• May 31st @ The Royals

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    I can do this one with seven sentences.

    There are pages of baseball stats that can be used to show how bad the Kansas City Royals are this season. But, rather than show you them, just trust me when I say they are so bad that they should have Chico’s Bail Bonds printed on the back of their jerseys.

    Tonight, the non-striving New York Yankees were defeated by these aforementioned Royals.

    By the close of the 1st of June, the Yankees could be in fourth place in the American League East.

    As crazy as this might sound, the Yankees next game is “must win.” I hope the Big Unit realizes this as well.

    May 29th vs. The Red Sox

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    Looks like I called it yesterday.

    Funny thing happened tonight. Well, I say funny because it’s the most polite thing I can think of now. At 9 pm EST, I tuned away from the game to watch the second half of HBO’s Empire Falls (since I watched the first half last night and wanted to see how it ended.) At that point, the score was 2-2 in the 2nd. When I got back to the game at 10:30, it was in the 7th and the Yankees were down 6-2 (with Obi Wang on the mound). And, I thought to myself “Why did I change the channel to Empire Falls when I could have just stayed on ESPN and seen the Empire Fall?

    Actually, I think I can sum up the difference in the Yankees and the Red Sox over the last couple of years in two names: Jason Giambi and David Ortiz. Yankees have the former and the Sox have the latter. And, it’s worse that New York paid gazillions for Jason and Boston found David on the scrap heap. Go figure.

    And, if that’s not bad enough, seeing this man (below) pitch into the 9th inning to get the “W” tonight is another kick in the pants.


    I wonder how the Yankees will rebound (if they do) from this series?

    May 28th vs. The Red Sox

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    Different year.

    Same story.

    Once again, New York had the Red Sox flat on the ground with their pinstriped boot lodged tightly on the Bostonian’s neck. But, instead of maintaining pressure until the Sox’ life-force faded to black, the Yankees knelt down, pressed their lips on that of their foe, and administrated the kiss of life.

    Will this repeated failure to go for the jugular again lead to great despair? Tune in tomorrow.

    Then again, maybe I just take this stuff too seriously?

    May 27th vs. The Red Sox

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    Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin’,
    tossed salad and scrambled eggs.
    Oh my,

    What’s with the theme to Frasier? Here goes: I’m watching the game tonight, and it’s the Cano Show, ya know? And, I’m thinking “This guy is so smooth, he could be the Silver Surfer” and then I thought “He might be the smoothest dude to play in New York since Clyde Frazier.” And, just then Frazier Cano came into my head and right away I realized how close that sounds to “Frasier Crane”………and, then, well, the music started.

    Just earlier this week, I heard A-Rod doing an interview on WFAN and Mike Francesa asked Alex about Cano. And, Rodriguez noted that he brings energy to the game, had a great smile, and was very confident. Francesa noted that Cano looked confident at the plate and Alex added that he (Cano) thinks he can hit anyone (and then laughed). Well, tonight, Robinson showed he can hit anyone and hit them in a big game too.

    Speaking of hitting, congrats to Gary Sheffield for reaching WARP 7 on that homerun blast tonight. Holy Zefram Cochrane Batman!

    Now, time for a true confession. My eyes blurred a little in the beginning of the game, and, I swear, for a moment, when this happened and I was watching the Big Unit pitch, all I could see was Lee Guetterman. But, I’ll give Randy a pass since he said he had extra MPH tonight for the first time in a while and Posada said in the post-game that tonight was the “best I’ve seen him” this season.

    And, speaking of Posada, he deserves a tip of the cap for blocking the plate twice in the 6th. There was a time when he would never do this. On the throw from Womack to nail Bellhorn, I think I even saw Jorgie throw his left elbow out there a little too, just for extra measure. Nice.

    Anyone else out there say it and then almost do it when they saw Mueller come up to face Mo in the 9th? And, speaking of Mo – boy, the segues are flying tonight – Torre said in the post-game that perhaps both Rivera and Gordon are not available tomorrow. This could be interesting.

    May 26th vs. The Tigers

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    Check this out: 20 days ago, when the bad start to this season hit its low-mark, I wrote in an entry to WasWatching.com:

    If the Yankees losses equal the new number (22) on Cano’s back before they win their 12th game, at least two members of the Yankees braintrust will be fired. Maybe more than two.

