• Contacting Me

    Posted by on September 13th, 2006 · Comments (0)

    I’ve hesitated in posting an e-mail address here, for those who want to contact me, all these months, because I’m not very good at answering e-mail (sometimes).

    But, some folks have been smart enough to realize that you can contact me through BaseballSameGame.com and NetShrine.com – so, I thought it was time to share the official WasWatching.com contact info.

    If you need me, for some reason, I can be contacted at:

    staff (at) waswatching (dot) com

    But, please, if you’re e-mailing me just to “talk Yankees,” please note that you’re better off just posting something in the comments section of a recent blog entry here – as I will see and respond to that first. Thanks.