• Assigning Blame For The ALCS

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    Neil Keefe takes a look at who’s to blame for the Yankees losing the ALCS this year. It’s an interesting read.

    2010 Yankees Last Stand Their Worst Ever Since ’22 and ’76 World Series

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    Were the Yankees out-hit and out-pitched in the 2010 ALCS? Check out these interesting numbers via STATS LLC

    The Yankees’ first-round sweep against the banged-up Twins, who entered the postseason without Justin Morneau and with Joe Mauer playing hurt, masked a team that went 29-30 from Aug. 1 on.

    New York was outscored 38-19 by Texas, outhit .304 to .201 and had a 6.58 ERA to Texas’ 3.06. New York batted .151 (8 for 53) with runners in scoring position to .328 (19 for 58) for the Rangers, and while Texas swiped nine bases in 10 chances, New York stole just two.

    Alex Rodriguez hit .190 with two RBIs in the ALCS, while Brett Gardner slumped to .176 and Nick Swisher to .091. Mark Teixeira was 0 for 14 before straining a hamstring, leaving his two-year postseason average with the Yankees at .180.

    Last year, their left fielders and designated hitters – primarily Damon and Matsui – hit .296 with 15 runs, five homers and 21 RBIs in the postseason. This time, with Gardner and Marcus Thames getting most of the at-bats, the left field and DH slots combined for a .220 average with five runs, two homers and nine RBIs.

    CC Sabathia’s postseason ERA rose from 1.98 to 5.63 and A.J Burnett’s from 5.27 to 7.50. While Damaso Marte (0.00 ERA) and Phil Coke (five scoreless appearances before allowing two runs in Game 5 at Philadelphia) gave them solid left-handed relief in 2009, Boone Logan had a 10.80 ERA in the playoffs.

    This was only the second time the Yankees were outhit by 100 points in a postseason series, the first since the New York Giants outhit them .309 to .203 in the 1922 World Series, according to STATS LLC. And was it the biggest ever difference for the Yankees’ ERA over an opponent’s, topping the 1976 World Series, when Cincinnati had a 2.00 ERA to New York’s 5.45.

    Congrats To The 2010 A.L. Champion Texas Rangers

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    A-Rod. Looking. And, that wraps it up, Yankeeland.

    In the end, during the regular season, the Yankees were better than the crippled Boston Red Sox. But, not as good as the Tampa Bay Rays. And, in the post-season, the Yankees were better than the Minnesota Twins. But, not as good as the Texas Rangers.

    The Rangers beat the Yankees brains out in this series. And, they did it only having to use Cliff Lee once over the course of six games. Think about that for a moment. Wow.

    That’s all I got for now. Is there really a need to say anything more at this moment. On to the post-game YES coverage for now…

    With 6 Outs Left To Their 2010, There’s A Sound Kickin’ Up In Yankeeland…

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    Huuuuughes Or Looooose Tonight?

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    Gotta think that Phil Hughes will be a factor in Game 6 of the ALCS this evening. As always with Hughes, at least this year, he’ll be very good or not good at all. At this stage of his career, it’s rare for him to gut one out – like CC Sabathia did in Game 5.

    So, what will it be?

    Will Texas have Hughes by the huevos like they did in Game 2? Or, will Hughes be chillin’ after the game with a measured Olde English celebrating a fine effort and a “W”?

    Time will tell. Enjoy the game.

    So, This Only Works For The Yankees?

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    Oh, to wear those Yankees Blinders

    I keep hearing about how well the Yankees are going to do down in Texas – because their hitters are now seeing Colby Lewis and Cliff Lee for a second time over a short period of time…and that’s going to help them smack these hurlers around the park, etc.

    Ah, um, excuse me…but…is this not also the second time that the Rangers batters will see Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte over a short period of time? Or, does that only help Yankees hitters and not Rangers hitters?

    Nick Swisher On Cliff Lee: “[Bleep], Who Cares?”

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    Via Andrew Marchand

    Yankees right fielder Nick Swisher wants to face Cliff Lee in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, but he is sick of talking about him. Swisher cannot stand hearing another question asked about Lee.

    With the Yankees facing Texas Rangers starter Colby Lewis in Game 6, Swisher did not take kindly to a reporter asking teammates a couple lockers down about Lee.

    “You guys are talking about Cliff Lee?” said Swisher out loud in a room full of reporters. “[Expletive], who cares?”