    Since that time, when New York’s record stood at 11-19, the Yankees have gone 15-2 – – and they still have not registered their 22nd loss of the season. And, with the win this evening, the Yanks now share 2nd place in the AL East (with the Toronto Blue Jays). And, for the cherry on top, the Red Sox (with a loss this evening) presently reside under Team Stein in the standings.

    With Boston coming to the Stadium to play three this weekend, it’s always better to be up on them (and use these games as a chance to drive them further away) rather than having to use these games to try and catch up to them.

    It’s absolutely incredible how this team has turned it around in less than three weeks.

    Speaking of turnarounds, it was also 20 days ago when an entry made here said that it was time for Kevin Brown to pitch better or hit the road.

    Since that time, Brown has won four starts in a row, allowing just 6 earned runs in 25 innings pitched. While I still never want to see Kevin starting a Game 7 in the post-season again for New York, if he’s going to pitch like this in the regular season, by all means, he can stick around.

    And, how ’bout poor A-Rod? He hits a homerun tonight deep into the Yankees bullpen to give the team the eventual winning lead in the game. The ball was crushed. Nah, it was more than crushed. Today, for us, Mr. Rodriguez served up a very special super-sized dish of piping hot Pureed Rawlings this evening. And, as much as that seems like it should be the lead story here, the bigger picture items in terms of the rebound of Brown and the team in general deserve to have the position here of being in the spotlight, on showcase.

    Here’s hoping the next three days brings numerous other positive stories that will have to jockey for top billing in their respective WasWatching.com entries.

    May 25th vs. The Tigers

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    I have to submit that we should start calling Chien-Ming Wang “Obi Wang” from now on – because he is a Jedi Master of the Mound. I was floored during the 8th inning tonight when Kitty Kaat on YES shared that only 2 pitchers in the big leagues, so far this season, have more 1-2-3 innings pitched than Wang: Rocket and Pedro. Throw in that Chien-Ming joined the Yankees after the season started and this is even more amazing.

    Obi Wang, indeed.

    Speaking of amazing, what can you say about that Jeter play on Marcus Thames’ pop-up in the 7th? Throw a black jersey on Jeter, put a helmet on Cano with a star on it, and it’s Super Bowl X all over again – with Derek being Lynn Swann pulling in a 53-yarder in the 2nd Quarter (on Mark Washington). Luckily, no one was hurt there.

    But, for me, what was most amazing tonight was Torre pulling Jason Albatross, er, I mean Giambi for a pinch-hitter in the 8th with a 2-run led. That, ladies and germs, was an eye-opener. Message to Jason: First they start pinch-hitting for you, and then next you’re a piney. Tick, tick, tick…….

    I noticed a lot of smiles on the Yankees today early during the game. This is good. It would be even better if they can keep smiling after the next series too. Fingers crossed.

    May 24th vs. The Tigers

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    Tonight: Mussina = chain saw, and, Tigers = butta.
    Game = Th-uh-uh-uh-uh Yank-eeeees Win!

    Boom, Boom, Boom,
    Yankees bats were in tune.
    They were raking tonight,
    and it led to a fight.

    Well, sort of – that is. On that stuff in the 7th and 8th, I must say, while three weeks ago I was on Quantrill, I’m now doing the 180 on “Q”. This evening, he won me over. I want him on my team. Good job Paul. Attaboy.

    Related, in a roundabout way, this might just be the year that Joe D’s record of most big flies by a RH batter in the ‘stripes (46 in 1937) bites the dust. A-Rod is throwing some serious lumber these days. As long as Alex keeps pumping, we’re going to need someone to protect him from teams playing the old “Hit Slugger, Avoid HR, Win Cupie Doll” game.

    OK, now, on to one gripe and one less serious comment.

    The moan: Giambi comes out of this game in the 5th inning – the first “regular” to be lifted? Huh? Excuse me, but, doesn’t he need ABs? Or, is he already back to form and can use the rest? Yikes.

