• June 30th vs. The A’s

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    If you had to sum up the Yankees 2007, to date, in terms of a one-game, nine inning snapshot, this game would be the ideal choice.

    Kei Igawa provided a decent start today. Not great, but, not terrible. Actually, in terms of what’s reasonable to expect from most fifth starters, Igawa’s performance was just about there. And, that was the highlight in this game for the Yankees today. How sad is that?

    It was the perfect day for a baseball game today in the Bronx – in terms of the weather. It’s a shame that the Yankees hitters and bullpen decided to do something other than play baseball today.

    Tomorrow should be fun. Yanks get to face Dan Haren and his ERA of 1.91 (so far this season).

    Man, the All-Star break cannot come fast enough this year, can it?

    June 29th vs. The A’s

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    Totally missed this one. I went to see “Live Free or Die Hard” tonight. (If you’re a fan of John McClane, you’ll like this one.)

    When I got home, my dad (who was watching the kids with my mom) filled me in on the game – including giving me the low-down on Farnsworth’s fit.

    Time for Torre to give Kyle the Dallas Green to Stanley Jefferson “Look in the mirror, big boy” speech…if you ask me.

    It’s great that the Yankees won. And, it’s great that Mussina went seven. But, let’s face it: New York barely beat an Oakland team tonight (by a score of 2-1) – an Oakland team that had lost 10 of their last 16 games coming into this contest.

    The Yankees had 9 hits in this game – off of the likes of Joe Kennedy and Dallas Braden – but one-third of those hits came from Alex Rodriguez.

    Like I said, great to win a game…but, it’s not like the Yankees just took the best pitcher on the best team in the league and pounded him for 15 hits and 6 runs. I have to see more before I’m ready to pronounce the Yankees as being out of their current rut.

    June 28th @ The Orioles

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    The Yankees have scored four in the top of the 8th to take an 8-6 lead against the O’s in this game – – during which time the rains came. (The game is in a long rain delay now as this is being penned.)

    At this moment, all I can think about is August 13, 1978. On that day, the Yankees were also playing in Baltimore. The Yankees scored five runs in the top of the 7th inning during that game to take a 5-3 lead over the Orioles before heavy rains led to a delay of the game.

    O’s manager Earl Weaver stalled the umps during the rain, and, with the help of the Baltimore groundskeepers working in slow-motion, the game was eventually called after the delay.

    At that time, in that type of situation, the score reverted back to the last complete inning. So, Baltimore ended up winning that game, 3-0 (and the Yankees’ 7th was wiped off the books).

    If I’m correctly reading the baseball rules in place now:

    (a) A game shall become a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons:
    (1) A curfew imposed by law;
    (2) A time limit permissible under league rules;
    (3) Light failure or malfunction of a mechanical field device under control of the home club. (Mechanical field device shall include automatic tarpaulin or water removal equipment);
    (4) Darkness, when a law prevents the lights from being turned on;
    (5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning is completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead;

    …we should not have a repeat of August 13, 1978 with this contest. Whew. Therefore, I’m going to sleep now. It’s been raining so long in Baltimore that I expect we won’t see this game finished until late July.

    June 27th @ The Orioles

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    This is what it’s come down to: The most exciting moment for the Yankees, and their fans, in this game tonight was a loud (pinch at-bat) flyball out that almost made it to the warning track by Andy Phillips in the 8th inning.

    “Now look at me.

    I’m wet nurse to a last-place, dead-to-the-neck-up ball club…

    …and I’m choking to death!”

    Those are the words that come to my mind when I watch this team play these days. Lifeless. The Yankees play with about as much energy as a koala on quaaludes.

    An electric cattle prod! An electric cattle prod! My kingdom for an electric cattle prod!

    Actually, I could use about ten of them – just to try and get this team to show some life.

    June 26th @ The Orioles

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    Scott Proctor, from June 21st to June 23rd, threw 86 pitches (combined) in the three games where he appeared. That’s like a full game for a starter. So, what does Torre do in this game? He brings in Proctor – to pitch the 9th of a tie game – on “two days rest.” Would you have a starter come back on two-days rest after throwing 86 pitches? No. Scott Proctor should have never appeared in this game – or any game – until he had at least three or four days rest.

