• September 30th vs. The Royals

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    Joba and the Yankees bats? Not tonight…

    September 29th vs. The Royals

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    The minute I saw Kyle Farnsworth come in and attempt and close this game for the Royals, two words came to my mind: Walk-off.

    And, New York did it. In what might be the most bizarre 9th inning comeback ever…when you look at who did what…and the nature of the first and last hit of the inning.

    This makes 50 come from behind wins this season for the Yankees and 15 walk-off wins to boot. What a magical season, huh?

    September 28th vs. The Royals

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    With Robbie Cano-don’tcha-know’s grand salami in this game, the Yankees now have 5 players this season with 25+ homeruns. Here are the other teams with 5+ players with 25+ homers in the same season:

     Year Lg Team              Number Players Matching
     2003 AL Boston Red Sox    6 Garciaparra/Ramirez/Millar/Varitek/Nixon/Ortiz
     2005 AL Texas Rangers     5 Teixeira/Blalock/Soriano/Mench/Dellucci
     2002 AL Chicago White Sox 5 Ordonez/Konerko/Thomas/Lee/Valentin
     2000 AL Anaheim Angels    5 Vaughn/Glaus/Anderson/Salmon/Erstad
     1997 NL Colorado Rockies  5 Castilla/Galarraga/Walker/Bichette/Burks
     1996 AL Baltimore Orioles 5 Ripken/Palmeiro/Bonilla/Anderson/Hoiles
     1977 AL Boston Red Sox    5 Rice/Hobson/Scott/Fisk/Yastrzemski
     1956 NL Cincinnati Reds   5 Robinson/Bell/Post/Kluszewski/Bailey


    If Jimmy Rollins gets super hot this last week of the season, the 2009 Phillies can also join this club – as Rollins has 21 taters…and Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth, Chase Utley, and Raul Ibanez all have 25+ now.

    If Johnny Damon can hit one more homerun this season, it would give the Yankees 6 players with 25+ homeruns this year. And, if Jorge Posada can hit 3 more homeruns this year, the Yankees will become the first team in baseball history with 7 players with 25+ homeruns in the same season.

    By the way, none of the 8 teams to make this 5+/25+ list before the Yankees this year have managed to reach the World Series in the season they turned the trick.

    September 27th vs. The Red Sox

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    You can now write story of the 2009 A.L. East standings, with six games left on the schedule…because it’s over. And, the New York Yankees have won the division, have locked up home field throughout the post-season, and have turned out the lights on the regular season for the rest of the A.L. East – including the Boston Red Sox.

    I’ll be honest…I’m a little worried about the Yankees offense right now. In their last 12 games, including this contest, they’ve scored 54 runs. But, 10 of those 54 runs came in one game where they beat up some pitcher by the name of Douglas Wildes Fister. Take that contest out and they’ve only scored 44 runs in their last 11 games. New York will have to score more runs than that in October to have some hope of getting past the ALDS.

    But, in any event, right now, there’s only one question that’s really important in Yankeeland: Twins or Tigers? And, that’s because the Yankees have wrapped up the regular season, now, and the next step is who will they play in the ALDS.

    September 26th vs. The Red Sox

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    And, the magic number is now one

    CC was the man in this one. Enough so that one may be willing to turn a blind eye towards the Yankees bats going limp today with runners on base…

    So, the Yankees have shown us this week that they can beat the Angels and the Red Sox, right now, today, as the ballclubs stand at this moment…

    …does this mean, assuming the Tigers or Twins don’t upset the apple chart in the ALDS, that it’s smooth sailing to the Fall Classic for General Joe’s Boys? Time will tell…

    September 25th vs. The Red Sox

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    Oh, this game was sweet

    That was sum’dee-pee to end it, eh?

    You know, a case could be made that this game was Alex Rodriguez’ 3rd or 4th best regular season game, ever, with the bat, as a member of the New York Yankees.

    And, without question, this was Joba Chamberlain’s 4th best start of the season – and his best one since July 29th.