    The happy ending: I finally figured out who Russ Johnson reminds me of – – it’s Bobby Hill. No, not the ballplayer with the Cubs and Pirates. Bobby Hill, the son from King of the Hill – assuming he grew up to be a baseball player. Same body type. Kinda like if Ron Cey and Greg Luzinski had a baby.

    PS – anyone notice that the Yankees are 13-6 since Robinson Cano was called up?

    May 22nd @ The Mets

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    I missed the game today. So, I cannot offer too many comments – other than I enjoyed seeing Mango being denied a “W” yet again thanks to the Boys from the Bronx.

    Instead of watching the game, I went to see Sparky Lyle’s Somerset Patriots play (with the family of course!). You just cannot beat an experience where you walk up to the ballpark 45 minutes before the first pitch, and can buy four seats that are four rows behind the dugout, for a combined price that is less than the cost of one seat in the Loge at the Stadium. And, just to show support for the boys, our kids were dressed appropriately today:


    Could a three and one-year old be dressed any better on a Sunday?

    You know, Nettles’ kid plays for the Patriots. Maybe on an off-day, he can come up to the Bronx and give A-Rod a refresher course on manning the hot corner? He seems to need it this year. (No complaints on his batting this season though. This is what I expected.)

    On A-Rod, I saw that he called today the biggest regular-season win in his 1½ seasons with the Yankees (according to ESPN.com). Hey, Alex, I still have the stubs and parking lot ticket from 7/1/04. Should I send them to you to make you remember?

    Nice to see Pavano get the win today. And, is the Giambi thing over yet? His last 10 ABs have not been impressive – have they? And, you can’t blame them on rust – right? He played 5 days in a row (FT) coming into them.

    May 21st @ The Mets

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    I got nothing.
    But, when you’re Brazilian waxed by Mr. Anna Benson in public, during broad daylight, that just leaves me with a loss of freakin’ words.
    I’m going to do exactly what the Yankees did today – and mail this one in.

    In closing, I remain, in disrespect of the Mets who behave like Little Leaguers when they’re winning, yours truly,
    The laconic commenting Yankeeland zealot

    Consider this entry an open mike for anyone who wants to chime in……

    May 20th @ The Mets

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    Back during the early evening of April 7th, I heard a caller to the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio (1050 AM in NYC) say “Kaz Matsui has more balls pass through his legs than Paris Hilton.” I now see what he meant. I’m glad he decided to let some more pass through tonight.

    For 8 innings tonight, it looked like the Yankees were going to need some luck to stay with them to win this game. What were they, something like, 1 for 15 with RISP through eight (and they still had a lead)? And, the only word to describe Jeter’s all-around play tonight is horrific. (I wonder if his left knee, which he did something to in Seattle while batting, is bothering him?)

    But, thanks to a little 9th inning action and a sharp Mo, it’s a “W.” Whew.

    Speaking of “Whew!” – am I the only one who was holding his breath to make sure A-Rod was OK after that ugly dive back into 1B in the 9th to avoid being doubled-up? He’s a big man to be throwing his body around like that. That was too close for me.

    Lastly, back in Spring Training, I thought that Ruben Sierra looked about 6 months PG. Looking at him tonight, I’d say he’s at least 30 pounds overweight. I’m calling it now – he’ll be back on the DL at least once before the All-Star break. The Yankees better think about getting another back-up OF on the team who is capable with the bat – just in case.

    May 18th @ The Mariners

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    It had to end sometime.

    You just cannot win everyday. And, after winning 10 in a row, you knew it was coming soon. Actually, earlier on Wednesday, I thought to myself “If they lose today, it won’t be the worst thing. You don’t want to go into the Mets series being due for a loss. Maybe it’s better to get it out of your system and then be hungry for another win when you start up at Shea?”

    But, when I saw the last 3 starts stats on YES for Mussina and Moyer at the beginning of the game last night – where Moose was lights-out and Moyer had an Opp BA over .500 and an ERA over 16 – I thought “OK, 11 in a row is good too.” And, then, it happened.

    I went to bed last night ’round midnight after five with the Yankees winning 6-4 and thinking good thoughts. Then, this AM, I woke up, flipped on ESPN News on the box, and saw that Seattle won the game, and “L: Gordon (0-3)” scrolled by and I thought “Oh, great.” Then, I got on-line and read the recap on ESPN.com.