    And, worse, during the ninth, you could see that Proctor gassed. He was red in the face, sweating, etc. Once he allowed the first two batters to reach, he should have been lifted.

    Blame this one on Joe Torre – for having Proctor in this game.

    And, give some blame to Abreu as well – for playing that Millar fly ball into a hit. Good heavens, he is a terrible outfielder.

    So, the Yankees are now 4-13 in one-run games. So many point to that as “bad luck” and use that as a spring board to say New York is due to turn this around as they are overdue to have better luck.

    Was this game bad luck? Was the one-run loss against the Giants where Bruney blew it in the 7th bad luck? Was the recent one-run loss against the Rockies where Jeter ran the Yankees out of an inning bad luck? Was the one-run loss in Toronto where Aaron Hill stole home bad luck?

    The “bad luck” in these types of losses is really the Cashman/Torre effect. Cashman built a starting rotation with issues (Mussina, Pavano, Igawa) that led to a bullpen being cooked by this point in the season. This is why the Bruneys, Proctors, etc., are losing games. And, it’s Torre who has not rallied the team to be focused – which leads to things like Abreu misplays in the outfield, baserunners killing innings, allowing opponents to run wild on the bases, etc.

    If you want to know why the Yankees record is so poor this season, look to Cashman and Torre. The “luck” stops there.

    June 24th @ The Giants

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    When Bobby Abreu plays in a game that the Yankees have won, he’s had at least one hit in 32 of those 36 games.

    When Bobby Abreu plays in a game that the Yankees have lost, he’s had zero hits in 20 of those 37 games.

    I’m beginning to believe, as goes Bobby Abreu, so does the Yankees offense. Either the Yankees have to get Abreu going well again…or, they have to get another “three-hitter” in the line-up who can bat well consistently.

    Then again, the Yankees also need to start getting more than 5 innings (or less) from their starting pitchers. And, they need to have guys come out of the pen and be able to hold a game close. And, they need to play better defensive baseball…the list goes on.

    The 2007 baseball season is now 45% in the books for the Yankees. And, it’s not been a pretty story – sans a period from May 30th to June 17th. (In those 19 good days, they played 17 games and went 14-3.) If you take out that nice run from May 30th to June 17th, the Yankees record is 22-34.

    When the Yankees are hot, they’re red hot. But, when they are not, they’re down right terrible. It will be interesting to see if they’re hot more than they’re not over the remaining 55% of the season.

    Totally unrelated to anything…we took the kids to go see the Lakewood BlueClaws play today. Antonella Barba sang God Bless America during the seventh inning. Ronan Tynan has nothing to worry about.

    I had a lot more fun watching the BlueClaws today than seeing (the last four innings that I caught of) the Yankees game this afternoon. Why do I have a feeling I’m going to be able to say “I had a lot more fun doing ‘X’ than seeing the Yankees game today” at least a few more times this season?

    June 23rd @ The Giants

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    Thank you Brian Bruney, Bobby Abreu and Robinson Cano.

    Bruney, for coming in during the 7th, with two outs and runners on first and second, and then allowing a single, walk, and another walk – pushing in two runs and permitting the Giants to take the lead in the game (5-4).

    Cano, for grounding into a DP in the fifth with runners on first and third with one out. And, for whiffing with runners on first and second with one out in the seventh. And, for grounding out with the bases loaded in the eleventh – albeit with two outs.

    Abreu, for grounding out in the sixth with runners on first and third – to end the inning. And, for whiffing to end the eighth with a runner on third and the Yankees down by a run. And, for bunting into a FC in the eleventh.

    Know what may be the worst part of this series? A-Rod. He’s been awesome – and delivered another clutch ninth inning homer today. He’s been a terror at the plate in these first two games – and making a huge impression on the Giants and their fans.

    I’m sure that Alex has been equally impressed with the park in San Fran…everyone is during this series.

    If the Giants let Bonds go at the end of the year, they can use that money to go after A-Rod, if he opts out.

    This weekend series is starting to shape up like the beginning of a lovefest between Alex, the Giants, and the city of San Francisco. This could all mean that the Giants will be in the A-Rod hunt this off-season…should there be one.

    June 22nd @ The Giants

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    Good game to win. This victory puts the Yankees now 5 games back, in the loss column, of the wildcard. With 91 games to go, it’s possible to make up those 5 games.