    As he walked off, Swisher said, “I can’t wait to hit against his [behind].”

    Later, when asked about saying this out loud with reporters present, Swisher cut off a question when the words “Cliff Lee” were uttered.

    “I’m not talking about Cliff Lee,” Swisher said. “I don’t give a [expletive].”

    Swishalicious being Swishalicious?

    Somehow, I don’t think Paul O’Neill ever went on the record like this when talking about Pedro Martnez…

    ALCS Game 6 Thunderstorm Probability: 95%

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    Mike Silva makes a good point. Will Game 6 of the ALCS be rained out for the second year in a row? And, if it is, will Texas come back with Cliff Lee?

    Yanks On Borrowed Time?

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    Today from Tony DeMarco, a NBCSports.com contributor –

    The New York Yankees’ postseason fate has come down to a weekend in Arlington, Texas. Truth is, the only apparent advantage they have is in terms of payroll.

    Not only do they have to win two more in a row; the second one will come against Cliff Lee, who completely dominated them in Game 3 in the midst of his historic postseason run.

    Five games into this American League Championship Series, the Yankees have been outscored 32-18 — 25-5 in a stretch of three consecutive losses — out-hit .316 to .218, and left behind in the running game, nine stolen bases to two.

    Even after the Yankees’ Game 5 victory that sent the series back to Texas, the Rangers’ trip to the Bronx could only be termed a success. They did exactly what they needed to do by winning two of three, stripping away a long-held Yankees’ postseason advantage.

    In fact, it was hard to tell what was more alarming — the results on the field, or the change in fan base — read: corporate crowd that bailed early on back-to-back nights as the Yankees were embarrassed in Games 3 and 4.

    But a sense of vulnerability also has crept in during this series. The Yankees are operating on borrowed time — every look at the more-athletic and aggressive team in the other dugout has to tell them that.

    So no matter what happens this weekend, and the rest of this postseason, the game’s most-successful franchise finds itself in a pivotal transition phase, the impact of which can’t be understated.

    It took a decade to work through the transition that followed the 1996-2000 run of four titles. And this time, we’re talking about legendary icons being involved:

    The passing of George Steinbrenner and handing over of the team to his sons; the creeping-ever-closer ends for future first-ballot Hall of Famers Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, plus Cooperstown maybes Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada.

    Last winter goes down as a failure for general manager Brian Cashman. Coming off the club’s first title since 2000, Cashman chose to tweak, and for the most part failed at that.

    He dealt for Javier Vazquez and signed Nick Johnson, and neither made it to the postseason. Curtis Granderson had a just-OK year, and that deal cost Austin Jackson, who might be the AL Rookie of the Year.

    It’s going to take a much more aggressive and bold approach this off-season. It’s going to take more than tweaking for the 2011 Yankees to have a legitimate shot at another championship.

    Are the Yankees in a “pivotal transition phase” as DeMarco states here? Well, if not, they’re getting close to it. The Core Four ain’t getting any younger. A-Rod is aging as well. Maybe Tex too – sorta/kinda? And, an outfield of Gardner, Granderson and Swisher, while nice, lacks the production that would make up for what the Yankees used to get from other places (which put them ahead of the league in those positions). Hughes still needs to improve his consistency. And, Burnett…well…do I have to say it?

    So, maybe DeMarco is right here. What do you think?

    A-Rod’s 2010 ALCS Performance Is Questioned

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    Via Mike Sielski of the WSJ

    Through the first five games of this series, the Texas Rangers have succeeded for the most part in stifling [Alex] Rodriguez, the Yankees third baseman. He has just three hits in 17 at-bats for a .176 batting average and hasn’t hit a home run.

    Mr. Rodriguez, who earlier this year became the youngest player to reach the 600-home run mark, was supposed to have buried the notion that he wilted amid the pressure of October baseball. He batted .365 with six home runs in 15 postseason games last year, and Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Thursday that this season has been easier for Mr. Rodriguez because he hasn’t had to answer similar questions about his playoff performance.

    But whether it’s a matter of correlation or cause, this much is certain: When Mr. Rodriguez hasn’t hit, the Yankees haven’t won in the postseason. Over the previous four playoff series the Yankees lost—the championship series in 2004 and division series in ’05, ’06 and ’07—he batted .200 with three home runs.