    I’m glad I missed the 6th where Posada and Sheffield decided to sample some of the greatest hits from the days Tin Glove Alley – after two outs! – to allow the M’s to score two and then tie the game.

    And, I’m really glad I missed where Gordon later gives up the two out hit in the 8th to Miguel Olivo (thanks a lot Kevin Millar) to break the tie.

    Even after this, the Yankees managed to load the bases with two outs in the 9th…..but Giambi Ks looking on an 0-2 pitch to end the game. And, if that’s not bad enough, we see this quote from the MVP-turned-human-version-of-the-last-shot-out-of-a-roman-candle: “I got caught looking slider and he threw a fastball.”

    Jason, it was an 0-2 pitch with two outs and the bags full and the game on the line……..and you’re pitch guessing? My stars, are you that bad of a ballplayer? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your brain, and, this is your brain on steroids. Scary.

    At least I didn’t say up to watch it live.

    So, now, instead of riding the high of an 11-game winning streak, the Yankees have to make a long plane ride home from the west coast thinking about the win they gave away in ugly fashion, and then sit on that all-day today as they return to New York, trying to bounce back from the time-difference. And, then they get to strap it on for the Mets on Friday. And, who’s on the mound for the Yanks?

    Kevin Brown.

    I have to stop now before I break the keyboard.

    May 17th @ The Mariners

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    First off, a great win last night. Yankees keep pace with the O’s and Sox who also won. And, as West Coast trips can go, this one could not be any better. Also, Pavano was sharp. But, here’s the scary part from last night:

    In an ESPN.com report, I read that “Torre believes Giambi has been showing good signs and will continue to play this weekend in the interleague series at the Mets.”

    Why, because Giambi had three hits last night? This is a joke. I saw the three hits. The first one was a pop-up that fell in, the second one was a ground ball, and the third one (the HR) was a breaking pitch that didn’t do much, and, in the words of Kenny Singleton, was in Giambi’s “happy zone.” I’ll add that it was hit off a guy with an ERA on 6.27 who already had allowed 6 HRs in 18 IP so far this season.

    So, for this output, the Yankees are willing to pull one of their hottest hitters (Tino) out of the lineup, and put one of their worst defenders (Giambi) in the field, for a series in (of all places!) Shea Stadium? Is that enough reward for a bloop, a bleeder, and a BP HR? Why not throw the guy a parade too?

    Do the Yankees realize that I have to go to work on Monday and that the Mets fans will be lined up waiting for me to talk about Pedro vs. Giambi, and how many runs Minky saved this weekend vs. how many Giambi let in while in the field?

    Joe Torre, why me? What did I ever do to you? Unless, of course, the Yankees want Giambi to embarrass himself this weekend to build a case? Nah, can’t be – right? After all, winning ball games is the important thing, no?

    Then, why sit Tino to play Giambi? Based on what? There’s nothing to support this – zip, zilch, zero, nada.

    Unless, of course, if by “continue to play” Joe means that he’ll use Giambi as a PH at not leave him on the bench completely. Maybe this is the case? I hope so.

    May 16th @ The Mariners

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    Anytime you leave 23 runners on base in a game and still win, you know the baseball gods are smiling on you.

    And, the funny thing is: One of the heroes of this game, Bernie Big Slam Williams left 6 runners on himself.

    Think someday we’ll say “That Wright signing was a good thing – it allowed us to discover Wang. Had the Yankees signed an able-bodied pitcher, poor Wang would have been stuck in Columbus all year in 2005”?

    I missed the 9th inning last night. But, per the boxscore, Mo looked shaky – a walk, a hit, and almost half of his pitches were balls. Something to keep an eye on……maybe?

    Yankees are now 6 back in the loss column. Can’t wait until that gets closer to three.

    May 15th @ The A’s

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    If you would have told me last March that, after 38 games, the Yankees would be a .500 team on the morning of May 16th, I would have said that would be a major disappointment. Yet, given the fact that the Yankees needed to string together a very impressive winning streak to get to .500 at this point, I’m actually feeling pretty good about this team right now.