    Joe Torre had this to say about Igawa last night:

    “He was consistent for four innings and to me that’s darn near half the game,” Torre said. “It may have just been the point where you maybe look up at the scoreboard and you see it’s going to be an official game here in a minute and he may have just rushed himself.”

    Yes, Igawa was consistent for four – and, then, just around midnight eastern time, he imploded in the fifth. (Holy Cinderella Batman!)

    In fact, if not for that awesome catch by Matsui to end the fifth, we could be looking at a different game outcome here thanks to Igawa.

    I’m very anxious to see Igawa’s next start – against an American League team, in a hitter’s ballpark. I think that game will tell us more about whether or not he’s made any improvements to his game.

    The Yankees won this contest because of their bullpen and because the Giants’ Matt Cain had a rough night. Kei Igawa really didn’t have that much to do with it, at all.

    June 21st @ The Rockies

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    I caught the last third of this game, on the radio, driving home from work. (Tons of I-287 traffic, rain, and a long drive meant I had lots of time to listen.) I cannot pick up 880 AM by my office – so, I listened to the feed on X-M Radio…which was the Rockies broadcasters. I did this until I got closer to home…where I was able to switch to Waldman and Sterling for the last inning.

    I always find it strange to listen to a Yankees game being done by the other team’s broadcasters. It’s like I’m Michael Stivic asking Gloria to put on the black wig.

    In any event, I was glad to catch the post-game with Sterling and Waldman. They said that the Yankees played a terrible game in terms of making “mental mistakes” – Jeter getting thrown out on the bases, Cano getting doubled up, and Abreu missing a sign. They said that Jeter, after the game, agreed that the team is pressing.

    Not exactly what you would expect to hear from a team that won 11 of 12 before this three game set.

    So, the Yankees are now “just” a .500 team again. And, there’s a great chance that they could be around four games under .500 (or worse) by the All-Star break.

    Hmmm…less than .500 at the break and making mental mistakes. Well, if Joe Torre can survive that, then he really is the Teflon Torre.

    June 20th @ The Rockies

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    If this series at Coors, and the way the Yankees have played there (so far) ends up costing the Yankees a shot a the post-season this year, just remember this: This series was never supposed to happen in the first place.

    How’s that for a kick in the pants?

    June 19th @ The Rockies

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    The New York Yankees.
    At Coors Field on a warm night.
    Against Josh Fogg.

    And, what do you get?

    Only 5 of the 26 batters that face Fogg reach base.

    You either have to tip your cap to Josh Fogg or suspect that the Yankees, after a 48-hour layoff, were caught back on their heels by a Rockies team who has been playing great for a month now.

    I’m going with the latter.

    Here’s a little fact for you: On May 17, 2007, the Yankees were 9.5 games out of first. Today, after this game, the Yankees are now 9 games out of first. Therefore, in the last five weeks, the Yankees have gained only one-half game in the standings on the Red Sox.

    When you think about that, in terms of the big picture, and then see Josh Fogg man-handle the Yanks, it tells you that New York cannot allow for games like this one to happen.

    June 17th vs. The Mets

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    Seeing the results from this game leaves me with two “shames.”

    Man, it was a shame that the Yankees let Oliver Perez beat them on Friday – because, now, we know they could have swept the Mets.

    And, man, it’s a shame this game was on ESPN – because this contest would make for an excellent addition to Yankees Classics. I would watch this one again – no problem. Worm Killer was awesome – and Wang’s whiff of Reyes in the 8th, where Jose screwed himself into the ground on one swing at a change, standalone, makes this game one that is worth seeing again.

    How about that blast by A-Rod? (I hope to have some interesting A-Rod comment up later today.)

    Beware the Rockies now – they’re next – and they’ve been playing good ball of late (or, so I’ve been told).

    June 16th vs. The Mets

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    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see the Yankees win today. I’m always happy to see the Yankees win. And, with a season like this one, so far, the Yankees need wins – any which way they can find them. So, sure, I’m happy to see the Yankees win this game. Plus, beating the Mets, well, that’s always good too.

    But, games like today…well, let me put it this way:

    It’s like having $12 in your pocket and seeing a $5 item on sale somewhere for four bucks – and, it’s something that you want. But, instead of spending $4, or even $5, on the item, you spend $11 on it because you can afford to do it.

