• Cashman Still Able To Pay His Way Out Of Some Bad Judgement Calls?

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    Via the AP

    The mother of a woman accused of stalking New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has abruptly dropped her lawsuit against him.

    The New York Post reports that Caroline Meanwell filed documents in court Tuesday to drop the lawsuit.

    The suit had alleged that Cashman conspired with her daughter’s former therapist and his legal team to trick Meanwell into calling 911 to discredit her daughter, who had claimed to have a nine-month affair with Cashman.

    The suit claimed Meanwell was coerced into telling authorities her daughter, Louise Neathway, was going to kill herself so Neathway would be institutionalized.

    Prosecutors say Neathway stalked Cashman and got him to pay her $6,000 by threatening to damage his reputation.

    Neathway has pleaded not guilty.

    Gotta think Cash settled with her, no?

    Cashman To Pay $1 Million A Year In Alimony & Child Support

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    Via the Post

    Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman will fork over a whopping $1 million a year in alimony and child support to his now-ex-wife, Mary Bresnan, under the divorce settlement they signed off on this week, court records obtained by The Post reveal.

    That means Cashman — whose wife dumped him when his cheating ways were exposed by an alleged extortionist with whom he’d had a fling last year — will be wire-transferring a total of $83,333.33 every month to Bresnan until Halloween 2025, or until she remarries.

    The payout works out to a cool $999,999.96 per year — about $1 million less than the median salary of a Bronx Bomber player last year.

    Bresnan will owe income taxes on the payments and Cashman can claim them as a deduction, court records state.

    Cashman, 45, also has agreed to keep Bresnan as the beneficiary of a life-insurance policy on him in the amount of $2.25 million until her remarriage, death or Oct. 31, 2025, whichever comes first.

    And within the next three months, the Yankee honcho must apply for new term life-insurance policy with a $2.75 million benefit, and list the 42-year-old mother of his two kids as the sole beneficiary under the same conditions as the other policy. But he will be allowed to reduce the value of the new policy’s benefit by $200,000 each year.

    Bresnan, whose dad, William, was a high-powered cable TV executive, also gets ownership of the couple’s $3.7 million house in Darien, Conn.

    But Cashman, who earns $3 million a year as Yankee GM, isn’t walking away from the marriage empty-handed — he will keep about $1.4 million from the couple’s bank account — and a split of their joint Goldman Sachs investment account, records show.

    And Cashman “shall retain the club membership at Winged Foot” — the exclusive, invitation-only Westchester County golf club.

    The eye-popping numbers are contained in the couple’s final divorce papers, which were filed Tuesday in Stamford Superior Court in Connecticut.

    That’s the same day the couple’s split was finalized, as The Post exclusively reported.

    Bresnan’s lawyer, Gaetano “Guy” Ferro, declined to comment, as did Cashman’s spokesman, Chris Giglio.

    Bresnan had stayed with Cashman even after allegations in 2009 that he was cheating on her with Westchester soccer mom Kim Brennan.

    But she clearly had enough in February 2012, when an erratic Louise Meanwell was arrested and charged with allegedly extorting more than $6,000 from Cashman in exchange for keeping quiet about their purported affair.

    Bresnan promptly reverted to her maiden name.

    The couple is sharing custody of their two kids — Grace, 14, and 9-year-old Theodore — but the children will live with their mom.

    Cashman also is on the hook for the kids’ medical insurance under terms of the divorce.

    And he must pay “all of the educational expenses of each child . . . at a private primary and secondary school,” the judgment states.

    Cashman and Bresnan will split — 50/50 — the costs of their kids’ college educations and any post-graduate degrees they seek.

    I remember when Joe Piscopo got divorced for the first time in 1988. The rumor was, according to some, rather than give his “ex” any money, he stopped working and starting lifting weights instead. If she was going to get half, she was going to get half of nothing.

    If Cashman ever left the Yankees, and stopped making three million a year, I could see him saying that he couldn’t afford the million a year any more. It’s not that uncommon.

    Then again, knowing the Yankees, I could see them giving Cashman a raise after his contract is up in 2014. For some reason, they seem to love the guy.

    Brian Cashman Gets A New Suit

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    Via the Daily News

    Yankees manager manager Brian Cashman is a “manchild” who conspired to have his former lover committed so the affair would never be revealed, the mistress’ mother claims in a new lawsuit.

