• The Darkest Hour

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    B-movie. I saw it for the first time last night. It has the kid from Speed Racer and is directed by Chris Gorak – who was the Production Designer on Blade Trinity and the Art Director for Fight Club. And, it was produced by Timur Bekmambetov – who was the Director for Wanted.

    This one was kind of Predator meets The Warriors who then meets Cowboys & Aliens.

    It’s an hour and a half. Not the greatest movie ever. But, not the worst. It hovers around good and interesting. Beats watching the same reruns of Big Bang Theory over and over…

    Top 12 All-Time Baseball Movies

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    Everyone seems to be sharing their “favs” list. So, here’s mine – with the disclaimer that I have not seen “42” yet:

    1. The Natural
    2. Eight Men Out
    3. Field Of Dreams
    4. Major League
    5. Cobb
    6. The Sandlot
    7. Bull Durham
    8. Fever Pitch
    9. A League Of Their Own
    10. Pride Of The Yankees
    11. Soul Of The Game
    12. For Love Of The Game

    Honorable Mention: The Bad News Bears, Stealing Home, 61*, Sugar

    That’s my list. What’s yours?

    He’s Back!

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    Aloha, Mr. Hand.

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    Today marks the 30th anniversary to the date when “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” hit theaters.

    Dog Soldiers

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    Last night, I finally got a chance to watch the movie Dog Soldiers.  (I’ve been a fan of Kevin McKidd since he did Rome.)

    I enjoyed it.  It was sort of like Predator merged with Night of the Living Dead merged with The Howling.

    There’s some cool things about this one.  Some great lines too.

    No question, it’s a guy flick.  But, there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re a dude.


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    I caught the first hour of this on Showtime the other night. Still need to see the second half. Yeah, it’s a rip on X-Men mutants. But, on what I saw, it seemed pretty well done and interesting. Anyone else see this one and have an opinion on it?

    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

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    99% of the time, Ben Stiller is the kiss of death for me when it comes to enjoying a movie. But, thanks to Vince Vaughn, Rip Torn, Justin Long, Stephen Root, Joel Moore, and Alan Tudyk, this one, albeit a silly movie, is always funny for me. Gary Cole and Jason Bateman were awesome in this one too.

    Back To School (1986)

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    The Fav Flicks series returns thanks to public demand

    Thank you…Dean Martin.

    Trading Places (1983)

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    Look, it tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, and Gstaad.

    In Philadelphia, it’s worth 50 bucks.

    This flick is one of the all-time greats for me, in the comedy department…

    Pacific Heights (1990)

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    If you’ve ever had a creep in your life, like the character of Carter Hayes from this story – and I have, then you can, like me, appreciate this movie.

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)

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    Maybe I shouldn’t admit that I like this one as much as I do – for the fear that some may think I’m a bad person for having laughed at so much of it. But, hey, how can you not feel something for a guy, like Borat, whose wife’s vazhïn hang like sleeve of wizard?

    The Sentinel (1977)

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    I saw this one in the movies with my buddies when it first came out. I was fourteen at the time – and probably too young, and for sure too immature, to see it. I do recall, back in 1977, when we saw it…me and my buddy Roger, being fourteen, acting like Beavis and Butt-head making stupid references back to what we saw in the movie. That lasted for a while. It wasn’t until years later, re-watching it as an adult, that I learned to appreciate this one for its cast. Chris Sarandon, Martin Balsam, John Carradine, José Ferrer, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, Eli Wallach, Christopher Walken, Jerry Orbach, and Beverly D’Angelo were in it. And, at the very end, Tom Berenger and Nana Visitor show up – as very young actors – albeit only for a minute or two.

    Blade Trinity (2004)

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    Brand me if you want, but, I’m a big fan of the Wesley Snipes’ Blade feature films. And, this one is my favorite of the three. I’ve probably watched it at least 20 times. It’s funny, after the second Blade, I heard that they were doing a third and that Ryan Reynolds was going to be in it. At that time, I thought “Nooooooooo!” (with my logic being that he would kill it). But, Reynolds was very good in this one. And, he got himself in great shape to pull it off. Actually, to me, major props on this one should go out to Ronnie Yeskel on the casting effort. Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Parker Posey, and Dominic Purcell all did a great job in their roles – as did John Michael Higgins, Natasha Lyonne, Callum Keith Rennie, Triple H, and Patton Oswalt in smaller ones. And, for the record, I prefer the ending that’s shown in the theatrical version – over that seen in the director’s cut. I know that many thought this one was too light-hearted – compared to the first two Blade movies. But, hey, that just makes it different, to me, and not worse – compared to the others. If you ask me, sometimes, having characters in a “comics” movie be a little over the top is a good thing…as long as it’s not too way over the top. And, again, to me, I don’t think that Snipes, Reynolds, Biel, Posey, and Purcell crossed that line in this one. Of course, your mileage may differ.

    Thank God It’s Friday (1978)

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    An Oscar winner? Nah, never

    But, this one provides a nice capture of the Disco crazy which was the late 1970’s. It terms of being a late ’70’s artifact, it’s right up there with the Tube Top.

    Hiding Out (1987)

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    Not one that I own in my DVD collection. And, it’s not one that I would seek out to watch. But, if I catch it on HBO, or something, by accident, I usually stop and watch it for a while. All told, I’ve probably watched the whole thing at least three times.