    You’re happy – because you got the item that you wanted. But, it was not a smart or pretty transaction. And, in the end, that leaves you less than thrilled – or not as thrilled as you could have been on the deal.

    That’s how I feel about games like today.

    And, today was a bummer for Tyler Clippard. As much as I love his potential, and as much as I believe he will be a productive major league pitcher, it’s clear that he’s not ready now. Today was a golden chance for him to step up and make a statement – but, he let it slip through his fingers. So, instead, Clippard is on his way back to Triple-A. And, it looks like Kei Igawa has a chance to get the #5 slot in the Yankees rotation, the next time a starter is needed outside of Wang, Pettitte, Mussina and Clemens.

    Why am I not excited about that?

    Lastly, we have Kyle Farnsworth. In his last 11 games, he’s pitched an inning or less each time out. And, in 10 of those 11 games, he’s allowed a baserunner. I think it’s time to start calling him “Salty” – because the way he attacks an outing makes so many want to start drinking. Can’t Cashman just trade him for a fifth starter and get rid of him?

    June 15th vs. The Mets

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    I’ll take six and change and just two runs allowed from Clemens every time.

    With the Yankees winning 9 in a row, and with the Mets losing 5 in a row, you knew the odds were against a Yankees win tonight.

    Still, it’s a shame to lose such a “winable” game – the Yankees helped Perez out too much, swinging at balls.

    When Cano led off the 7th, down 2-0, and swinging at “Ball Four” after working the count to 3-1, I thought Ken Singleton was going to leave the YES booth and give Robinson a good lecture on being a smart hitter.

    I also thought, after the Jeter double in the 8th, that Abreu would walk and A-Rod would homer to give the Yankees the lead. But, Beltran ran down Abreu’s drive and A-Rod was retired as well. Funny, this season, you just expect Alex to win the game late with the big hit. What a difference a year makes.

    Let’s see what difference a day makes when these two teams face each other again tomorrow.

    June 14th vs. The Diamondbacks

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    Today, we took the day off and brought the kids to “Storybook Land.” (See the thumbnail above for a look at a little baseball exhibit they had there…and, remember, it’s off Exit 37 on the GSP…so, that’s Phillies territory.)

    The kids had a good time – so, we did as well. If you have little ones under the age of six – it’s a good place to try. A day like today, off-peak and not ideal weather, makes it even nicer – as we had zero wait for all the rides…and it was not crowded at all.

    When we left the park, and got back to our car, I turned on the radio and heard the Yanks were up 7-1 in the eighth and cruising towards their ninth win in a row.

    My family and I may have gone to Storybook Land for a few hours today. But, the Yankees have been living in it for the entire month of June.

    Next up: The Mets – who have not been sharp of late. This could be a very interesting weekend series up in the Bronx. I hope the Yankees continue to take no prisoners.

    June 13th vs. The Diamondbacks

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    I think it’s time to start thinking about how much money A-Rod is going to make on his new contract, once he opts out, after setting the new all-time single season homerun record this season. That one he hit last night had some hang-time, huh?

    Nice to see Mussina starting to get on a roll too.

    O.K., let’s talk about it now. On May 29th, the Yankees were 14.5 games back of the first place Red Sox. Today, after winning 8 games in a row, New York is now 8.5 games back. That’s an improvement of 6 games in 16 days.

    There are 99 games left to the season for New York.

    If Boston goes 49-49 in their remaining 98 games, the Yankees will have to go 59-40 (which is .596 baseball) to pass them. Can the Yankees play .600 ball from here? Sure. No question. But, will Boston just play .500 ball from here? If they do, it will be a collapse on their part. And, that’s what the Yankees will need to first first. So, for now, all Yankees fans should still be thinking “Wildcard” and nothing else.

    June 12th vs. The Diamondbacks

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    There’s some stories from this game. Finally reaching .500 again. Worm Killer Wang toughing it out. Abreu’s long blast in the first. Farnsworth continuing to struggle. Cairo flashing his leather at first. Beating a “brand name pitcher” in Webb, etc.