    Cashman used hardball tactics to force Caroline Meanwell into helping him, his lawyer and her daughter’s own therapist to discredit the lover, Louise Neathway, as mentally unstable, Meanwell charges in a suit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    “The gang’s plan, while shocking and outrageous, seemed to be concocted and executed by the Three Stooges rather than a physician, a law firm and a sports executive,” the suit claims.

    Cashman and his attorney, Eric Creizman, gave Meanwell a script to read to a 911 dispatcher so cops would be sent to Neathway’s Tribeca apartment as a precursor to getting Neathway institutionalized, the suit argues.

    The suit also claims Cashman and Creizman got Neathway’s therapist to go along with the plan.

    Meanwell said she agreed only after Creizman told her Neathway would end up committed, arrested or a suicide.

    “The gang’s plan was to intimidate (Meanwell) with a death threat against her only daughter in order to induce (her) cooperation in having Louise institutionalized,” the suit says.

    The suit claims that while he was dating Neathway, Cashman told her, “The Yankees control the universe and he controls the Yankees” to emphasize the scope of his power.

    Meanwell’s lawyer, Peter Gleason, contends the married Cashman portrayed Neathway as an unhinged liar to avoid being outed as an adulterer.

    Cashman’s wife, Mary, filed for divorce soon after Neathway was arrested in February 2011.

    “His adulterous behavior turned his whole world upside-down,” the suit chargers. “In the United Kingdom, such behavior of Cashman would fall under the old English term of ‘Manchild.’ ”

    Cashman, Creizman and Neathway’s therapist did not returns calls for comment.

    Back in 2008, I wrote:

    Brian Cashman has value. He understands New York. He can navigate through the Yankees organization. He’s polished. He can take a punch. There’s nothing wrong with having Brian Cashman as the face of the front office – and being the person on point between the owners, the team, the media and the fans.

    Boy, was I wrong on that one, or what?

    More crazy stuff on this one.

    Stalking Theo

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    Chicago police have arrested a Massachusetts woman accused of stalking Theo Epstein.

    There’s no word if the woman had a pair of the G.M.’s pajamas.

    Two Sides To Every Story?

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    I wonder if the people who decided to do this have seen this?

    Yankees G.M. Testifies Before Grand Jury

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    Via the Daily News

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman spent time in Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday morning, but didn’t stick around to field any questions from the media.

    By lunchtime, the baseball bigwig — who has been noticeably absent this week from his team’s spring training in Tampa — had ducked out a back door of the courthouse, according to several sources.

    Cashman’s lawyer declined to say why his client was there, but his appearance raised speculation that he was testifying before a grand jury against his accused stalker, Louise Neathway.

    “I was told he was in the building. Since he hasn’t been seen in Florida, there is a very good chance he’s testifying in front of a grand jury,” said Rory Bellantoni, the lawyer for Neathway, who plans to tell her side of the story to the grand jury panel next week.

    Neathway also made a brief appearance in the same courthouse Wednesday.

    During her hearing, Bellantoni tried to bat down accusations against his client and to have her $200,000 bail lowered.

    Neathway, who also uses the last name Meanwell and has a history of stalking her ex’s, is accused of cyber-stalking and extorting $6,000 from the married Cashman.

    She also allegedly tried to shake the Yankees exec down for another $15,000 by threatening to go public with their affair.

    The busty British blond, wearing a pink button-down shirt and gray pantsuit, looked pouty during the hearing, which her mother also attended.

    She has been held at Rikers Island since her Feb. 1 arrest.

    Bellantoni blasted prosecutors, claiming they brought phony charges to help protect Cashman, whose wife filed for divorce after news of her husband’s alleged affair hit the newspapers.

    “She’s being held on false charges,” Bellantoni said, adding that Cashman wants Neathway indicted to “discredit her” claims the cash was a gift made while they were an item.

    I wonder if Cashman sweared to tell the truth and nothing but…

    Johnny Wadd Cashman?

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    O.K., now, the whole Cashman thing is going from TMZ material to TMI material. Via the Post

    Brian Cashman is a slugger in the sack.

    Alleged stalker Louise Meanwell told The Post in a jailhouse interview that the Yankees general manager may look like a nerd, but he’s a skilled swordsman who bedded her on their very first date last April.