    The Yankees will need more such production from Mr. Rodriguez if they’re to advance to the World Series again, though he might have overstated the importance of Game 6 and (if necessary) Saturday’s Game 7. After his clubhouse study session Thursday afternoon, he spoke briefly to reporters, telling them that “any time you play for your life, these [games] are life and death.”

    As I have written before in this blog –

    There’s no doubt in my mind that, without Alex Rodriguez swinging the bat the way he did during the post-season of 2009, there’s no way the Yankees would have achieved all the success that they did in the ALDS, ALCS and World Series.

    And, for sure, A-Rod this post-season does look more like the post-season A-Rod of 2005-07 than he does the one from last year. But, a big game with the stick tonight – and another one, hopefully, in Game 7 – will go a long way towards killing the question of his poor performance, so far, this ALCS. Let’s hope that happens.

    What, Lee Worry [Game 7]?

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    Neil Paine says:

    Contrary to what you may have heard, the Yankees do have a fighting chance of beating Cliff Lee if they can force a Game 7 against the Rangers.

    Read on for more on this thought.

    When’s The Next Yankees Game?

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    Sometimes, when you’re in Texas, with apologies to Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part

    Gosh, is it Friday yet?

    So, Yankeeland, How’ya Feelin’?

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    The 2010 ALCS is now heading to Game 6 – with the Texas Rangers leading the New York Yankees, three games to two.

    Three games to two. What’s that mean?

    More importantly, how does that feel?

    Most of Yankeeland, coming into Game 5 of this ALCS, were not feeling groovy about the state of their ballclub in this series. New York was out-played in 35 of the 36 innings played, to that point, in this match-up…or something close to that. After a miracle comeback win in Game 1, the Yankees dropped three games in a row – in lackluster fashion. After Game 4 of the ALCS, most Yankees fans were already lamenting how their team had brought this post-season to an end.

    But, it wasn’t over, completely, yet. And, now, it’s still not over. As Yogi says, it ain’t over till it’s over, right?

    Of course, one win, today, in Game 5, doesn’t obliterate the sickly pinstripe pallor that the Yankees cast in the first four games of this ALCS. Three losses in a row, albeit book-ended with wins, will do that to you.

    However, what if it wasn’t W-L-L-L-W here? What if it was L-W-L-W-L, would “three games to two” feel better then? Or, what if it was W-W-L-L-L instead of W-L-L-L-W, to date? In that case, W-L-L-L-W would look a lot better, no? Yet, in the end, they’re all “three games to two.” And, does it matter what sequence derived that state? This said, how are you feeling, Yankeeland?

    Feeling better today than yesterday? And, looking forward to Game 6, now, more than you were looking forward to Game 5, this morning? Or, is it no different now, compared to then, and will be no different tomorrow? You tell me…

    2010 ALCS Game 5 Viewer Discussion

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    As a result of the start time for Game 5 of the 2010 ALCS, I would imagine that many fans in the NY/NJ/CT area will be following the game – at least the start of it – via Gameday or some other online connection. If you are one of those, or are watching the game, or listening to it, while also online, and would like to chat with others who are doing the same, please feel free to use the comments section of this post to chat about the game.

    ALCS Game 5 Tickets Going For Less Than Regular Season Face Value

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    Via the Times Bats Blog

    It’s do-or-die for the Yankees, who face elimination at the hands of the Texas Rangers. Apparently, their fans think the Yankees are more likely to die than do.

    Ticket prices for Game 5, which begins at 4 p.m. Wednesday, have fallen, with some fans selling their tickets below face value. The average price for resale has fallen to $127, down from $249 before Tuesday’s 10-3 loss to the Rangers, according to FanSnap.com, a ticket comparison shopping site.

    Tickets in the 300 deck in left field are being offered for resale for as little as $46, $2 below their face value in the regular season. Seats in Section 121, which is behind home plate, were being resold for $281, compared with their $300 face value in the regular season.

    Imagine that, tickets to a Yankees home ALCS Game going for prices less than face value in the regular season?

    Of course, besides the factor of fans thinking this series is toast, today being a 4 pm ET start, and the high-priced-nature of Yankees tickets, in general, have something to do with this as well…

    Is Something Bothering Sabathia?