    This is one of the reasons why I’m happy for Jon Cryer and the success that he’s reaped via his role on Two and a Half Men. The dude has put in his time with flicks like this one, No Small Affair and Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home. The race doesn’t always go to the swift, but, sometimes, to those who keep running. Cryer is an example of that.


    The Princess Bride (1987)

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    Clean…and clever!

    Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

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    I caught a little of this one on E! last night and it reminded me of how great it is…it makes my wildest dreams come true!

    The Sixth Sense (1999)

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    If I ever had 8 hours to kill for myself, one of the things I always thought that I would consider doing would be to watch:

    Primal Fear
    Fight Club
    12 Monkeys
    The Sixth Sense

    …in that order. It’s an interesting sequence of acting jobs: Norton to Norton/Pitt to Pitt/Willis to Willis. And, all coming in great movies.

    After Hours (1985)

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    I dunno…there’s just something about Griffin Dunne’s character in this one that hits home with me. Always has…and probably always will.

    Escape From New York (1981)

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    Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, Isaac Hayes, Harry Dean Stanton and Adrienne Barbeau…com’on…what’s not to love about that?

    Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1981)

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    An 18-year old Diane Lane as a punk-rocker and some appearances by former Sex Pistols. What’s not to love about that? Oh, yeah, and Ray Winstone at the start of his career. All good stuff.

    Major League (1989)

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    I went to see this one with my buddy Lou when it came out in the Spring of 1989. I went in thinking “This could be fun; or, this could be the worst movie ever made.” And, for sure, it turned out to be the former. If this isn’t the funniest baseball movie ever, it’s in the top three. Not even seeing Pete Vuckovich stuffed into a Yankees uniform could ruin it. Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, James Gammon, Wesley Snipes, Chelcie Ross and Dennis Haysbert were cast perfectly for this one.

    The Terminator (1984)

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    During the early to mid 1980’s, I was in a long-term (dating) relationship with a girl named Lisa. We dated for a while – if I recall correctly it started around 1982 or 1983 and it ended in 1986. We really didn’t have many common interests. Looking back at it now, I would suggest that she was mostly interested in dating a guy whose last name ended in a vowel and then getting married sooner rather than later. Me? I was in my early 20’s, somewhat immature, truly a bit of a jerk, and really had no clue as to what I wanted. So, it’s amazing that we lasted as long as we did stick together.

    In any event, one of the things that we did like to do (in common) was going to the movies – and we did that a lot. There were many weekends where we went out to see two movies. We would just “go” – often not knowing much about what we were going to see when we got there.

    One Sunday night back in 1984, we elected to go check out this movie called “The Terminator” (at the Lane Theater on New Dorp Lane in Staten Island, where we both lived). And, this was one of those cases where we went in blind, not knowing anything about the flick. (I guess, somehow, even with all the movies that we went to, we missed seeing the trailer for “The Terminator”? Either that, or, back then, you didn’t get 15 minutes of trailers before a film – like you do now.)

    I’ll always remember seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name come up in the opening and thinking “Hey, that’s the guy from the Conan movies” and thinking “That’s interesting.” (Remember, at this time “Arnold” was not “Arnold” in the movie-sense yet.)

    And, I’ll always remember walking out of that movie thinking “Whoa…That movie was great!” And, today, I still feel that way. Sure, the ones to follow in this series have been wonderful – and the new one coming out looks good too (from the trailers). But, none of those would be possible if not for the first – so, that’s why this one makes my Fav Flicks list.

    Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

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    Usually, I never go for the spoof movie. But, this one was so dead on. And, the soundtrack gets an A+. If you’ve never seen it, and you’re under the age of 50, you should check it out.

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

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    Getting back to the fav flicks stuff…

    Eat your food.
    Excuse me. May I go to the bathroom first?
    Of course you may…
    Thank you.

    Oh, that never gets old…

    Cinderella Man (2005)

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    A great production of an incredible story. And, while what we’re going through now in this country is not close to what was going on in the 1930’s, it’s a story that makes you think about today as you learn about the past. To me, James Braddock was a man’s man. And, this is simply a wonderful movie based on his life.

    Coneheads (1993)

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    I watched SNL growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s. But, I was not a monster fan of the show – nor was I out-of-control nutty over the Conehead skits. Nonetheless, I got a huge laugh out of this movie. Between the script and the cast of characters, it’s pretty cool. Every time I catch it on HBO, there are parts of it that still crack me up.

    Heaven Can Wait (1978)

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    I was in High School when this one came out. I remember many classmates, mostly girls, saying “Don’t wait to see ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ go run and see it!” And, I somewhat laughed at them. But, eventually, I went to see it – and loved it. Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were great. James Mason and Jack Warden were pros. Vincent Gardenia, Buck Henry and Joseph Maher were solid. And, Charles Grodin and Dyan Cannon were just a hoot. I’ve seen this one several times since that first viewing. And, I enjoy it every time I see it.

    RoboCop (1987)

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    Considering that there were two sequels to this one, and two animated television series and a live-action television series that came from it, and there’s talk of a “reboot” verison of it coming out in 2010…I’m guessing I’m not the only person who enjoys this movie.

    Inside Man (2006)

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    One of the few ones that I would list in this “Fav Flicks” series where I only saw the movie once…

    But, how could I pass on a move with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen? (And, throw in Christopher Plummer and Jodie Foster too!) Seriously, I would watch an instructional video on how to scramble eggs if Clive Owen was doing it. The dude is that good.

    Why this one didn’t get bigger play, I dunno? Although there’s a rumor of a sequel. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. I only had to see it once to have it make my fav’s list…

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