    It’s all good in Yankeeland right now…yup…it’s sweet.

    September 23rd @ The Angels

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    So, the Yankees can win games out in L.A.? Cool…so…no excuses come October, right…?

    Well, this about does it – now, with this win, the A.L. East is a done deal…there’s no way the Red Sox will be passing the Yankees – even if Boston does win their next five games in a row…which I doubt will happen.

    Hey, how about Ian Kennedy? Things got a little tense there in the eighth…and, personally, I thought he was toast. But, Girardi stuck with him, and, Kennedy worked it out. General Joe knows more than I do, obviously.

    But, what’s with Mo? Is it just me, or, has he been un-Rivera like on this West Coast swing? I hope it’s not an issue.

    Lastly, yes, this is back-to-back good starts for A.J. Burnett! Well, here’s two words for you: Jose Molina. The Panda has caught both of these games for Burnett. That’s not going to happen in the post-season, will it?

    September 22nd @ The Angels

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    Thank you Oakland A’s…

    And, more importantly, thank you Zack Greinke! (The Red Sox are not exactly the same team on the road, as they are at Fenway, are they?)

    So, the Yankees are in the post-season. And, thanks to this win for New York and Boston’s loss to the Royals, it’s looking somewhat more safe that the Yankees will win the A.L. East – and will not have to face the Angels in the ALDS…which they probably would have…if Boston had passed them and New York was the wildcard.

    Now, on to the game…

    Am I the only one seeing a pattern with Chad Gaudin in his starts? He’s good, when he’s good, for four or five innings, and, when he’s done…he’s done…there’s nothing left in the tank. Still, if managed properly…that’s better than what Joba Chamberlain’s been doing.

    Oh, and, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Yankees almost lost this one – after having a 5-0 lead going into the bottom of the 5th inning. Alfredo Aceves was not pretty in the 6th inning and the whole Yankees team looked ugly in the 8th inning. Sure, the A’s had beaten the Rangers about that time…but, still…you want to see the team focus better, no?

    It will be interesting to see if the Yankees, and the Red Sox as well, now bother to show up for the series in the Bronx this weekend.

    September 21st @ The Angels

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    Thank goodness for the Kansas City Royals. Without their win against the Red Sox on Monday, with this Yankees loss, New York would have been just 3 games up, in the loss column, on Boston. As it is, the gap stands at four.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Yankees are going to make the post-season this year. They will win one game out of their next 11 contests – or, the Texas Rangers will lose one game out of their next 13 contests. And, once that happens, New York will clinch a play-off spot.

    But, should Boston pass New York in the A.L. East standings, before the season is over, it’s going to leave a mental scar on the team. The Yankees were 6.5 games out of first on May 12th. They fought their way into first place and had a 9 game lead as recent as September 9th. New York has spent the last 77 calendar days in first place. To choke it up, at the end of the year, and back-in to the post-season via the Wildcard is going to leave a mark, for sure, if it happens…

    At least Andy Pettitte looked good, overall, in this game. I wonder if he took a shot last week? And, I wonder how he’ll do his next time out? Fingers crossed!

    By the way, the Yankees are 5-18 at Angels Stadium in the last five seasons. And, Chad Gaudin and A.J. Burnett start the next two games there for the Yankees. Do I hear five and twenty?

    September 20th @ The Mariners

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    Joba, Jo-ba, Jooooba…

    At this point, I’m not even sure if I would hire him to be my latex salesman, much less have him pitch for me, in the post-season, in any capacity…

    You know, two weeks ago, I wrote: “Yanks October Hopes: CC & Andy And Pray For Rain?” Well, Burnett and Chamberlain still have not won over my confidence yet…

    Sure, I know that A.J. went seven allowing one run on Friday…but that was against the M’s, the next to worst offensive team in the league, in a pitcher’s park…

    And, now, with Pettitte’s somewhat sore shoulder, well, the Yankees starting rotation is not looking all that great, is it?