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    So, here’s the question: Has CC Sabathia been “the same” since he had that pitcher’s duel with David Price down in Tampa? See these stats – with that Rays game, in question, first, and all the starts made by CC since that time – including this post-season:

    Date Tm   Opp Rslt IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP BF
    Sep 13 NYY @ TBR L,0-1 8.0 2 0 0 2 9 0 1 29
    Sep 18 NYY @ BAL W,11-3 7.0 7 3 3 1 4 1 0 28
    Sep 23 NYY   TBR L,3-10 5.1 10 7 7 3 6 0 0 27
    Sep 28 NYY @ TOR W,6-1 8.1 3 1 1 2 8 1 0 30
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 10/20/2010.


      Series Date Tm   Opp Rslt IP H R ER BB SO HR BF
    2010 ALDS g1 Oct 6 NYY @ MIN W,6-4 6.0 5 4 3 3 5 1 27
    2010 ALCS g1 Oct 15 NYY @ TEX W,6-5 4.0 6 5 5 4 3 1 21
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 10/20/2010.

    If it wasn’t for that game on September 28th, I would suggest that this may be the case. But, for sure, he wasn’t hurting on that day.

    In any event, based on the way he’s pitched lately, overall, what kind of performance do you think Sabathia will give the Yankees today?

    Yanks Trying To Avoid A Repeat Of 1942

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    Noticed this being tweeted about on Twitter: The Yankees haven’t lost three straight home games in same post-season since 1942.

    We sort of mentioned that here the other day. Man, that last loss in ’42 must of been a stinger. Whitey Kurowski, huh?

    Recent Yankees ALCS Game 5 History

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    Since the LCS series went to a best-of-seven format, there have been eight times where the Yankees have played a Game 5 in an ALCS (like they will, later today). And, the last time the Yankees won a Game 5 in an ALCS was 2003. Below are the starters who the Yankees have used in their last eight ALCS Game 5 situations and the outcomes of those games.

    Rk Player Date 5 Series Gm# Tm Opp Rslt IP H R ER BB SO HR GSc BF
    1 Andy Pettitte 1996-10-13 ALCS 5 NYY BAL W 6-4 8.0 3 2 2 1 3 2 70 28
    2 David Wells 1998-10-11 ALCS 5 NYY CLE W 5-3 7.1 7 3 3 1 11 2 62 29
    3 Orlando Hernandez 1999-10-18 ALCS 5 NYY BOS W 6-1 7.0 5 1 1 4 9 1 68 31
    4 Denny Neagle 2000-10-15 ALCS 5 NYY SEA L 2-6 4.1 3 3 3 4 4 0 45 20
    5 Andy Pettitte 2001-10-22 ALCS 5 NYY SEA W 12-3 6.1 8 3 3 1 1 0 45 28
    6 David Wells 2003-10-14 ALCS 5 NYY BOS W 4-2 7.0 4 1 1 2 5 1 68 28
    7 Mike Mussina 2004-10-18 ALCS 5 NYY BOS L 4-5 6.0 6 2 2 2 7 0 57 27
    8 A.J. Burnett 2009-10-22 ALCS 5 NYY LAA L 6-7 6.0 8 6 6 3 3 0 32 27
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 10/20/2010.

    On the bright side, seven out of eight times here, when the Yankees played a Game 5 of an ALCS, they reached the World Series. Can they make it eight of nine this year?

    Crazed Cameron Diaz Fan Makes A Run At A-Rod

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    Via the Daily News

    An unhinged fan with a crush on Cameron Diaz ran onto the Yankee Stadium field during Monday night’s game to confront A-Rod about his love for the stunning starlet, sources said.

    But Grim LeRogue, 33, was tackled by Stadium security as he attempted to rush the third baseman in the top of the fifth inning in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series, cops said.

    Tucked in LeRogue’s pocket, police found a picture of Alex Rodriguez with his face crossed out and a drawing of a small gun pointed at his head, a source said. Etched on the photo were the words, “You gotta go, buddy.”

    “He was absolutely out of his f—–g mind,” said the source, adding that LeRogue was rambling the entire time he was in custody.

    A-Rod left the Stadium Tuesday night without taking questions after the 10-3 loss to the Texas Rangers.

    The crazed Bronx man, who did not have a weapon, also told police that he wanted to kill Bobby Brown, because Osama Bin Laden has a crush on the Grammy winner’s wife, Whitney Houston, the source said.

    But he opted to act first on his chance at love with the 38-year-old “What Happens in Vegas” star.

