• November 4th Vs. The Phillies

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    God, it feels like I’ve been waiting 29 days to exhale.

    And…man…it feels great to breathe again!

    I’m so happy to see two of my favorite Yankees, Andy Pettitte and Hideki Matsui, have big contributions towards this wonderful win. And, if this has to be Godzilla’s last game as a member of the Yankees, there’s no better high note to exit on…

    The 2009 New York Yankees are the World Champions of Major League Baseball!


    Hey, give the Philadelphia Phillies some credit. They were the defending champs. They made it back to the World Series this year. And, they pushed it to Game Six before checking out. In the end, they will lament Game Four. But, on the whole, the Phillies did not embarrass themselves in this Fall Classic.

    And, now, I’m just going to shut up and allow “the sound of the crowd” to tell the story.

    Yankeeland, the comments section of this entry is all yours to enjoy. Go for it, rejoice, and, when you’re done, celebrate a little more. There’s no such as having too much fun – as long as it’s in good taste – after your team has just won a World Championship.

    I’m going to take the next 48 hours, or so, off in order to kick back, let this all permeate, and smile a whole helluva lot in the process.

    But, before I go, here’s Frank. Play him loud. Play him often. For, in Yankeeland, there’s no better soundtrack to get a ring party started right…

    November 2nd @ The Phillies

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    Damn. Soooooo close. But, not even the Yankees Comeback Kids of 2009 could pull this one out…

    Well, Commander Cashman & General Joe elected to go with “Choice One” when it came to starting pitching assignments for this Series, which I said, a week ago, was “crazy – because you’re asking everyone to pitch on 3-days rest at some point. ” And, now we’re heading to Game Six.

    And, between now and then, the second-guessing will be aplenty

    A.J. Burnett, on three-days rest, pitching on the road, was terrible for the Yankees in this one. Cliff Lee, pitching on full-rest, kept the Yankees under enough control to for his team to be on the winning side of the ledger.

    Next stop: Pettitte and Pedro in Game Six.

    And, by the way, Andy Pettitte will also be pitching on three-days rest – something he hasn’t done in the regular or post-season since 2006.

    If the Yankees somehow manage to screw up Game Six, then they’ll turn to CC Sabathia for Game Seven – pitching on three-days rest for the second time in a row this World Series. Is that going to the well too many times? Well, let’s hope not…because Pettitte will not be available for Game Seven. And, do you want Burnett backing up CC, with A.J. having just two-days rest, in a Game Seven situation? That means it will be Gaudin, Aceves, Coke and Robertson following Sabathia if he gets an early hook in Game Seven.

    No pressure Andy…really…no pressure…

    We won’t even bring up your history in Game Six situations

    November 1st @ The Phillies

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    Many will want to talk about A-Rod driving in the tie-breaking run during the 9th inning of this game. And, he deserves credit for getting that hit. But, to me, without question, the hero of this one is Johnny Damon. First, Damon had big hits in the 1st and 5th innings. But, more importantly, that At Bat of his in the 9th inning and what followed was just incredible.

    Yanks and Phils tied, top of the 9th, no one on, with two outs, and Damon comes to the plate. Phil Coke and Phil Hughes are warming up in the bullpen. I’m already thinking about writing this one up as a terrible loss for the Yankees – maybe a loss that costs them the entire series in the long run. Within three pitches, Damon finds himself in the hole with a 1-2 count. He fouls off the next pitch. Then, he takes two balls. Now, it’s a full count. Next, Damon spoils a pitch foul. And, then he does it again. Finally, Damon singles to left field and the Yankees have a runner on first albeit with two outs.

    After that clutch, thrilling, and winning At Bat, Johnny Damon steals second base and then, on the same play, he steals third base because the Phillies have the shift on (for Mark Teixiera, batting) and Brad Lidge forgets to cover third base.

    And, that set it up – after Teixiera was hit by a pitch – for A-Rod’s hit.

    Johnny Damon’s effort in the top of the 9th inning of this game should go down in World Series history…because it was so important to the Yankees winning this game.

    I’ll have more on this game at a later time – because I feel that Damon deserves the spotlight, alone, in this game entry.

    Sure, there’s other things to discuss from this one – such as pitchers throwing at A-Rod and the gutty effort by CC Sabathia in this game. And, yeah, there’s the Joba-thing. But, again, for now, this one’s for you Johnny Damon. And, you’ve earned it.

    As far as the Yankees…hey, you’re up three games to one now in this series. Do us all in Yankeeland a favor, and, GET IT DONE ON MONDAY.

    Yes, it’s going to be hard – facing Cliff Lee on full rest and throwing A.J. Burnett, on short-rest, and on the road. But, just find a way to get it done, in Game Five, and DO NOT LET THE PHILLIES BACK INTO THIS THING. They’re down, and, please, let’s keep them there and finish this off, now, quickly…OK?