    The good news? The Yankees are making the post-season…in some shape and/or form. It’s a lock. New York may not win the East…don’t look now, but, the Red Sox are just four games back in the loss column…but, they’re in the big dance…no question.

    The only question is how long will they last…given the issues with Burnett, Pettitte and Chamberlain? Hopefully, it will work out…but, I think Yankees fans should start bracing themselves for something less than desired, in terms of an outcome, too…as two bad starts (or more) from your starters in an LDS is usually a kiss of death.

    September 19th @ The Mariners

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    With this win, the Yankees magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now two. And, their magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now nine. If you haven’t already made your plans for observing the high holy days of Yankeeland October baseball…you really should. (Throw in some time for November too – since the World Series could creep into that month.)

    Actually, the Yankees got very lucky in this one. Since he was in his follow-through, that liner in the fifth inning just missed CC Sabathia’s face, by inches, and caught him in the chest. If CC takes that in the face, we’re talking broken bones and Sabathia missing the post-season.

    Speaking of Sabathia, I can’t wait to see him pitch in October. In his last 9 starts, including this one, he’s 7-0 with an ERA of 1.79. And, he’s only allowed an BA/OBA/SLG line of .193/.244/.283 in 65.3 IP (facing 253 batters). Just like A-Rod, who has a BA/OBA/SLG of .338/.439/.517 since August 1st (in 180 PA), CC has been on fire down the stretch. But, we know, in October, things are sometimes different

    September 18th @ The Mariners

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    Ichiro Suzuki now joins:

    Marco Scutaro, Bill Mueller, and Bill Selby as the only batters to hit a regular season, bottom of the 9th inning, walk-off homerun off against Mo Rivera.

    Vernon Wells also hit a walk-off homer against Rivera – but it was in the 11th inning of a tie game. Suzuki, Scutaro, Mueller and Selby all did it in the ninth, with their team trailing.

    Suzuki, Scutaro, and Selby all did it after two-outs. Mueller did it after one out.

    September 16th vs. The Blue Jays

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    Huge win. Pretty much ices the division crown. Frankie Cervelli, though, was lucky – only having one out registered when he got the walk-off hit in the 9th…when he ran towards right field, after rounding first, running away from his teammates. Why?

    Go ask Fred Merkle.

    Can’t say enough about Matsui’s homerun to tie this one in the eighth inning.

    So, how many games will the Yankees now win this season, overall? 102? It should be more. Is 104 too many?

    Know how many times the Yankees have won 104+ games in a season? The answer is: Six. (1998, 1963, 1961, 1939, 1932, and 1927.) And, that’s not a lot. I hope they make it seven this year.

    September 15th vs. The Blue Jays

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    O.K., the game. Doc Halladay did the ‘bend but don’t break’ thing. Sergio Mitre was…well…Sergio Mitre. And, the Blue Jays marched all over the Yankees in this one.

    Now, the fight. Funny, just about this time, last year, the Yankees had a fight in a blow-out loss. Must be the September thing to do?

    Here’s the deal. I’m all for unifying team building exercises – including bench clearing brawls. But, with respect to the fights, it’s only a good thing when you’re defending yourself…and it’s a bad thing when you started it.

    Mark Melancon has to learn to stop hitting batters right square in the back. That’s what triggered this whole thing. And, now, Jorge Posada is probably going to get suspended because of it…and who knows who got hurt in the scrum this evening.

    I know who didn’t get hurt…Alex Rodriguez. If you notice, on the replays, A-Rod was one of the last Yankees to brawl and he sort of just bounced around the perimeter of it. I seem to recall, some time in the last five years, him doing this before during a fight. I want to say it was against a West Coast team. I somewhat remember being ticked over A-Rod and Giambi, two of the strongest guys on the team, at the time, not being more active enforcers when the benches cleared. I’ll have to look some and see if I can locate that game…

    Oh, by the way, don’t look now, but, the Red Sox are currently just 5 games back, in the loss column, behind the Yankees – and Boston has 19 games left to play…

    September 14th vs. The Angels

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    Hey, hey, hey…sure…it’s only one game…but…the Yankees beat the Angels and they did it with a page from the Halo’s playbook. Sweet.