    But, the biggest story for me from this contest is what happened before the game. Channel 9 had a camera on the Yankees dugout – where we got to see Johnny Damon go along the entire length of the bench, before the game, and do a special handshake with every player on the bench. We also saw Tony Pena teasing Miggy Cairo – not giving him a ball to use in the infield warm-up. Then we saw Andy Pettitte walk the bench, like Damon, doing “the fist” or a handshake, again, with everyone on the bench. Then Worm Killer came to the bench after his pre-game bullpen, and he too walked the bench doing special handshakes and/or fists with everyone on the bench – and also with some non-uniformed personnel outside the dugout near the on-deck circle.

    There was a ton of energy and life on that bench before the game. And, there was that “swagger” that people talk about good teams having – – where they know they’re going to play a game and that they’re going to win that game.

    Me likey. Me likey a lot.

    June 10th vs. The Pirates

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    O.K., the Pirates are a really bad team. And, the Yankees should beat them, easily. So, sure, I can see where some might not get all jazzed-up about the last three games. However, given the way the Yankees have played, at times, this season, anything is possible – including losing games to the Pirates. Therefore, as we know that the team with the most talent and/or biggest payroll does not always win, I’m happy to see the Yankees take these last three games.

    Here’s a question for you: Can A-Rod have a “June” bigger than his “April” this year? Well, he’s on pace to have a bigger one. Imagine that?

    Together, A-Rod and Abreu have been a two-man wrecking crew during this recent Yankees streak. It’s fun to watch. And, if they keep going like this, until the end of the year (and if Alex opts out), it’s going to give the Yankees two interesting contract decisions this off-season.

    But, perhaps the bigger question for the day, in Yankeeland, is Tyler Clippard. He was great in his first start, shaky in his second and third start, improved in his fourth start, and then just ugly today (in his fifth start).

    The agents for Runelvys Hernandez and Kei Igawa are probably watching all of Clippard’s starts and texting away at Brian Cashman like mad. I hope that Tyler starts pitching better and keeps those two down at Triple-A. And, when I say “better” I mean six innings (plus) per start and keeping the other team to three or four runs (or less). I still think Clippard can do it. But, time is running out for him to prove it.

    June 9th vs. The Pirates

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    Holy Hekawi, Batman! Chief Wild Eagle thinks it’s a balloon!

    Sorry about that, Chief. What you saw today was a ROCKET!

    [Yeah, F-Troop, Batman, and Get Smart all in one today!]

    Hey, Rocket Roger may be a carpetbagger, but, he’s now our carpetbagger. So, you have to be thrilled to see what he did out there today. Clemens added some energy to a team that was already on a bit of a roll.

    Still, sure, the Yankees are two-games under .500 – even with this latest streak. But, when you looked into that home dugout, during the top of the 9th today, the Yanks looked like a team on top of the world. This team is starting to sense how good they can be now…and, with New York now just 5 games back, in the loss column, of the wildcard, October baseball for the Yankees is there for the taking.

    June 8th vs. The Pirates

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    It’s good to beat the Pirates. I don’t like the Pirates. It hasn’t always been this way for me. It’s only been in the last 5 years or so that I’ve felt this way.

    I was not alive in 1960. So, the 1960 World Series, until recently, didn’t truly resonate with me. That changed in November 2001. After the Yankees lost the 2001 World Series, in the bottom of the 9th of Game 7, I began to have some understanding of what it felt like to be a Yankees fan in 1960. And, from that moment on, I began to dislike the Pirates.

    Before that time, the Pirates were just another team in my eyes. They were a franchise to respect…given their long and rich history. I still respect their history. And, I have nothing against their fans. In fact, I tip my cap to Pirates fans…anyone who can support a team, the way that team has played in the last 15 years, is a great fan. Pittsburgh Pirates fans are true baseball fans. There’s no front-runners there.

    Still, thanks to my new found empathy for the sting of the Yankees 1960 World Series defeat, any day the Yankees beat the Pirates is better than just your run-of-the-mill win. It’s not up there with beating the Red Sox or Mets – or beating the Royals back in the 1970’s. But, it’s right up there with beating the Diamondbacks, Angels, or (now) Tigers.

    June 7th @ The White Sox

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    Just like Joe Torre has had two careers – 2,000+ hits as a player and now 2,000 wins as a manager – tonight seemed like two games for the Yankees: The first six innings and the last three this evening were two, separate, contests.