    “He gave a rambling interview that he had an infatuation with Cameron Diaz,” the source said. “He thought by going out and choking A-Rod he’d be a hero to her.” LeRogue also told investigators he legally changed his name from John Rogan as a strategy to sell a 700-page book he’s trying to market, sources said.

    “I think it’s publicity for his book,” said his mother, Catherine Rogan. “I’m sure he’s fine,” she said of his condition.

    LeRogue, charged with assault and interfering with a sporting event, was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital.

    There’s a part of me who wants to make a joke and say that the real threat to A-Rod is the crazed Dr. Anthony Galea fan who’s going to rush the field in today’s game. But, truly, this is some very, very serious stuff here. This whole thing could have gone down a lot worse – and then some. Good job by Stadium security to react to this as quickly as they did last night. And, for Alex’s sake, I’m glad that no harm came his way.

    Texas Rangers Missed Sweeping New York Yankees In 2010 ALCS By 15 Pitches

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    With their win in Game 4 of the 2010 ALCS, the Texas Rangers now have a 3-1 lead in the series. And, if not for 15 consecutive pitches thrown in the top of the 8th inning of Game 1 of this ALCS – where Darren Oliver walked Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeira (on 13 pitches) and both Darren O’Day and Clay Rapada allowed one-pitch singles (to Alex Rodriguez and Robbie Cano, respectively) – Texas would be celebrating their ticket to the 2010 World Series as I type this…

    Hey, maybe the Yankees will win the final three games of this series and take advantage of this break? Nah…yeah…you’re right…that ain’t gonna happen…

    Bottom line, with the exception of those 15 pitches, the Rangers have totally out-played the Yankees in the first four games of this ALCS. And, not only will they win the American League pennant this season, but, they’ve earned it. And, at this point, the best the Yankees can hope for is avoiding another loss on Wednesday to prevent a team from celebrating winning a post-season series at Yankee Stadium.

    In Yankeeland, we’ve seen that happen – meaning having to watch a team whoop-it-up on our home turf – three times in the seven seasons before this one. (See below.) And, if we can avoid making it four times in the last 8 years, that’s fine by me.

    Teams who have won last game of a Post-Season Series @ Yankee Stadium

    Rk Date Series Gm# Tm Opp Rslt
    1 2007-10-08 ALDS 4 CLE NYY W 6-4
    2 2004-10-20 ALCS 7 BOS NYY W 10-3
    3 2003-10-25 WS 6 FLA NYY W 2-0
    4 1981-10-28 WS 6 LAD NYY W 9-2
    5 1980-10-10 ALCS 3 KCR NYY W 4-2
    6 1976-10-21 WS 4 CIN NYY W 7-2
    7 1957-10-10 WS 7 MLN NYY W 5-0
    8 1955-10-04 WS 7 BRO NYY W 2-0
    9 1942-10-05 WS 5 STL NYY W 4-2
    10 1926-10-10 WS 7 STL NYY W 3-2
    11 1921-10-13 WS 8 NYG NYY W 1-0
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 10/19/2010.


    So, Does Sergio Mitre Get To Blame It All On Jorge Posada Catching Him Too?

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    Man, this is starting to get Jay Witasick ugly

    It’s 11:59 PM EST, Do You Know Where Your Joe West Is?

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    Man, these games are long. Hard to believe this all started at 8 pm ET. (He says, as he’s watching this game and typing this…)

    Teixeira’s Hamstring

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    My first thought, seeing this moments ago, was: Reminds me of Reggie Jackson in the 1972 ALCS.

    My second thought? That’s a Grade 2, and, he’s cooked.

    Cashman & Burnett Pose For The Camera & Hope For The Best Tonight

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    Enjoy the game!

    Francisco Cervelli Starts At Catcher For Yanks In 2010 ALCS Game 4

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    I’m guessing that Jorge Posada’s name didn’t come up when Joe Girardi entered A.J. Burnett’s profile into the eHarmony site…

    Yankees Batters – 1st Three Games Of 2010 ALCS

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    Here are the stats:

      Playoff Series Stats
    Alex Rodriguez 3 13 1 2 0 0 2 0 3 .154 .154 .154 0
    Derek Jeter 3 13 1 3 2 0 1 1 6 .231 .286 .385 0
    Robinson Cano 3 12 3 5 1 2 3 0 1 .417 .417 1.000 0
    Mark Teixeira 3 11 1 0 0 0 0 3 3 .000 .214 .000 0
    Nick Swisher 3 11 1 1 1 0 0 2 4 .091 .231 .182 0
    Jorge Posada 3 10 0 2 0 0 0 1 5 .200 .273 .200 0
    Marcus Thames 3 9 0 2 0 0 1 0 4 .222 .222 .222 0
    Curtis Granderson 3 8 0 1 0 0 0 3 3 .125 .417 .125 0
    Brett Gardner 3 8 1 2 0 0 0 1 1 .250 .333 .250 1
    Lance Berkman 1 3 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 .333 .500 .333 0
    Totals 29 98 8 19 4 2 8 12 30 .194 .288 .296 1
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 10/19/2010.