    El número mágico es ahora doce.

    Many will want to talk about Brett Gardner/Joe Girardi and Mike Napoli for this one. And, yup, there will be conversation around Joba Chamberlain and Alfredo Aceves – and maybe even Phil Coke and Phil Hughes. But, for me, this one was all about Mark Teixeira – and his extra base hits in the fifth and eighth innings. Those two hits were the game…for me.

    I’ve said in the past that CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett are the keys to the Yankees winning in October – especially in the ALDS. But, even if they do their job, Mark Teixeria is going to have to be “the man” with the bat for New York in the post-season. We know that you cannot count on Alex Rodriguez. Yes…maybe…A-Rod will come through this October. But, he did not in 2005, 2006 or 2007. So, it would be foolish to count on him doing it this year. But…Teixeira…now…that might be “the guy” to count on…as he just seems to be not worried about how it looks…and is more focused on getting it done. Let’s hope I’m correct…as the ALDS will be here before you know it.

    September 13th vs. The Orioles

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    Final scores can be so misleading, sometimes. If you spent the day visiting with family, and then taking a nice stroll on the boardwalk, before grabbing some dinner out, and were basically “unplugged” from 1 pm until 7 pm (ET) and had no idea what happened in the Yankees game…until you saw the final score, 13-3, on the scroll at the bottom of your T.V. screen when you first flicked on the MLB Network upon arriving home…you’d think “Wow. A laugher. Sweet.”

    And, you’d have no idea that the Yankees were losing, 3-1, until Melky Cabrera got a big hit in the fourth, to tie the score at three. And, you’d have no idea that Hideki Matsui got a clutch hit, in the sixth inning, to make to a 3-3 tie into a two run Yankees lead. And, you’d have no idea that it was a very close game, as late as the eighth inning, with New York up, 5-3, until Matsui blasted one to put the Yanks up by five. And, you’d have no idea that Cabrera would drive in two more runs, in that same eighth inning, to make it a runaway…

    Basically, you’d have no idea that it was the Melky and Matsui show in the Bronx today…getting the Yankees back into the game, and then getting them the lead, and making it a laugher…but not until it was the next to last inning of the contest.

    Oh, and you’d have no idea that Johnny Damon pulled a rock, that cost the Yankees a run, in the fourth inning. Or, that Alex Rodriguez chirped his way into getting ejected from this game in the fifth inning. Two things, by the way, that are pretty stupid for players to do…as their team is trying to win games and lock up a title.

    This all reminds me of the ol’ deer-jokes…

    Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
    A: No idea.

    Q: What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
    A: Still no idea.

    Thank you. Thank you…I’ll be here all week. Try the veal and be sure to tip your waitress.

    September 12th vs. The Orioles

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    O.K., so, now, the Yankees have lost two in a row to the lowly Baltimore Orioles.

    Hey, no need to panic over that…as the Yankees are still a lock to make the post-season and it’s a 98% probability that they win the A.L. East.

    Now, of course, you might get nervous over the fact that this loss leaves the Yankees with just a 5 game lead over the Los Angeles Angels – for the best record in the league – with 19 games left to be played. But, if the Yankees go just 9-10 in those remaining games, then the Angels will have to go 16-5 to pass New York. And, I doubt all that’s going to happen.

    But, if you want to get nervous over anything, in Yankeeland, at this moment, start getting antsy over A.J. Burnett. Even with his good start the last time before this game that he pitched, Burnett has now allowed 38 earned runs in his last 55.6 innings pitched. That’s an ERA of 6.15 since August 1st for Burnett. And, that’s not good…when you’re counting on A.J. to be one of your “horses” in October.

    There’s an excellent chance that the Yankees will need Burnett to start two games in the ALDS this year. And, if that happens, and if you cannot count on A.J. to win his games, then you’re asking CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte to carry you in a series that’s basically a situation where you have to win three out of three games. And…yup…that’s zero wiggle room for the Yankees lefties.