    In some ways, losing 19 of their first 30 games this season may have been a blessing to this team – if there is such a thing. I believe, that maybe, just maybe, it gave this team a hard slap in the face and taught them (the hard way) that you cannot just throw your gloves on the field and expect to win. Hopefully, if this is a lesson learned, it will be one that says with the team right through their 4th win in the World Series.

    I’m half-and-half on the big Giambi hit today in the 7th. Half of me says “Big deal. The pitch was centered on the plate. Might as well have been on a Tee.” But, the other half of me says “To his credit, he did exactly what you’re supposed to do with a cookie like that – hit the snot out of it.” Deep down inside, I still find myself rooting against him…….because I know total and absolute failure is the only way to get him off the roster (albeit a pricey measure).

    So, Unit fails to strike out a batter for the first time in nearly five years. And, in fact, it was the longest appearance of Johnson’s career without a strikeout. Still, he gets his 250th career win. Baseball is a hoot with stuff like this – time and time again.

    I’m starting to see some Robby Alomar is Cano’s swing. And, he just looks like a ballplayer in the field. I hope they keep him.

    Tino Martinez = Best.insurance.policy.ever.
    He makes the Aflac duck look like Huey, Dewey and Louie’s baby sister.

    May 14th @ The A’s

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    Just one more win until .500! Poor Unit – going tomorrow, day game after a night game where the Yanks scored fifteen. You know they’re going to only score 2 runs tomorrow, uh, I mean later today. That’s the way it always goes.

    Kudos to the A’s fan for fingering the buffoon who threw the beer at Giambi (who now has his BA up to an even .200!) in the top of the 8th. Imagine having seats that great – right on the dugout – and doing something that stupid. Dude, just enjoy being that close to a major league baseball game. (Whoops, I forgot. Make that half-a-major-league-game. The way the A’s are playing these days is not exactly big league.) There really ought to be a way to make sure someone like this brew-tossing bozo never gets to go to a game again – – but, I know that’s not possible.

    I wish I could bottle a film clip of that shot YES had in the 5th when Posada homered – the reaction of Jeter and A-Rod in the dugout. And, then I could show that to the next person who wants to make the claim that the relationship between Derek and Alex is chilled and forced. Yeah, right.

    Lastly, I laughed out loud when David Justice said “Thank God!” to the mention of how quickly he was traded away from the Mets before ever playing for them. I really wish Kay and Kenny had asked to expand on that. But, they did the right thing by not allowing their partner to get himself in a bad spot.

    May 13th @ The A’s

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    This is now three games in a row for Moose where he’s won, and, more importantly, it’s the 3rd time that he’s been able to give the team 7+ innings. That’s big.

    Please, please, please, let this be a Giambi showcase that we’re seeing. A loud fly to the track and one base knock was good. Good enough to get Billy Beane hot and bothered? Let’s hope so……..

    I know this requires planning, and foresight, etc., but, it would have been cool if YES, on Womack’s 2-run triple in the 3rd, had a split screen going with Jeter scoring from 1st isolated in one half and Womack going home to 3rd in the other. Talk about a day at the races!

    And, while this has probably happened and maybe I just (heaven forbid) wasn’t watching, it would be nice to see – at least once, for me – where A-Rod makes a play going to his right…….either snaring a liner in the air or snuffing out a grounder-double that’s skipping down the line. Maybe it’s just me, but, I swear, this year, I’ve yet to see him make a play to his right that required any type of range at all. Maybe he’s playing off the line too much? I dunno.

    May 11th vs. The Mariners

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    Clams on the half shell and roller-skates.
    These are good times.

    This time last week, this is the type of game that the Yankees would have lost. However, instead of an ugly loss, we saw an ugly win. No matter, there are no style points in baseball. A win, baby, is a win, albeit of the Angelina Jolie class or something that looks like an orangutan’s butt after he just guzzled a gallon of caster oil.

    Today, the pen was mightier than the sword. And, that helped a lot.

    .500, here we come.

    On a side note, I was surprised to see that Russ Johnson was added to the team when F’ed-Rod went down. In 2002, Johnson missed two months due to anxiety and depression. I hope he’s over that now. New York can be a tough place to play. Then again, if you’ve seen the Columbus roster, there’s not many other options to pick from down there. It’s not a basket full of prizes.