    “Surprisingly, yes, he was a good lover,” she said. “A lot of things about him surprised me.”

    In a wide-ranging Rikers Island sit-down, the woman accused of pulling off a $6,000 squeeze play on Cashman also claimed:

    * He first started flirting with her in 2006 — as his wife, Mary, stood nearby — then kept in touch for years by sending her text messages.

    * The money Cashman dropped into her Chase accounts was a “birthday gift,” rather than cash she asked him for to finance a “medical procedure.’’

    * Since April, he had given her $18,000 to $20,000 to pay the rent on her TriBeCa pad as well as legal fees for a custody fight over her 14-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, Jason Bump.

    * He bought her a $1,300 Mulberry handbag and gave her four baseballs autographed by the Red Sox as a gift for her daughter.

    The busty blonde said Cashman made his move almost immediately after meeting her in 2006 at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston.

    “I wish my wife wasn’t here,” she said he whispered, with Mary Cashman in the same room. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

    He handed Meanwell his business card and marveled at her British accent.

    “I was 29 at the time, and I thought, ‘What a perv,’ ” she said.

    The relationship that last week finally broke Cashman’s long-troubled marriage then simmered for years via texts, Meanwell said.

    But she said she never saw Cashman again in person until he spotted her last April 6 during a rained-out Yankees-Twins game at the Stadium.

    “He asked me when I was going to be at a game again, and I said it wasn’t going to be for a while,” she recalled. “So he said, ‘I really want to see you. I can come into the city.’ ”

    The next night, Meanwell said, they went bar hopping at Cercle Rouge, the Bubble Lounge and South’s in TriBeCa before ending up between the sheets at her Leonard Street apartment.

    She laughed at the memory of a bartender asking, “What are you doing with this old man?” when he spotted her out on the town with the balding baseball bigwig.

    Today’s Cashman & Meanwell News

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    Some more on the mess Brian Cashman has created, from the Post today –

    Manhattan prosecutors have subpoenaed Yankee general manger Brian Cashman’s bank records—which sources say include evidence that he coughed up as much as $20,000 to accused extortionist and purported mistress Louise Meanwell as far back as April, The Post has learned.

    Those alleged payments raise the question of whether Meanwell was shaking Cashman down for nearly 10 months — or whether the big bucks were legitimate gifts as part of an affair, as she claims.

    Cashman made “several” cash deposits in the range of $4,000 each into the British-born woman’s bank accounts over the last 10 months, a source close to the case told The Post.

    Meanwell herself claims she received between $18,000 and $20,000 in the same time frame.

    The records sought include handwritten deposit slips Cashman used to personally funnel money into Meanwell’s account.

    “His handwriting is on those deposit slips, so there’s no way he can claim he wasn’t giving her this money,” said the source.

    Meanwell’s bank records have also been subpoenaed.

    And, then there is this also from the Post on the woman Brian Cashman choose to bring into his life –

    Former targets of alleged serial stalker Louise Meanwell, men who all lived in the Albany area, said she won’t move on from her obsession with Yankee general manager Brian Cashman anytime soon.

    “She’s not done with Cashman. She’s never done,” Meanwell’s former live-in boyfriend, David Sano, told The Post.

    “You learn that about Louise. She’s ruthless.’’

    The ominous prediction came as Sano recounted a wild, two-year ride with Meanwell that began as a 2001 one-night stand and spiraled into a nightmare that included claims of a pregnancy and abortion, a leaked sex tape, shredded clothing, slashed tires — and a prison stint for Sano after he pulled a knife on her in exasperation.

    “She is the most conniving person I have ever met,” Sano said.

    Two others — a successful Albany businessman who says Meanwell stalked him “for months” in 1999 and Jason Walker, once an aide to former Gov. George Pataki — echoed Sano.

    “She is relentless,’’ said the businessman, whose name is being withheld.

    “She was really intimidating and ingrained herself into my life.”

    Meanwell, he said, cozied up to his pals at an Albany country club, staked out his home, bombarded him with e-mails and filled his answering-machine tape with messages before he hired a lawyer to stop her.

    He described Meanwell as “a multiple personality, where one minute she was a nice, relatively normal person who [could] turn vindictive and evil at any point in time.”

