nunez already.

    August 8th Vs. The Red Sox

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    While I was on the LIRR into NYC to go to this game, I got the text from a buddy of mine saying Burnett was scratched and Mosely would be taking his place. At that moment, two things went through my head. First, Mosely, when it’s all said and done, is probably going to have 5-6 starts. Within this past week, I would have seen 2 of them. What are the odds of that.

    The second thing I thought was that this would be the game where Moseley would finally get rocked. I mean, his other two starts were against mediocre teams (although Toronto can hit) while Boston is on a completely other level. Thankfully I was wrong, and Dustin beat the Sox on my birthday.

    Overall, the Yankees are on a 2 game winning streak on my birthday That does not include the 15 inning game that I attended last year, that leaked into my birthday. If you count that 15 inning game, the Yanks beat the Red Sox on my birthday twice last year.

    Anyway, as far as the offense goes, I want to thank Tex, Jeter and the Big Puma for their stellar offensive nights as they pretty much wore Beckett out. Could this have been Berkman’s coming out party?

    Not sure why Girardi felt the need to go to Mo with a 7-2 lead with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. Goes to show you how little confidence he has in Robertson. I would have at least let Robertson go until a run came in, it’s 1 out with a 5 run lead for Christ’s sakes. It’s not like Scutaro is Barry Bonds.

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