    May 10th vs. The Mariners

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    Tonight’s victory is a big one. Whenever you have a winning streak and then have Brown or Wang pitching, and they can win and keep it going – so that one of the Cash Money Brothers in the rotation can get a turn at keeping it going, that’s a clutch win.

    Wang is starting to remind me of Ramiro Mendoza, if ‘Doza had been a good starting pitcher. Keeping it down, moving it, pitching to contact.

    Think Tino is locked in?

    I’ve read some Internet reports tonight that said Giambi could be headed to the minors. But, in the YES post-game, Joe said he’s taking Giambi on the road trip and that Jason thinks he’s close to coming out if it. I’m sticking with my June 15th deadline mentioned earlier today.

    May 9th vs. The Mariners

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    I had a business commitment this evening and could not pick up the game until the 7th inning when I tuned into the radio coverage from my car. I thought they were nuts to have Jeter bunt over Sanchez for Womack in the bottom of the 8th.

    Just goes to show what I know.

    I got home just in time to see the post-game on YES. Randy certainly looked pumped coming off the mound in the 8th (per the highlights that I saw). Even after all these years, the Unit lives to compete. That’s good. This team needs that kind of heart.

    As exciting as it is to finally win three in a row this year, it’s depressing as heck to think the Yankees are still so far below .500.

    I know, I know………you have to crawl before you can walk – and you have to walk before you can run. I’m just looking forward to when this team not only runs – but, also runs over some teams too.

    I was also going to rant some on Giambi today. But, I’ll save that for another day soon. Why ruin an otherwise nice Yankee win by bringing up the Yankee’s version of Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s “Morn”?

    May 8th vs. The A’s

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    For a while now, I’ve been calling Kevin Brown a mother. But, today was mother’s day! Sweet fancy Moses – KB was not toying around out there this afternoon.

    This makes it back-to-back victories for the Bronx Bombers. As you need to win two consecutive games at some point to start a winning streak, the “W” today is a beautiful thing.

    This all said, prior to this series, I saw the following on the A’s in a report somewhere on the ‘net:

    The A’s are batting just .241 as a team, with 19 home runs in 28 games. They have scored three runs or fewer 16 times.

    Therefore, we have to wonder – at least a wee bit – was it us, or them, these past few games?

    In any event, BTB wins will make going to work tomorrow AM somewhat easier and takes some of the sting out of the “I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ot the whole day down” Monday blues.

    And, of course, Happy Mother’s Day! to all the moms out there. Holy cow! Where would we be without you?

    May 7th vs. The A’s

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    Today, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Mussina stepped up.
    Not as big as Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS or Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS. But, in terms of stepping up for a game on May 7th, Moose came through with a game today as big as one could hope for – and then some.

    Granted, these are the 2005 Oakland A’s – and they’re not exactly an offensive to make you want to cry “Mommy!” But, Mussina did something today that we do not see a lot of in Yankeeland: A complete game shutout victory.

    When you factor in the losing streak, the way the team has been playing, and who is pitching tomorrow for New York – oh, and the facts that the Yankees have several slumping hitters, a bullpen full of arsonists, and a closer that was not available today – then coming through with a shutout this afternoon is a huge, huge, effort.

    Attaboy Moose. You don’t step up all the time. But, when you do, it’s memorable!

    May 6th vs. The A’s

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    This is starting to take depressing to another level. I’m surprised that one of those YES Ultimate Road Trip people hasn’t checked themselves into the loony bin by now.

    Before the first pitch tonight, I thought I saw something. With the start slightly delayed, the TV cameras focused on the Yankees dugout. Guys were slapping each other, doing the fist, etc., and I thought I saw some energy and upbeat players.

    Then, through the first seven innings of the game, that optimism disappeared. But, it made a comeback in the 8th, albeit short-lived.

    By the 10th inning, well, there just aren’t words. Kaat said it best when he said (something like) “Just when you thought you had hit the lowest of lows, it gets lower.” I guess that’s why they pay Kitty and not me – he’s able to find the words.