    The first six innings were all-Mussina. By the way, how do you think Wil Nieves became Mike Mussina’s personal catcher? I think it went like this: Mike Mussina, noticing Wil Nieves never playing – hardly ever – and looking sad in the clubhouse, one day went up to manager Joe Torre and said “Nobody puts baby in a corner” as he pointed at Nieves. And, from that moment on, Wil became Mike’s personal catcher.

    Anyway, that’s the way I like to think it went down. Hey, I’m a romantic, deep down, inside. Maybe at the end of the season, Mussina and Nieves can say they had the time of their lives (this year)?

    Moving on to the last three innings today, that was a big hit by Abreu to break the tie…and, well, what can you say about A-Rod? If Reggie became “Mr. October” in New York, Alex is making a case to be called “Mr. Ninth” with what he’s doing this season.

    Like I said, it seems like two games today – and they’re both good stories in Yankeeland.

    June 6th @ The White Sox

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    Gee, once that Giambi guy was off the active roster, the Yankees starting playing much better, huh? O.K., seriously, tonight was all about the forty:


    It’s the drink that makes Yankees opponents as threatening as “Barney” Gumble on a bender.

    June 5th @ The White Sox

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    Don’t look now, but, Tyler Clippard is second on the team in terms of having the most wins – and he’s just one behind Chien-Ming Wang (who has 4 more starts than Clippard).

    Is that good news or bad news?

    Good news for sure: Boston has lost three games in a row. Are they coming back down to earth?

    Yanks are still 11 back in the loss column…so, it’s still all extremely uphill for them. Still, it’s a nice day, today. So, why not just enjoy what’s there to enjoy?

    June 4th @ The White Sox

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    Ah, yet another close-but-no-cigar moment for the Yankees 2007 season “highlight” film. This is the 17th time, out of 31 losses (to date) this season where the Yankees have lost by 2 runs or less.

    Also, did you know that the last time the Yankees won three games in a row, this year, was May 1st to May 3rd? Further, did you know that the Yankees have never won four games in a row (so far) this season?

    It all almost makes it sound like the Yankees making up those seven games, that they’re under .500, as being impossible.

    And, if you can’t get to .500, you’re not going to make the post-season.

    June 3rd @ The Red Sox

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    We can be Heroes…
    Just for one day

    The Yankees don’t play the Red Sox again for another 12+ weeks. That’s a very long time, in terms of a baseball season.

    It will be interesting to see where these two teams are, when they do meet again. Can the Yankees gain one game in the standings, per week, between then and now?

    I don’t think so. But, I’ll be thrilled to be wrong about it.

    June 2nd @ The Red Sox

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    The only way the bottom of the seventh in this game today could have been any uglier, for the Yankees and their fans, would be if it was interrupted in order to show a video of Janet Reno, wearing nothing but a thong, doing a karaoke rendition of the Pussycat Dolls’Don’t Cha.”

    Thank you Abreu, Cano, Jeter, and A-Rod.

    I want to talk about Clemens, the chance that Igawa might be returning, and Mike Lowell’s day on the bases. But, I can’t now. Maybe later? Watching this team, and the lack of crispness in which they sometimes play, at the worst times, has me too down now to want to think about them that much at the moment.

    I’m going to watch a movie, or something, to try and cleanse my mental palette – and then maybe I’ll come back with the other things that I would normally rant about – from a day like today in Yankeeland.

    June 1st @ The Red Sox

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    Interesting game in Boston tonight.

    The visiting team at Fenway wore gray uniforms with “New York” across their chests. Their manager got thrown out of the game for arguing with an umpire. And, one of their pitchers was ejected from the game for throwing up and in at a Boston batter – after a few of his teammates were hit by pitches earlier in the game.

    Who are these people and what did they do with my New York Yankees?

    O.K., seriously, a huge effort from Worm Killer Wang tonight. After the first three innings, I never thought he could make it past five – but, he did. And, for the record, I can understand why Youkilis was steamed – up and in can do that to a guy. Maybe Proctor should have just nailed him in the back – and left it at that?

    Expect FOX to play up the brushback tomorrow…maybe enough for something else to happen and then ESPN picks it up on Sunday as well. I would not be shocked to see Schilling or Beckett try to even the score – and come inside to some Yankees batters. If that happens, it will be interesting to see how Mussina and Pettitte react back to that.

    The money says Moose and Andy do nothing. Then again, maybe those strange guys in the gray uniforms will show up again – and, you never know?