    And, if you watched the 2005 NLCS, 2007 ALCS and 2008 NLDS, then you should know that Sabathia and Pettite are more than capable of throwing a clunker in the post-season.

    Hey, if this all rings a bell, it’s because I wrote about it last week.

    Burnett has three starts in which to get his act together and show us somethining. And, if A.J. cannot do it, expect the ALDS this year, for the Yankees, to be no different than the ones from 2005, 2006 and 2007…meaning it will be the end of the road for the Yankees season.

    September 11th vs. The Orioles

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    It’s a few minutes before midnight on September 11th as I write this. The Yankees game is in a rain-delay, with two outs in the top of the seventh inning, and New York trailing 10-4 (to Baltimore). It’s pretty safe to say you can close the book on this one.

    First, the good news: Derek Jeter set the all-time Yankees career hit record in this one. And, it appears that no Yankees player, so far, has been injured in this contest.

    But, the bad news: This has been a terribly sloppy game for the Yankees. Just a mess…

    What a shame…not because of the standings…as this game means nothing. More so, it’s a shame because this game, with the Jeter record therein, should not have played out this way.

    Actually, by the sixth inning, because of the rain-delay at the start of the game, the rain during the game, the fact it was 11 pm ET, and the score (as Damaso Marte began to let the game get away), Yankee Stadium began to empty out…and, now, with this second rain-delay…well…if they do start playing again, there will hardly be any fans there to see it.

    In the perfect world, the Yankees would have won this game, and, during the top of the ninth inning, Joe Girardi would have pulled Jeter off the field, and replaced him with Ramiro Pena, defensively. While this was happening, 45,000 Yankees fans would have given Derek a crazy standing ovation, for several minutes, calling him out of the dugout, etc. And, that would have been fitting. But, now, that’s ain’t gonna happen…and, again, in my opinion, that’s a shame.

    September 9th vs. The Rays

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    For 25,700 days, no one touched Lou Gehrig’s Yankees career hit record. But, today, Derek Jeter made it a milestone built for two. And, now, on 9/11, Jeter will have a chance to break that tie and own the record.

    Oh, by the way, the Yankees won another game in dramatic comeback fashion. Actually, it’s starting to feel like New York will hardly ever lose a game again – and never lose another game at home. High fives and fist bumps go to the Yankees bullpen and Jorge Posada for this “W.” But, obviously, this night, on the whole, belonged to Derek Jeter – as he collected three hits on the evening, and, in the process, matched the New York Yankees record for career hits (a mark held by Lou Gehrig with 2,721 career base hits).

    Too bad the Rays walked Jeter in the 8th inning. But, that record breaking hit will come…and many more will follow after it.

    Rays Yankees Baseball
    New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter hits a single during the seventh inning of a baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009, at Yankee Stadium in New York. The hit tied Jeter with Lou Gehrig for most hits by a Yankee. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

    September 8th vs. The Rays

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    You just knew they were going to win it, in a walk-off, didn’t you? As soon as Hughes lost his Blown Save cherry, I thought to myself “Here comes the walk-off.”

    Actually, I thought A-Rod was going to do it in the 9th…after that clutch hit to drive in the second run, I thought it was his night. But, turns out it was Swisher’s night…with a little help from the new Yankee Stadium at the end.

    A walk-off, of course, it’s what the 2009 Yankees do…13 times now, and counting! Aw, heck, if you’re a Yankees fan, it’s time to join hands, join the train, and start dancing!

    September 7th vs. The Rays – Game 2

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    As I write this, the Yankees are up, 11-1, in this game – and it’s the 7th inning. Edwar Ramirez is pitching for New York. Ramiro Pena is now playing shortstop. And, Mark Teixeira was removed from the game – with Brett Gardner coming in, playing center, along with Nick Swisher going from right field to first base and Melky Cabrera going from center field to right field. Yup, it’s now a Spring Training game. Too bad that Elliot Johnson isn’t up with the Rays this September. This would be a good game for buzzing him – and providing some in-season payback for Francisco Cervelli.