    So many of the “old guard” had a hand in this one – Mo (walking the 9th place hitter to start the 10th?), Jeter with a muff, Tino with a boot and a bad throw, and, Posada……..Oh, my stars and garters, will someone please put a leash on Jorge when he’s on 2nd base? Watching tonight was like watching an old, past his prime, fighter get slugged around in a ring he had no business being in.

    And, while it was not a factor in this game, having two players on the active roster who cannot play the field is going to cost the Yankees a game very soon. When Phillips moved to LF, what would have happened if he, Matsui, or Sheff got tossed from the game or injured? Rey Sanchez to the OF? That’s about all that was left.

    Prediction: If the Yankees losses equal the new number (22) on Cano’s back before they win their 12th game, at least two members of the Yankees braintrust will be fired. Maybe more than two.

    May 5th @ The Devil Rays

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    We Play Today, We Lose Today, Dassit.

    Is there someone out there who can explain this new math to me? I’m having a very hard time understanding how 29,893,567 is better than 205,938,439, three times out of four.

    As of this moment, I am convinced that this team had the life sucked out of them in the 2004 ALCS and until they receive a spark to reanimate them, we’re not going to see anything different from what we’ve been seeing this year.

    From 1989 to 1992, the Yankees averaged 90 losses per season. Since that time, they’ve never lost more than 74 in a given year.

    Their magic number is now 57. If the Yankees lose 57 more games, that would give them an all-time high loss mark since 1992. In order to not lose 57 more games, they must win 4 out of every 7, from now until the end of the year. It’s possible. But, first, we need that spark.

    Quick, everyone start cutting out pictures from old Yankee yearbooks, put on a rally cap, and sing with me……..

    From my heart and from my hand
    Why don’t people understand
    My intentions . . . . Oooh, weird . . . .

    Weird science!!

    (Weird science)
    Magic and technology
    Voodoo dolls and chants
    Electricity We’re makin’

    (Weird science)
    Fantasy and microchips
    Shooting from the hip
    Something different
    We’re makin’

    (Weird science)
    Pictures from a magazine
    Diagrams and charts
    Mending broken hearts (and makin’)

    (Weird science) Something like a recipe
    Bits and pieces . . . . Bits and pieces . . . .

    May 4th @ The Devil Rays

    Posted by on May 4th, 2005 · Comments (3)

    The difference between pitching in Triple-A and the majors is huge. Therefore, the difference between Double-A and the bigs is even greater. Sean Henn can’t be blamed for tonight. Whoever made the choice to start him should be blamed. Henn still has a good shot at a future as a major league starter. He just needs more time in the minors – especially at Triple-A.

    Yankees are now 11-17 on the year. In order for NY to win 100 games this year, they would have to win 2 out of every 3 games for the rest of the season. In order to win 90 games this season, they would have to win 3 out of every 5 games for the rest of the year.

    This squad is starting to look like an 85-win team, at best.

    But, to get to that point, they’re going to need an exorcism or enema first – or perhaps both – because they way they’re going now, they’ll be lucky to win 75 games this season.

    May 3rd @ The Devil Rays

    Posted by on May 3rd, 2005 · Comments (3)

    We’ve seen enough of Tucker Ashford, er, um, I mean, Kevin Brown. To be more clear, Mike Griffin has fooled us long enough. Damn, I did it again. I mean that Kevin Brown has fooled us long enough. Anywho, what can the Yankees do? It’s already at the point where they’re pulling up Double-A starters to fill out the rotation.

    Am I the only one who saw a little Dion James in the batting stance of Robinson Cano tonight? I’m glad the kid got # 14. Moose Skowron had it. Sweet Lou Piniella too. And, then a bunch of rejects like Irabu and Enrique Wilson had it. It would be nice for # 14 to find a star to land on. Maybe Cano is it?

    I have to confess that I turned the game off at 9 pm EST to watch House M.D. on FOX. It’s the best show on TV now, in my humble opinion.

    Jason Giambi is now playing like a 38-year-old Rickey Henderson without the speed. Basically, his game is walks and nothing else. Could he be the first player ever to qualify for the batting title, hit under .210, slug under .400 and have an On Base Average over .400? Now, that would be something.

    The most depressing thing about today’s Yankee news? It has to be the Randy Johnson situation. It’s kinda/sorta stupid to tick off your brand new ace like this, no?