    Let’s face it, outside of Cano, so far, when it comes to the ALCS, if the Yankees batters were a girl down the Jersey Shore, they’d be a grenade. Then again, isn’t this what we saw from Yankees batters as they closed the season going 9-17 in their last 26 games?

    How A.J. Burnett Pitches With Many Days Rest

    Posted by on October 19th, 2010 · Comments (1)

    See these games:

    Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec DR 6 IP H R ER BB SO HR Pit Str GSc BF HBP ERA
    1 2007-06-28 TOR MIN L 5-8 GS-5 15 4.0 6 5 5 0 6 2 75 48 36 20 1 11.25
    2 2001-09-21 FLA PHI L 0-1 GS-7 13 7.0 3 0 0 2 5 0 95 55 74 27 0 0.00
    3 1999-08-28 FLA HOU W 5-2 GS-5 ,W 10 5.0 4 2 1 6 5 0 105 55 52 24 0 1.80
    4 2010-07-17 NYY TBR L 5-10 GS-2 ,L 9 2.0 4 4 4 0 1 1 43 25 33 13 2 18.00
    5 2005-05-31 FLA PIT L 4-5 GS-6 9 6.0 4 3 0 2 2 0 96 56 58 27 1 0.00
    6 2009-07-17 NYY DET W 5-3 GS-6 8 6.0 6 3 3 5 1 1 104 57 44 27 1 4.50
    7 2006-07-16 TOR SEA W 4-3 GS-7 8 7.0 6 2 2 1 7 0 114 65 63 30 2 2.57
    8 2004-09-07 FLA NYM W 7-3 GS-7 ,W 8 6.1 2 3 3 5 6 0 108 56 58 25 1 4.26
    9 1999-09-12 FLA CIN L 5-11 GS-5 ,L 8 5.0 7 7 6 4 6 0 102 57 29 27 0 10.80
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
    Generated 10/19/2010.


    I think, at best, we should expect Burnett to allow three runs this evening. And, at worst, it could be closer to seven. Now, how many runs the Yankees will score…it’s open for debate.

    For what it’s worth, in his last 22 IP of the regular season, Tommy Hunter’s ERA was 2.45. (Granted, yes, that’s a small sample size.) And, in the ALDS against the Rays, he whiffed 7 of the 18 batters that he faced. So, how many runs do you think the Yankees will score tonight?

    A.J. Burnett, Center Square, For The Block

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    Ya know, if you were up three-oh, and playing with house money, I’d have no issues with going with Burnett in Game 4 – especially if it meant avoiding having to use some or all of your other starters on short-rest in the games to follow.

    However, this ain’t three-oh. It’s hoping to hold the line and avoid falling behind three-one with three to go. That’s pressure folks. And, we know how poorly Burnett pitches when his sphincter is puckered.

    As much as Felix was once sure that the mechanic said “I much fear trouble in the fuselage, Frederick.” I’m pretty sure, once my head hits the pillow tonight, that I much fear having flashback nightmares of Kevin Brown pitching Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS and Jaret Wright pitching Game 4 of the 2006 ALDS with the notion of Burnett starting tomorrow being my last conscious engram.

    Let This Not Be Pettitte’s Last Battlefield

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    Hey, there is, always, the chance, that this could be the last big league game that Andy Pettitte throws. Obviously, as Yankees fans, we hope that’s not the case. But, the probability does exist. And, if it does turn true, Andy exits, stage left…and he should hold his head high. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a pitcher…in this game…or a season…or a career.

    In Cliff Lee, I See…

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    …an ectomorphic and couth version of David Wells, circa 1995-2000. And…

    …this just in…

    …that’s pretty darn good.

    As I write this, the Yankees have 12 outs left to make something happen in this game.

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