    Did you know, as of this writing, Jose Molina has reached base 4 times in this game? That’s only the 7th time in his career he’s been on base 4 times in a game – and, now, it’s twice against Tampa Bay. Boy, the Rays must have nightmares about the Panda.

    Speaking of Molina…A.J. Burnett, after the first inning, seemed to find himself in this game, huh? And, Jose Molina was catching him. Oh, boy, here we go again

    September 7th vs. The Rays – Game 1

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    Pass out the gold stars for this one. Sabathia gets a bunch of them. Hughes and Rivera get some too. And, A-Rod, Teixeira, Swisher, Cano and Posada can grab a few as well. But, for me, the highlight of this game was watching (no pun intended) Brett Gardner’s catch, real-time, as it happened, in the top of the fifth inning – when he took an extra base hit away from Fernando Perez.

    I’ve heard the story about how, then Chicago White Sox, center fielder Johnny Mostil caught a foul ball during a 1925 Spring Training game in Nashville. Reportedly, a batter hit a long, high, fly into the foul territory along the left field line and Mostil raced, from center, past left fielder Bib Falk, and caught the ball in foul territory. To me, that’s just incredible.

    In fact, I’ve always been fascinated by tales of fast outfielders with reported great range from the past…from superstars like Tris Speaker to guys like Taylor Douthit and Johnny Mostil. Betcha Gardner’s grab today would have made those guys proud.

    If Brett makes that grab during a World Series game, it would be talked about for a half-century after that…

    Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to make a play like that this October.

    September 6th @ The Blue Jays

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    Look closely at the bottom of the fifth inning of this game. If you do, you’ll be able to locate the embedded kernels of corn therein along with the steam rising from it’s overall mass…

    …man, what a stinker.

    With this loss, the Yankees, since July 31st, are now 5-2 in games started by Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin. Why does it seem like it’s much worse than that? Probably because of the residual wake from olfactory nightmare situations like the bottom of the fifth inning today. After all, when you drop a turd in the middle of a rose garden the stink sort overrides the overall favorable aroma…I suppose.

    Oh, well, day-nighter tomorrow with CC and A.J. going for the Yankees. Let’s hope that’s better than lighting a match…

    September 5th @ The Blue Jays

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    You’d be somewhat hard pressed to find someone who loves baseball more than I do – especially Yankees baseball – but, 3 hours and 52 minutes for a 6-4, nine inning game, with no rain delays or the like is somewhat insufferable…again…even for me.

    In any event, moving on to the important result from this game, coupled with the Red Sox loss to the White Sox today…the Yankees now have a 8.5 game lead in the A.L. East with 26 games to go. And, New York’s magic number is now 19 (to take the A.L. crown). If the Yankees go 13-13 in their remaining 26 games, then the Red Sox will have to go 23-4 to pass New York. Basically, once the Red Sox lose four more games, this puppy is 99.9999999999% locked up for the Yanks.

    Also, with their loss, the Red Sox and Rangers find themselves in a heckuva fight for the A.L. Wildcard. Texas lost a tough one today. But, overall, they’ve won four of their last five games – and six of their last ten – to keep the pressure on the Bosox. And, if Texas takes the wildcard, then New York would face them in the ALDS (more than likely).

    As I wrote the other day – You want to deal with Motown’s Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson and Rick Porcello in a best three out of five set? Or, does Texas’ Kevin Millwood, Scott Feldman and Tommy Hunter scare you less?

    September 4th @ The Blue Jays

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    Oh, well, I guess we can add Roy Halladay to the list of Daniel Cabrera, Mike Maroth, Billy Traber, Bartolo Colon, Pedro Martinez, Steve Ontiveros, Dave Stieb, Tom Candiotti, Moose Haas, La Marr Hoyt, Nolan Ryan, Skip Lockwood, Joe Niekro, Luis Tiant, Ray Culp, Jim Palmer, Billy Rohr and Blue Moon Odom…as guys who have one-hit the Yankees in my lifetime. (Ryan did it twice, for what it’s worth.)