    These are the 2005 New York Yankees. Looking backwards. Looking foolish.

    May 2nd @ The Devil Rays

    Posted by on May 2nd, 2005 · Comments (2)

    So many random thoughts on this game………

    1. Welcome to the big leagues, Andy Phillips. It must be painful to make that quick, acute, left turn 5 times in a row. Could have been worse – ask Torre. I believe he actually hit into four DPs in a game once.

    2. On Bernie – Now that the secret is out on his elbow, the Yankees are going to have to go out and get a CF. Or, move Bernie to LF and play Matsui in CF for the rest of the year. I could see them pulling something like 2000, when they got Justice and no one saw it coming. Whatever they do, let’s hope it turns out as well as Justice did in 2000.

    3. Mussina, Gordon, and Mo looked good tonight – although Moose didn’t actually overpower anyone (2 Ks) and this was the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

    4. Related to the above, NY got only one ER in 6 innings off Kazmir and then took advantage of Harper in the 8th, and later got blown away by Baez in the 9th. Take away some of the gifts in the 8th and the Yankees just managed to score three against TB.

    5. Notice all that Japanese rotating signage behind home plate? That’s two years in a row (at least). Lotta Japanese people in Tampa? I doubt it. That’s TB taking advantage of the Matsui factor and these games going to Japan.

    6. Speaking of ads, I saw the A-Rod/Vlad Pepsi commercial for the first time tonight. Smart picks by Pepsi. Plays to the Latin crowd. Covers both west and east coast. And, applies to baseball fans. Lets just hope there’s no Pepsi whammy thing. Didn’t Giambi and Sosa do a Pepsi commercial once?

    7. Man, the stands in TB looked empty tonight. They had thirteen-two. It reminded me of the scenes of Knights games during The Natural when they would show the stands – before Roy Hobbs started to play.

    Prediction: A good game from Kevin Brown tomorrow. Again, let us not forget, this is Tampa Bay that we’re talking about.

    May 1st vs. The Blue Jays

    Posted by on May 1st, 2005 · Comments (2)

    Ah, a new month – but, it starts off as painful as most of the past month. The Yankees lose ugly today, and drop another series.

    New York is now 7½ games behind Baltimore. Its the largest deficit the Yanks have faced since September 1997.

    In my mind, Joe Torre has to be feeling the heat. After the game, he was quoted as saying:

    “The Baltimore Orioles are not what I’m concerned about. What I’m concerned about is our ballclub. We’ve had leads in the past that have disappeared when teams got hot. We have to be that team that gets hot. I don’t care how good you are or how good you’re supposed to be. You have to go out there and start winning regularly or your confidence isn’t where you want it to be. I don’t think I have to tell them anything. They’re here. They witnessed what I witnessed.”

    Is it fair for Torre to be taking the blame here? Well, fair or not, that’s the way it works in baseball. I’m still wondering who will be next? Girardi and Mattingly may be too loyal to Joe to take the job – and too green for the position as well. Sojo and White are not in the running. Bucky Dent is in AAA – but, we’ve been down that road before – and, it was not a nice ride. Stump Merrill is a special assistant to the G.M. – but, I would get the job after Torre more than Stump would get it. Gosh, would Stein give it to Dick Williams? What is he, 90 years old? Could the McKeon performance in FLA be enough to persuade The Boss to do that?

    Andy Stankiewicz is a dark-horse. He’s at Staten Island now. But, would the team respond to him?

    Whoever is chosen will be the opposite of Joe. It will be a fanny-kicker, I’m sure. Would the Yankees try and “trade” for Lou Piniella? Is that possible? Wouldn’t that be fun – considering the latest Schilling-Sweet Lou exchanges? One thing for sure there – if Boston starts plunking Yankees, Lou will not sit idle there. (And, I think A-Rod said once that Lou was his fav-MGR. Does that factor in?)

    Bobby V? Is he still locked up in Japan? Larry Bowa? Lord in heaven, please, no. Reggie? Yeah, right……….

    …….what about Rob Thomson? He could be a sleeper-pick. I would love to get someone like Ron Hassey – but, he’s a coach in Seattle and the Yankees would need help making that happen.

    This could be interesting.