    “She was very, very persistent,” said Walker, who was working for Pataki when he dated Meanwell for two months in 2002. He said he bailed out because he couldn’t deal with her constant calls and demands for attention.

    How many days until Pitchers & Catchers report?

    Now Batting For The Yankees, Chris Giglio, Number 911, Crisis & Issues Management Hired Gun, Number 911

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    Chris Giglio runs the crisis management practice at the HL Group which is a New York public relations and communications firm. He is also a former producer for NBC’s Dateline.

    And, now, he’s quoted in every news article that mentions the Yankees G.M. Brian Cashman.

    He should be on the Yankees 40-man roster any day now…

    Today’s Yankeeland News: Booze & Steroids

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    First, this via the AP

    YES Network television host Bob Lorenz has been charged with drunken driving in Connecticut where police say he was found passed out in his car in his hometown of Westport.

    The 48-year-old Lorenz was arrested early Wednesday morning. Police say they found him slumped over the wheel of his car and when they woke him up he drove away slowly and nearly hit a utility pole. Officers say his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol.

    Lorenz hosts pregame and postgame shows for the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets. He was arraigned Wednesday at Norwalk Superior Court and his case was continued to Feb. 29.

    There’s no phone listing for Lorenz and it’s not clear if he has a lawyer. A Yes Network spokesman declined to comment.

    And, then there’s this from the Daily News

    The woman accused of stalking and blackmailing Yankees GM Brian Cashman has injected steroids into the sordid mix.

    From Rikers Island, Louise Meanwell claimed Wednesday that Cashman told her he misled federal investigators over what the Bombers’ brass knew of steroid use by players.

    Meanwell, who claims she had an affair with Cashman, told the Daily News that Cashman confided to her that he was grilled in June or July by “the feds.”

    She said Cashman told her he made it seem like the Yankees had no knowledge of players’ steroid use when, in fact, they did.

    Cashman’s spokesman Chris Giglio vehemently denied the accusations.

    “These claims are complete and utter fiction, the latest installment of a carefully concocted campaign of harassment now spewing from a jail cell by a person who is being held on serious criminal felony charges of harassment and extortion,” Giglio said.

    A friend of Meanwell’s told The News he sent an email to federal investigators advising them of her claims.

    The friend said he sent the email to Ron Gardella, chief investigator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and FBI agent Brian Jacob.

    The email, obtained by The News, went on to say that Meanwell had “specific details” on dates and times that Cashman was aware of steroid use by players.

    Both the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office refused to confirm or deny that Meanwell had informed them of her claims.

    Cashman was on prosecutors’ witness list for Roger Clemens’ trial on perjury charges last July before Judge Reggie Walton declared a mistrial on the first day of the proceedings in Washington. Walton has scheduled a new trial for April.

    I’m sure the Mets don’t mind the Yankees making the headlines with all this “stuff” and taking the spot-light off them and all their problems…

    Cashman Affair Details Getting More Sordid

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    The Daily News has the story.

    At some point, does Brian Cashman’s affiliation with the Yankees need to be terminated, albeit voluntary or not, because of all this negative attention his actions have brought on to the Yankees franchise?

    Good Thing Brian Cashman Is Used To Writing Big Checks

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    Of course, this time, the money will be his and not that of the Steinbrenner Family.  The story via the Post

    The wife of Yankees general manager Brian Cashman filed for divorce yesterday — a day after her husband was publicly accused of a second affair, this time with a woman who has been charged with shaking him down, The Post has learned.

    Mary Cashman, 42, submitted divorce papers in Stamford, Conn., Superior Court, listing her husband as “B.M. Cashman” and writing that the marriage “has broken down irretrievably.”

    She is seeking permanent alimony, a split of their property, and joint custody of their 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.

    Mary Cashman, who has now endured two publicly humiliating allegations of her husband’s philandering, has been living apart from Brian Cashman in the family’s $3.7 million Darien mansion with the kids, sources said.

    She hired top divorce counsel Gaetano Ferro, who repped Jane Welch during her half-billion-dollar split from former GE boss Jack Welch.

    Mary Cashman’s divorce filing came less than 24 hours after a TriBeCa woman, Louise Meanwell, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges she stalked Brian Cashman and extorted more than $6,000 from him.