    Thank goodness for Ramiro Pena.

    So, in his last 5 starts, including this game, Joba Chamberlain has thrown 21 IP and allowed 19 ER. And, the opposing team has a BA/OBA/SLG line of .337/.408/.457 against him in 103 PA. If he keeps this up, you know what? I’d leave him off the post-season roster – and go with a three-man starting rotation in October.

    September 3rd @ The Blue Jays

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    A somewhat meaningless September game for the Yankees, with Chad Gaudin on the mound starting for New York, against a poorly performing Toronto Blue Jays squad, to be played on fake grass…well…I could go on…but…if you watched all of this game, from the first pitch to the last, without missing any action in between, pat yourself on the back…because you are the committed Yankees fan in the world.

    At one point, in this one, it was looking like that Adam Lind liner off Alfredo Aceves in the bottom of the sixth, right at Melky Cabrera, to end that frame might have been one of the key moments in this contest. However, Jason Frasor’s meltdown for Toronto in the ninth, after two outs, made that point moot. And, in the end, for me, the talking points from this game come out of the performances of Brian Bruney and Jorge Posada.

    If Brian Bruney cannot be trusted to close out a 5-run lead in a low-pressure game such as this one…then he has no business being on the Yankees post-season roster this year. And, if New York has the cojones to exclude him from play in October…boy…won’t it be interesting to see Bruney’s reaction.

    On a more positive note. How about Jorge Posada? That big fly in the 9th inning gives him 8 seasons now with 20+ homeruns. The only catchers in baseball history with 8+ seasons of 20+ homers are Carlton Fisk (8), Gary Carter (9), Yogi Berra (10), and Johnny Bench and Mike Piazza (11 each). And, all of those aforementioned backstops are in Cooperstown or will be, soon.

    I’m beginning to think that Posada may find himself in the Hall of Fame as well – someday. I see it going down like this: After retirement, there will be a lot of talk, comparing him to Gabby Hartnett, while Jorge is on the writer’s ballot. But, Posada won’t be voted in by the BBWAA. It will be after Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter are elected to the Hall by the BBWAA, that Posada will get into Cooperstown, via the Veterans Committee…assisted by Jeter’s and Rivera’s lobbying. It will probably happen around the year 2035. In the meantime, all Jorge will have to do is keep his nose clean for the next 27 years. And, at the same time, New York should be careful not to give out #20 to any player who potentially might turn out to be a superstar player…as they may have to retire that puppy when Posada heads to the Hall.

    September 2nd @ The Orioles

    Posted by on September 2nd, 2009 · Comments (5)

    This was the first time this season that the Yankees scored more than 4 runs in the 9th inning. Nice timing too – turning a close 3-2 game into a blow-out on an evening where Mo Rivera was out with a sore groin. (Prior to this game, there were 4 times this season where the Yankees scored 4 runs in the 9th inning.)

    Sabathia was ace-like in this one. Combined with the Red Sox loss in Tampa, this puts New York 7.5 games over Boston with 29 games to go. This means…if the Yankees go 15-14 in their remaining games then the Red Sox would have to go 24-6 in their remaining games to pass New York in the standings. Then again, Mets fans probably remember 2007 pretty well…

    So, it would be great to see the Yankees win something like 8 of their next 11 and put this thing on ice before their make-up game with the Angels on September 14th.

    September 1st @ The Orioles

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    You can look at this game and do a happy dance, like Nick Swisher and Eric Hinske did in the dugout during this contest after their homeruns, over the fact that the Yankees won this game. Or, you can look at this game and now say that A.J. Burnett has allowed 31 earned runs in his last 42.6 innings – over seven starts.

    I’m going the latter route – because that’s the bigger story here. The Yankees will need Burnett to be sharp, in the post-season, if they’re going to advance in October. So, A.J. has about five or six more starts to get himself corrected. That’s enough time – but, the sooner he starts, the better.