    Prosecutors said Meanwell bombarded Cashman with hundreds of text messages, and demanded he cough up $15,000 to pay for an unspecified medical procedure. Cashman made two payments, one for $4,000 and another for $2,000.

    Meanwell, who could not post $200,000 bail, has been shipped to Rikers Island.

    Meanwell has claimed to several friends that she and Cashman, 44, had a nearly yearlong affair and that she ended it after he reneged on a promise to leave his wife.

    Last spring, she began telling friends that she was dating Cashman, boasting of visiting him at his Yankee Stadium office, scoring game tickets and hooking up with him in Manhattan.

    “She said he’d come and stay with her,” said one pal who recalls Meanwell gushing about the GM during a game at Yankee Stadium.

    “It was more than an affair. It was like she was his girlfriend,” said another Meanwell friend who attended that game.

    “She said Cashman gave her the seats — we were sitting with all the players’ families.”

    “She said, ‘Me and Brian are dating. Him and his wife are going through a divorce. They’re not living together.’ ”

    The British-born Meanwell — who has also used the last name Neathway — has a criminal history of harassment and trespassing going back to 1988 and spanning three states.

    Mary Cashman served her husband with divorce papers on Jan. 31, the day before Meanwell was arrested.

    The documents were filed in court yesterday.

    In the past, Mary Cashman has stood by her man amid reports that he was stepping out on her.

    In 2009, he was romantically linked to a Westchester soccer mom of two, Kim Brennan.

    Brennan’s husband, Brian, grew suspicious of his wife’s relationship with the Yankees honcho and eventually divorced her after she was photographed snuggling with Cashman.

    Cash should have taken Eddie’s advice…

    Brian Cashman Finds A Howie Spira In Drag

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    $6,000? That’s nothing compared to what Kei Igawa got from Cashman. The story via the AP

    A woman stalked and shook down New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, getting him to pay her $6,000 and demanding more by threatening to harm his reputation, prosecutors said Thursday.

    The case represents “a long-term effort to control and manipulate the victim,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eric Iverson told a judge as Louise Neathway, 36, was arraigned on grand larceny, stalking and harassment charges.

    Her lawyers said Cashman had had “an inappropriate relationship” with Neathway, a medical sales worker and single mother of a 14-year-old daughter, and he turned on her when it ended badly.

    “The Manhattan district attorney’s office bought his account of how this happened, hook, line and sinker,” lawyer Stephen G. McCarthy said. He and fellow Neathway lawyer Alan M. Abramson said Neathway denied the allegations.

    Cashman said through spokesman Chris Giglio that he is “very grateful that this matter is in the hands of law enforcement.”

    The Yankees declined to comment.

    Neathway — who has a history of arrests on similar charges, prosecutors said — sometimes called and texted Cashman more than 10 times a night and threatened to harm someone he knew, prosecutors said.

    After he told her last April that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore and even changed his contact information to avoid her, she asked him to pay for a $15,000-plus medical procedure and threatened to contact the press and his family with claims that would hurt his personal relationships and professional standing, according to a court complaint.

    In response, he put $6,000 into two of her bank accounts Jan. 18 and tried again to extricate himself, but she instead demanded more money for operations, the complaint said.

    A British native who also goes by Louise Meanwell, Neathway has a record that goes back to a 1998 trespassing arrest in North Carolina, Iverson told a judge. She’s still on probation stemming from a 2008 trespassing conviction in a New Jersey case that involved allegations of stalking and sending someone as many as 200 text messages in a weekend, and she has an open 2010 Manhattan harassment case, Iverson said.

    McCarthy noted in court that the Manhattan case had been put on track to be dismissed, and he suggested prosecutors were making too much of the New Jersey case.

    As for the current case, “it would be unfair to all of the parties involved to speculate about what occurred,” he and Abramson said in a written statement.

    Neathway was being held on $300,000 bond. Her next court date is Tuesday.

    And, Deadspin offers another angle here.

    Does all this make Brian Cashman “Steve Phillips minus the hair”?

    Cashman’s Pajama Pants

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    No, it’s not the name of my rotisserie baseball team for 2012…

    It’s just a story that the New York Yankees will have to deal with…or ignore…

    At the least, it suggests that the buzz last summer was not someone blowing smoke.